Xbox 360 owners: How to prepare for Xbox One

We’re just days away from the launch of the next-generation in Australia, with Microsoft’s Xbox One dropping like a bombshell this Friday, followed by Sony’s PlayStation 4 next week.

As with the launch of any new piece of hardware, we as gamers need to ready ourselves before lining up for that midnight launch and subsequently rushing home to set-up our shiny new toy. So if you’re planning on picking up the Xbox One this Friday, here’s what we recommend you do to prepare yourself for next-gen.

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GreenRanger1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Me: Hey Boss, I have to go to hospital on Friday, so I won't be here.

Boss: Hell if I care, I won't be here either.

Army_of_Darkness1486d ago

Preparations :
Dorritos chips.
Mountain dew
Cable tv
720p television ;-)

Dragonborn3121486d ago

Nice! I have school and some important things to get done which really sucks, but thankfully I have been working hard to get all my work done for next week so I can fully enjoy the weekend!

Ausbo1486d ago


Just doubled my internet to 50mbps, got space under the tv, got a play and charge kit and i have off work the entire weekend. Im set.

jeffgoldwin1486d ago

For online gaming, the max you'd ever use would be around 5-10mbps. So hopefully you doubled your 25mbps not because of xbox one.

Septic1486d ago


Well the higher upload rate would definitely help now, especially if you're streaming gameplay.

Ausbo1486d ago


Na the internet speed was just a coincidence. It was a deal that ended being cheaper than im paying now. The downloads should be super fast at least.

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aviator1891486d ago

I'm just replaying some old forza and halo games. And some battlefield 4-> can't wait to see the difference on the x1.

JohnnyTower1486d ago

Next Monday morning is gonna be tough. I have a feeling I will be rendered helpless by the fresh air and sunshine.

Zodiac1486d ago

"fresh air and sunshine"


armad111486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

You want to know how I prepared for the launch of Xbox One being a 360 owner? I bought a PS4. Sorry Microsoft. I was yours last gen but Sony always had my heart with the first Playstation. Sony's back on track.

Jshuen1486d ago

Hopefully you didn't have any hassles with your unit!

Utalkin2me1486d ago

What are you talking about any hassles? Surely you wouldn't refer to the worst electronics fault in history? Yes i am talking Xbox360.

armad111486d ago

Mine came from Amazon and works great. Less than 10,000 faulty units out of a million isn't bad at all.

PoSTedUP1486d ago

try and think positive.

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