Top Playstation 4 Indie Games

The Playstation 4 is finally here and with it comes the promise of great indie games, so like we did with the Playstation 3 and the top indie games on that console will that a look at the top indie games on the Playstation 4 console so far.

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Desolate_Hybrid1852d ago

I'm shocked to see that Blacklight Retribution is not on that list.

Overall great list of games though. I'll definitely have to check these out!

wingman32x1852d ago

I've played Resogun, Contrast, and Warframe so far out of that list.

My favorite so far has been Contrast. Just a really neat game. The gameplay is good, but it's story and presentation really make it shine. This game has an awesome atmosphere to it.

Resogun is fun, too. I'm not into twin stick shooters as much, but it's a fun time waster for me.

I just started Warframe, and it's good so far.

seupai10851852d ago

My favorite and most addictive is Resogun so far

Stick891852d ago

Has anyone played Super Motherload yet? It's not on the list and I haven't really heard much of anything about it. Just wondering if it is any good.

Visiblemarc1852d ago

I'll second Sound Shapes. One of my all time favourite digital experiences.

Relientk771852d ago

I really like Contrast, a very unique and original game

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