Fighter Within Xbox One Demo

Ubisoft lets players learn how to kick ass in the new Xbox One Fighter Within game. Check out this demo with the new Kinect.

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gamerlive1849d ago

Fighter Within has been quiet thus far, it wasn't at Microsoft's events.

Masterchief_KOK1849d ago

today is the review for this and x1 i just hope fw gets a good grade.

ezop1849d ago

looks good, something for the kids to do to let of a bit of steam..

ThatEnglishDude1849d ago

Not to beat around the bush, but this looks shockingly bad. I'm sorry, but using the Kinect for a fighting game is just.... no. All that will happen is both players frantically flailing their arms, doing the same straight punch combo, with questionable accuracy. The whole thing just looks far more cumbersome and unnecessarily awkward as opposed to just using the Xbox One controller.

I GUESS it has some novelty value, and will probably serve as the party game - but the Kinect novelty wears off VERY quick. Especially in, what looks to be, a bare bones fighting game with no real complex technique or any kind of strategy. I just don't see this doing well, at all.