PS4's Flawed Units, the Release of the Xbox One and Launch Perspective - SESSLER'S SOMETHING

This week on Sessler's Something, we're right inbetween the launch of the PS4 and that of the Xbox One. We've had reports of some bad PS4 units, but what can we make of those reports? How bad is the problem? And will Microsoft's launch be any smoother?

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gamesR4fun1800d ago

hard to take mr 1080p rules but graphics don't matter seriously

dedicatedtogamers1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Exactly. Don't expect Sessler and Crew to give a reasonable opinion in the weeks to come. This was the guy crying that Sony wouldn't send him a free PS4, but as he says in this video, they have an Xbox One (free from MS) and they've had a lot of time to use it.

Ezz20131800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

this guy is like
Mister Adam Jekyll and Sessler Hyde

at first 1080p native is a "MUST" for next gen
but now resolution and graphics don't matter ? 0_o

Death1800d ago

The issue was timing. Sony didn't want reviewers to have systems early enough to make their reviews. It's kind of odd, almost like they didn't want to take a chance of losing any of those presales by giving out too much information.

xHeavYx1800d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I mean, it's not like other people got the console early... Oh, wait...

Death1800d ago


They passed systems out after their NY event a few days before launch. This was the first time reviewers had a chance to see the system unsupervised. Less than three days to review the system and games is extremely short and uncommon for a console launch.

You seem very opinionated, want to share why you think Sony waited so long and gave a short time to review the system and games?

thehitman1800d ago

@ Death real gaming organizations like IGN had their consoles for awhile troll harder plz. Only the people affiliated with no organization like Adam and run their own thing off youtube didnt get any free PS4s which they really shouldn't have any obligation to it in the first place.

jebabcock1800d ago

There are 2 types of journalists... Those that purposely tell us what we want to hear and those that purposely don't... The ones that try to tell tell the truth don't exist anymore... There is far more money to be made in creating conflict.

fenome1800d ago

Regardless, console reviews are totally pointless and redundant at launch. It takes time for the system, games and ecosystem to grow.

He has no integrity, he just runs his mouth and gets paid..

Death1800d ago

Adam pre-ordered his PS4. Why is it you still insist that someone that already pre-ordered a retail console simply wanted a free one and that is why is upset?

Here's IGN's unboxing from a few days before launch.

I believe some did receive debug units a few weeks back, but these consoles are made to run unsigned code, not exactly the same as a retail console and like you said, they were for select media outlets only.

gigoran1800d ago

To all the people complaining about reviewers not getting units until late. Reviewers DID get their units early. The key word being "reviewers" and not "idiots on youtube or unread blog/websites that are self-proclaimed reviewers and video game experts". Just because you have a youtube channel or website doesn't make you any more important than that 12 year girl next door. News flash... millions of people have them too! OMG!

morganfell1800d ago

Troll harder death. There were over 4000 retail units in the wild a week before launch, many of them with journalists. Not a month prior but a week as like MS, Sony was working on the OS up until launch.

The laughable thing is you doubling down on a losing hand, i.e. your remarks.

ZodTheRipper1800d ago

Why is this guy still getting approved? If that shill is not a problem then HipHopGamer should be allowed here again.

Prime1571800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@death, "This was the first time reviewers had a chance to see the system unsupervised. Less than three days to review the system and games is extremely short and uncommon for a console launch. "

It's Tuesday A.M. and xbone has yet to have a review... That's less than three days. Just saying...

Death1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


Those 4,000 units that were out a "week before" shipped out to winners on the 12th. That's a day after units were given to media that attended the even in NY.

Any comments that are not in favor of the hardcore fans on N4G are a losing hand. The system launched Thursday the 14th at Midnight and to you the 4000 winners that started receiving their consoles on the 12th were a week before. How can anyone compete against that?

By the way, for reviews to hit on Monday the 18th for a console that launches at the end of the week, I'm assuming reviewers may have had them the week before. I know it's a trivial difference in your mind, but there is a actually more time in a couple weeks then a couple days.

I don't even know how to respond. Are you implying that the reviews that started coming out yesterday didn't come out? Or are you saying the reviewers that made those reviews don't have an Xbox One?

According to IGN, they just had their first weekend with the PS4. Kick us all a link showing us where they had the system longer than they claim.

