Blacklight Retribution PS4 Gameplay Interview

Zombie Studios Head Jared Gerritzen discusses the power of the PS4 and Unreal Engine 3 in this exclusive Blacklight Retribution interview.

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gamerlive1772d ago

Pretty impressive that Unreal 3 is running on PS4.

one2thr1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I grind, and grind to get points to buy a red dot sight, I get 2600 said points that took me about 15 to 20 matches to get, to then find out I need 15 "Zcoins" to play with the sight for 1day, and 100 zcoins to have it permanently attached to my first gun....

The entire time playing, i thought it was an either, or system...

The amount of rage that I experienced upon that finding was completely indescribable, and yet I cannot stop playing it.

memots1772d ago

Agreed its a fun game but good god unless you pay money you don't get any item , not worth all that time investment, I like it a lot it's a nice break from Killzone but they don't make me want to come back since I have yet to unlock anything , feel like all I'll ever do is play with the basic gun and perks

SolidGear31772d ago

F2P isn't truly F2P if you want advantages (ie Candy Crush)

DoctorJones1772d ago

That's an impressive beard. I wish I could grow a beard like that.

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