Yes, Gran Turismo 6 has micro-transactions

PlayStation 3-exclusive racing game Gran Turismo 6 has micro-transactions, Sony has confirmed. It's the first game in the series to do so.

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digitalwolf1822d ago

Fine for racing fans who don't have time to race for cash.

jimbobwahey1822d ago

I think this stuff is disgraceful in Forza and I'm disappointed to see Gran Turismo go down the same route. Besides, if you buy a game, why should you have to grind through artificial barriers just to access all the content you've already paid for? How convenient that there's suddenly a quicker way if you cough up extra cash...

It's stupid, some people just want to sit down and have fun with a game, not grind away for however many hours for the privilege to access cars that you want to use.

theWB271822d ago

Um...for the last...I think 3 Forzas they've allowed you to race with ANY car on ANY track in modes other than career without purchasing cars in game.

In Forza 4 every car and track was unlocked as soon as you put the disc in. Gran Turismo doesn't allow this still...Forza does. You should look into it before complaining about a title.

TomShoe1822d ago

Ugh, what happened to pay once and play forever? This microtransaction/F2P crap is getting very frustrating.

It's like companies are trying to nickel and dime us to death. Just take my $60 up front dammit, I don't want to have to deal will all that bullcrap.

jimbobwahey1822d ago

Sorry theWB27, but Forza has microtransactions. Cold hard fact I'm afraid. You should look into it.

hay1822d ago

Now that's an anticlimax. I just hope the balance of economy isn't f*cked just to squeeze out some cashiola. I spend enough time grinding in GT if GT6 going to make even more of this, won't be that much fun.

Sick of this DLC and microtransaction bullsh*t.

indysurfn1822d ago

You actually made a point when you said: this stuff is disgraceful in Forza and I'm disappointed to see Gran Turismo go down the same route.

We the gamers (in this case Forza gamers) made it possible. When there are two dominate companies, and one starts nickel and dimming and the customers go for it. What do you think the other one will do? They will do the same are earn less money. Which puts them in a financial disadvantage.

This brings me to what Phil Harrison the president of Microsoft games division recently said. We will like the bring a lot of the xbox one 'features' that we cancelled BACK. And we will in time. This is the third time a Microsoft executive have warned us they will bring back the DRM, the 24 hour check in, the FEE to sell your games, and restriction on who you can sell it to, and a limit of 10 times you can lend your game, plus the threat that at the end of this generation once turn off the servers your xbone will not work because there is no supported servers to check into. Which means Microsoft controls when you upgrade to the next gen after this one!

If xbox360 players go for xbone one, we can say good bye to ownership rights. Starting at video games ending at tablets, laptops, pc,s cell phones, smart tvs, anything that can be sold with electronics in it. We have just sold out. Just like forza players sold out to microtransactions. Just like Esau sold out his birthrights for a bowl of soup in the bible.

Enjoy that bowl of soup, because your children will not.

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pompombrum1822d ago

Not fine, not fine at all. It's a cash grab by Sony and it's this sort of thing that's destroying gaming. How long will it be before developers purposely make games a certain way to encourage us to buy this sort of thing?

hay1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Seriously, I spend more than a hundred hours into GTA Online and it's already designed that way, poorly, but in that manner. Hence I'm pretty paranoid here with GT6, obviously. Might go the same way and that's really bad news because with market saturation with crap or overpriced nonsense(including content slashing for DLC and micro) we're gonna have 1983 all over again within 8 years. Nasty.

thricetold1822d ago

Sadly this practice has already begun with gta5 being the most recent example. The mp is clearly designed to take forever to earn cash to force players into spending real cash. If you look at games with MT and games without MT you can easily see games without MT are more balanced.
Just hope the sony fanboys don't look the other way like the MS fanboys always do, but asking fanboys to use logic seems completely pointless.

Septic1822d ago

It's not that big an issue if you can earn credits by playing the game though is it? I mean, yeah from a competitive standpoint, it strikes at the heart of it when you're racing a guy who has bought his cars when you worked hard to unlock them but other than that, I don't see it being an issue.

It just offers player choice to an extent. Now if certain cars were locked behind the micro-transactions, then I think we would really have cause for concern.

pompombrum1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

What about when developers start to design their games around these micro-transactions where they are actively encouraging people spend extra cash?

Fifa Ultimate Team is a great example of this.. while somehow people get by, making enough coins to buy packs takes ages unless you're winning every tournament you enter.

Septic1822d ago


Actually, that's a very good point. I didn't think about that. Yeah, it could set up a dangerous precedent in the future. We already saw Capcom do it with RE5 with content on the disc actually locked off (that still grinds my gears).

Volkama1822d ago

It is that big of a deal to me. Consumables/Currency/Progress microtransactions are a plague that needs to be cured ASAP.

Racing is obviously the core of a racing game, but the currency and unlocks form the metagame that keeps you going. With progression microtransactions in place that core gameplay really feels like the chore keeping you away from the reward you could just buy now for instant gratification.

