What Do Next Gen Games Have To Do To Wow You?

PSXE: Every generation has its distinctions. We ask what you need to see to declare the next gen has truly arrived.

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ATiElite1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Incredible A.I. like STALKER series A-Life A.I.

Larger Game Worlds, more realism, more tools, and more Sandbox Gameplay

I would take a game with crisper PS3 graphics and a Super HUGE game with so much to explore over a linear 1080p 60fps 8 hour cinematic game any day of the week.

Basically Devs need to evolve the gameplay more than the graphics.

SolidGear31770d ago

Hell, I want STALKER on PS4!


yeah id have to go with a.i. i like the fact that a cloud service can learn human behavior in games and mimic it.

Kingthrash3601770d ago

not much apparently people going gaga over same gameplay and visuals + next gen enabled extra zombies. lol

BullyMangler1770d ago

1. More destruction, permanent destructable environments.

2. No load times.

3. I need to get a life

ZBlacktt1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Put in AC4 and just sit back and go...

I've put in near 40 hours on the single player since the launch of the PS4. This game is so much win.

SolidGear31770d ago

More games like Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Fallout 3 and The Last of Us.. in other words, more dramatic and realistic cinematic games on one hand and on the other more large scale, open world games based on survival.

NewZealander1770d ago

Games :) I mean single player games with great stories.

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