Dying Light PS4 Gameplay Interview

Techland developer Maciej Binkowski discusses the PS4 version of Dying Light in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1771d ago

This game looks more impressive than Dead Rising 3.

Moncole1770d ago

This games doesn't have a bunch of zombies on screen and no loading times like Dead Rising 3.

1nsomniac1770d ago

This game has both of those it's been shown in previous videos.

Honest_gamer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Clearly not seen the 12 minute game play video when he gets the the bridge and its completely overrun with hundreds of zombies. That being said dead rising 3 looks amazing however for me personally comparing dead rising 1 and 2 to dead island once you finish dead rising after a few hours it goes away and never comes back out, dead island you can play it for quite a bit longer finding all the locations etc, i expect the same to be true here. When i get my xbo, i will defo be picking up dead rising 3 thought

Moncole1770d ago

I have seen videos and its doesn't have as many zombie as Dead Rising 3.

Freak of Nature1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The 3:30 minute mark of the gameplay dying light video of the bridge sequence shows a bridge full of Infected (Zombies), in both directions.

I like DR3, looks promising. But this game at least in just seeing videos and hearing about it has even more promise.

The lighting is beautiful, the weather elements and physics look great,really looks expansive, quite intense gameplay too. Plus you will be dealing with some non infected players, another obstacle added to the gameplay.....

I also like the idea of the flashlight mechanics, and appears to be really giving the player a true free roaming experience...

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porkChop1771d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games for next gen. It looks like a huge improvement over Dead Island.

Sarcasm1770d ago

Hmm need some direct feed footage to make a better judgement.

sephiroth4201770d ago

no this is what a zombie survival game should be! when watching the alpha or pre alpha video a while back got my heart racing a bit lol so i can imagine playing it would be pretty intense.

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The story is too old to be commented.