Need for Speed: Rivals PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Need for Speed: Rivals.

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neocores1791d ago

Hmmm Well the ps4 has the better lighting and texture. But either way the game looks fun

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Cloudyday711791d ago

Although they are both pretty similar after all that hype it's good to see that the Xbox One version comes out better.

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ezop1791d ago

both look the same to me, if nit picking the XB1 version looks a tiny little bit darker but nothing the contrast/brightness button can't fix.

indysurfn1791d ago

Hypocrisy every xboxer nit picked the PS3 compared to xbox360 and now the same hypocrites want to minimize when it comes to PS4 and Xbone.

thisismyaccount1791d ago

Xbox one version has SSAO
PS4 version has HBAO

Can we demand 50% more effort from EA and other 3rd party publishers, thanks!

mightyhokie1791d ago

no they don't look the same to me. the ps4 has more anti-aliasing, but the x1 looks better contrasted and sharp. I prefer the x1 look myself, but really, its a matter of taste.

mightyhokie1791d ago

here is a responding to neocores comment and want to click 'agree' or 'disagree'...
i disagree that the ps4 has better lighting and textures (ps4 has more anti-aliasing, x1 has higher contrast and sharpness), but agree that the game looks fun. so do i select agree or disagree? haha

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Zichu1791d ago

I don't think it's going to really matter with games like these. You will going past most of the environment way too quickly to even care.

I mean, for the first few times you will look at how amazing it all looks, but after that, you will just play it.

a08andan1791d ago

The Lighting of the ps4 version is superior to ME only because it feels more natural. Xbox One's lightning is great as well but it comes off as more vibrant and un-natural to ME. Only my opinion.

Siete771791d ago

@Thrust - Left on the cutting room floor by the developers who were so lazy even the PC version is frame locked at 30 fps.

Honest_gamer1791d ago

I notice small diffrences on a side notce has anyone played ps3 or even ps4 on a 2k ( 2560 x 1440 ) monitor? to be exact the Asus PB278Q has a built in upscaller so even thought the ps4 goes to 1080, it will upscale it the rest of the way, people on youtube and forms say it's amazing but anyone here had any experience?

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