I wish this kind of greed faced the same kind of backlash MS' DRM got, the kind of backlash that makes publishers think twice.

Masterchief_KOK1822d ago

is no fun if everybody gets fast cars work hard paid off

SolidStoner1822d ago

its about racing them... only because you got fast car dosnt mean you will win with it!!

MidnytRain1822d ago


You must not have played GT5 online much...

PS3Freak1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Apologies... I thought you meant you would pass on the game because it included microtransactions.

My bad.

There's no way I'd touch microtransactions, especially for my favourite franchise of all-time.

kratos_TheGoat1822d ago

playing a lot of hours make gt so much better, now is making noobs buy fast cars/ powerful cars without earning it by having micro-transaction is what killing gaming. dead space 3 got bash by doing this stupid shit. that was my reason I didn't buy the game.

itisallaboutps1822d ago

I remember being the first to unlock a veyronvand then I joined and online match and people couldn't even make out what car I had because I was moving so fast. O well bye bye to that feeling

Malice-Flare1822d ago

wish i can just transfer the 10 trillion credits i have in GT4...

Salooh1822d ago

You sound like my brother (if it's serious). He expected GTAV single player money to transfer to the mp . I told him if they allowed that then what's the use of jobs ?. People will play it a lot less because they will have everything they want from the start..

Zichu1822d ago

Rockstar do this, everyone has a fit over it.

Sony do it, it's fine and dandy.


Detoxx1822d ago

You read my mind.

First comment said enough. "Fine for racing fans who don't have time to race for cash."

If this was an EA game, it would have been bashed to the ground. But it's Sony, so it's all of the sudden okay now.

SirBradders1822d ago

It's becoming the norm now and the only way to stop it is to speak with our wallets. Unfortunatly alot of people don't have time to grind so paying can save them time. I myself have only done it once ever and that was in bf3, only because i simply loved the game.

AJ Hartley1822d ago

It may be a sony owned studio but its PD who are the obes deciding to go with micro transactions.

Death1822d ago

Polyphony Digital is one of the only development houses Sony didn't buy. They are Sony.

kneon1822d ago

I don't care if it's there, but I won't use it.

GT is most fun at the beginning when you only have crappy cars and no money for upgrades. In gt5 I have over 1200 cars and make money faster than I can spend it and that makes it far less interesting.

Zichu1822d ago

I wouldn't use it either, I enjoy starting a game, especially a racing game, with a crappy banged up car and building my way to the top.

Hell, I still go back to Midnight Club: LA every once in a while and razz around in my MK1 Golf.

I just feel people are not interested in the experience and just want to get to the end of the game and move on. I don't want to do that, I just spent £40 on something and I like to make it last. I'm not going to spend another £10 or £20 on something in-game to help me get to the end a few hours earlier than someone who hasn't paid extra.

SniperControl1822d ago

I am a massive GT fan, micro transactions in any form whatsoever are wrong.

I would say the majority of GT fans will never use MT to gain the upperhand, there is nothing like the feeling that you have earnt the cars you own.

As for the top comment

"Fine for racing fans who don't have time to race for cash"

You should bot be playing GT in that case, maybe Asphalt on IOS or Android is more to your liking??

-Foxtrot1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Your joking right....i think Rockstar got away with it to be honest....because no one complained enough, because it was Rockstar.

Sony shouldnt of done this, well the dev shouldn't of but Sony will get more hate for this then Rockstar

jessupj1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I'm counting 4-5 people in this thread that's ok with it and you instantly come to the conclusion everyone's giving sony a free pass. smh indeed.

Seems like you're just assuming sony fans have no standards and will blindly defend anything they do.

I'm an avid Sony fan and this is very disappointing. I sincerely hope is doesn't affect the gameplay like it did in GTAV.

Cuzzo631822d ago

I think he was being sarcastic for the first comment... kill all this fanboy ranting and complaining @ Zichu and @Detoxx. Ur fannie side just cant take a rest. Most of the comments clearly have a problem with microtrans. Leave it up to you fannie girls to make it so fannie'ish

ABizzel11822d ago


Check the comments again. The fanboys were here first, the real gamers are here now, and we are unbias.

I've complained about this slippery slope on both sides, and it's something that needs to be watched carefully, because the next step is the Killer Instinct route where the game is free to download, but you have to pay to unlock all the content.

If you're going to go that route then you need to make sure there is plenty of content where gamers can still have a fun experience if they don't want to pay (not 1 character in the case of KI), you should be able to unlock everything for free without excessive grinding (unlike the free Tekken on PS3).

Micro-transactions don't belong in a $60 PERIOD, and should not be used by any company if they don't know how to balance them.

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OrangePowerz1822d ago

Hope they didn't artificially make it more grindy to get money.

If its just so casuals can get good cars that's fine.

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