Uncharted 4 is pirate related

In the new Uncharted teaser trailer released by Naughty Dog, the teaser shows shows a map of the "Cape of Good Hope" which has its own history of pirating.

In the url provided you see images of what appear to be characters concepts at Naughty Dog, these concepts look like olden day pirates in the 17th century.

A Pirate Round was a sailing route followed by certain English pirates, mainly during the late 17th century. The course led from the western Atlantic, around the southern tip of Africa(Cape of Good Hope)stopping at Madagascar.

Just before the Uncharted Logo appears in the teaser trailer, the country of Madagascar is marked with an "X", It is traditionally used on maps to indicate locations, most famously on treasure maps.

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lnvisibleMan1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Francis Drake was famous english explorer, but he was also a pirate to the Spaniards to whom he was known as El Draque.

colonel1791848d ago

Absolutely not, because in AC4 you play in the era of the pirates (even though the game takes in the future, the entire gameplay is in the past). In Uncharted you'll be playing at present day on an expedition to find some kind of treasure left by the pirates.

admiralvic1848d ago

I think it's too soon to assume Uncharted will take place in the here and now. It could easily take place in the past or somewhat in the future.

Joe9131847d ago

I hope this is the case I really do not want Uncharted to start time traveling lol.

thricetold1847d ago


So you didn't like playing as young drake with young sully? Because flashbacks is time traveling and uc has already done it.

ginsunuva1848d ago

That's gotta be one of the best responses I can remember.

1848d ago
Mikeyy1848d ago

So we get to play as Sir Francis Drake, Im down with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.