The History of the PlayStation

Gamnesia: "With the North American release of the PlayStation 4, there were undoubtedly millions of people going either to pick up their pre-ordered console, or to try and snag one up before the first wave of supply ran out. Upon the release of a new console, though, it's easy to forget how we got here, and where it all started when it comes to the Sony PlayStation. It seems like quite a while since Sony started up the console business, and they've made significant strides in the gaming industry since their arrival. But let's start a few years before Sony's initial console offering.

At one point in the early 1990s, before Sony jumped into the home console business, they had a partnership with Nintendo, and it all started with a man by the name of Ken Kutaragi. Kutaragi accepted the challenge of making Nintendo's sound chip for the SNES. He worked in secret and got in trouble for working with Nintendo on their console, but he, along with Sony's CEO at the time Norio Ohga, convinced his bosses at Sony to fund his research into the Super Famicom CD, which became the "Nintendo Play Station." However, Nintendo's partnership with Sony failed. Sony kept working on their own console, though, using the CD format that Nintendo had chosen not to use in favor of cartridges. Just a few years after the failed alliance, Sony released what would be the first in a line of home consoles."

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Lowsnamebrand1850d ago

Been there since 96 when my father bought me and my three brothers a playstation from a friend for 60 dollars, and amazing times seemed endless on that console. I still have it until this day in a box fully working waiting to introduce my son to some of the amazing classics.