Project M 3.0 Revealed

The Project M team has announced Project M 3.0. Slated for a December 9th, 2013 release the update will host a slew of balances changes as well as finishing off the roster of Brawl characters who were still being tweaked. Yoshi is back and with the ability to jump out of shield, Ice Climbers can desync using set ups from both their Brawl and Melee counterparts, Olimar’s pikmin have been adjusted to give him more of a kick, Kirby’s Final Cutter is now able to attack horizontally, and Samus is finally back with the ability to switch weapon times by using the taught buttons.

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Smashbro291771d ago

Hell yeah! This made it to N4G!

Sunnyknight1770d ago

It had too, I love Smash!