"Troll harder" I swear it would be nice to have an intelligent debate sometimes. You know, where I make a point and someone else makes a point and for fun we actually provide information that supports our point instead of making up information to support it.

dedicatedtogamers1799d ago

@ Death

It seems like a leap to say that Sony INTENDED for reviewers to not have reviews too early. It's an even further leap to imply they did it to hide something or cover something up, as if early reviews would - in one fell swoop - destroy all of the PS4's momentum.

DatNJDom811799d ago Show
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neocores1800d ago

Lol i lvoe when people say graphics dont matter. lol

Snookies121800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Graphics most certainly matter. Although gameplay/story (depending on what type of game it is) will always be more important. :]

That is a truth that cannot (or rather should not) be disputed in gaming.

obliteratorFTW1800d ago

"Inferior console complex "

This disease is Fatal for the fanboys.

After few days of this disease this is what happens

AngelicIceDiamond1800d ago

Sure graphics and presentation do matter. Ryse and Killzone look nice but lacking in the next gen innovation department.

If we continue to have great graphics but bring nothing new to the table in terms of gameplay the next will be bleak.

aceitman1800d ago

Im really starting to hate him and his bias against sony , really to say that they sold a million but I thought they had over a million pre-orders already like they where lying about it, hey adam cry-sler they had over a million preorders in the whole world . I hope he enjoys his free xbox.

Game4life1800d ago

they sold over a million day one in u.s Europes numbers havent been determined since it launches there next week

LackTrue4K1800d ago

lol......his video's don't support 1080p!

XB1_PS41800d ago

I like sessler, what he said has been misconstrued and blown way out of proportion.

Blaze9291800d ago

the only people who seem to have a problem with adam sessler are sony fans. He's the exact same person as he was on G4TV, nothings changed "all a sudden"

gamesR4fun1800d ago Show
jessupj1800d ago

the only people who seem to be perfectly fine with Sessler's recent behavior are ms fans.

I guess sony fans just have actual standards when it comes to journalistic integrity and hypocrisy.

Hicken1799d ago

Yeah, we know he hasn't changed, Blaze. He was biased then, and he's biased now. He hid it a little better back then, though.

wild101gab1799d ago Show
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first1NFANTRY1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

This guy was ok on Xplay but since his dismissal he's been spewing nonsense every time he opens his mouth. Can't take him seriously anymore. And his head is too big for his body lol

SpinalRemains1381800d ago

This guy again?

Why can't he be like G4TV and go away.

To everyone who says this guy used to be level headed and neutral, I must say no way.

I used to watch that xplay show a decade ago, and this guy has always been a Xbox lover. That's fine and all. He likes Xbox. About 5 years ago though, it morphed into something much worse. He must be on the payroll because he was ALWAYS the first one to state how PS3 multi plat titles were visually inferior and that it mattered. So how can he have any credibility when now he downplays every advantage the Sony machine has over the One?

Snookies121800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

You know, I didn't think about that... He most certainly did keep stating how PS3 versions of games were graphically inferior... Wonder why that doesn't matter now that the PS4 has the strongest specs. Not that I have anything against the X1. I'd love to get one as well. Just that I have issues with "journalists" saying things that only suit their personal opinions.

SpinalRemains1381800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I totally agree. I'm always here busting ppl balls and all because its in good fun.

He is a supposed to be a trusted journalist though. That job comes with responsibilities to the consumer. He should be first and foremost consistent. Without consistency, he is showing to have ulterior motives.

He really used to drive the point about the ps3 multi plat visuals a lot too. He was being honest and telling us gamers that PS3 was not the machine for those games. He did a good job. Now he just seems like a shill.

Its actually depressing. If he isn't being financially compensated by big brother for commiting career suicide, then he is actually the biggest fanboy I have ever heard of. I actually want him to be on the payroll so I don't have to accept that such a disgusting beast can even exist.

fenome1800d ago


I know man, seriously. It's to the point where I actually wrote a blog about it on here, only blog I every wrote. He has no credibility or integrity in my mind, can't believe he gets paid for this shit.

SpinalRemains1381800d ago

I wasn't implying I'm glad it went away. Only that I want this guy to go away like the channel did.

fenome1800d ago

I miss AOTS and Kevin Pereira!!

And definitely Olivia Munn

brew1800d ago

Come on Sess , the 1+ million PS4 pre-orders were World Wide.

jessupj1800d ago

It's funny that a so called "professional" journalist can get this very basic fact wrong.

KillrateOmega1800d ago

Oh, great. It's Sessler...again...

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