Ueda ‘terribly sorry’ for The Last Guardian delay

Fumito Ueda’s output is small but very familar to Edge readers – the towering forms of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. He’s most recently been working on The Last Guardian, though it’s now heavily-delayed.

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allformats1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Make it epic, bring it to PS4 and all will be forgiven.

Thehyph1520d ago

Agreed. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase make it a ps4 game!

abzdine1519d ago

definitely a PS4 game, but i dont know what holds Sony back from releasing this game :/

TomShoe1519d ago

As long as it's worth the wait, all will be forgiven.

Dark111519d ago

The game has been stuck in development hell,and could end up being shit

there is no reason to be excited about it.

Summons751520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Hey now, Shadow of the Colossus came out the same year as the Ps3 and was one of the best games for that gen. This could easily keep that going for them.

Though part of me thinks it is getting the switch like FFVs13 (now 15) did and that's why its been hush hush...this years huge E3 reveal.

No FanS Land1519d ago

shadow of the colossus was released in 2005 not 2006.

ybadr1519d ago

They faced huge development problems, with some head chief programmers leaving, and Santa Monica helping, it got messy,
I'm just hoping for a master piece, i can wait :)

hiredhelp1520d ago

This games never gonna come out :( seriously guys you can do remakes in no time but this is getting to be like FFX versus well maybe not quite as bad as that..
Anyways cant believe you not acquired by sony no more thats sad hope you all the best but come on plz stop getting our hopes up deflating my balloon.

gintoki7771520d ago

I think it is getting as bad if not worse as ff xii versus because they were both announced at the same conference I believe. lol

maddskull1519d ago

no it will be released and i think that it would be on the ps4 because at the all access event shu yoshida said that he played the game and they asked him by which controller he didnt answer

Inception1519d ago

Definitely will be release, because sony obviously need those money back after spent it for 4-5 years at Team ICO. They're not stupid and just say "This game is a vaporware. Forget it and let's make a new game!"

JackVagina1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Yoshida has stressed so many times this year that it is still in development... its coming out guys

WitWolfy1520d ago

Don't be sorry.. The game is already dead to me, all excitement we've been promised about this title throughout this generation dead.. D.E.D... DEAD!!!

Relientk771519d ago

Take your time and make epic, can't wait to see it

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The story is too old to be commented.