Knack (PS4) Review – Shiny to Look at But Could Use a Little Spit Polish | COG

Next gen is officially here and while Knack might not be the flagship mascot Sony was hoping for that doesn’t mean he’s just a pretty pile of rocks.

"Simplicity and pretty colours. That’s about the easiest way to sum up Knack in a quick few words. While I actually enjoyed my time with the game I have to admit that it never really advances past a one button puncher that’s easy on the eyes. Sony and Japan Studio had the chance to come out of the gate on the PS4 with a system seller and console mascot and unfortunately the game doesn’t quite live up to that billing. I have to stress though that despite its simplicity it’s still a heck of a lot of fun. The only real issue is that apart from the ooh and aah moments of shiny things we’ve easily seen almost everything Knack has to offer more than one time before."

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