Call of Duty: Ghosts Next-Gen Upgrade Infographic Revealed

Activision are keen to make it clear that gamers playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on current-generation formats can quickly and easily bring their existing profiles over to the next-generation. Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this month, and a new infographic from the publisher details everything you need to know to make the generational leap.

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hesido1823d ago

I close any page that has auto-on sound (be it on the page itself or in an ad). This happened to be such a case.

Soldierone1823d ago

I noticed it transfers your overall stats, but in-depth it doesn't. Per game mode for example completely resets everything.

ZBlacktt1823d ago

Seeing people hate on this game with review "opinion " scores. But seeing a lot of people on my site say it's the best looking/playing COD ever. I haven't played it so dunno.

AlexFili1823d ago

Shame that it doesn't carry over everything. One thing to be aware of: £10 =/= $10

dennett3161823d ago

Hey man....that fish AI alone makes the next gen upgrade worth it.
Seriously though, if you really want a slightly better version of the same game you already have, then by all means pay the £10 and upgrade and get some use out of your new console. Just don't expect a huge revolution until the series actually makes the full transition to the next gen and, perhaps, receives an overhaul.