The Wii U Marketing Team Steps it Up For the Holidays

Nintendo’s marketing team is getting it together this holiday season. A number of Tv spots have been circulating a few networks and educating the general public on what the Wii U is. Here are three new commercials.

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jessupj1766d ago

Did anyone else click this article solely because of the cute blonde?

Moncole1766d ago

I just googled her. She is 15 but not much of a difference.

jessupj1765d ago

Wow, did not know that.

Talk about jailbait.

DrRobotnik1766d ago

It's too late for Nintendo to pull the family gaming card when the competition can do it as well. And probably better. With the WiiU controller, you have to be in close vicinity the console in order for it to do remote play. While PS4/vita cross play, and probably Xbox one/smart-glass allows you to play your system anywhere. It's the Gamecube all over again.

HappyWithOneBubble1766d ago

Man they look so cheesy. Families don't really do this do they? I play games to get away from the family lol.

TheEnigma3131766d ago

The name is still confusing the casuals.

UncleGermrod1766d ago

never in my life have i seen a cornier group of ads. get real. clearly they know this system is big with children