Blizzard Talks Reaper of Souls Next-Gen, Randomising Content Even More and Always-On - AusGamers

Out at this year's BlizzCon, AusGamers was given a chance to chat with the PC Diablo III: Reaper of Souls team's Jesse McCree and Leonard Boyarski.

Obviously discussion centred around their forthcoming expansion where the team has given itself the goal of not only pushing the game forward, but addressing as much of the concern fans had over vanilla Diablo III as possible, all while maintaining Blizzard's vision for modern-day Diablo. The interview tackles co-development between the PC and console team, Adventure Mode and Nephalim Rifts and how they work in an already randomised game and ask the all-important always-on for PC question, plus much more.

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ThePope1822d ago

So this means it's coming to Xbox One, yes?

IcicleTrepan1822d ago

Of course it is. It always was. Sony has some sort of deal going with Blizzard to only mention PC/PS3/PS4 for some reason, even though it's on 360 and coming to XB1 as well.

ThePope1822d ago

That's really weird. But I'm very glad its coming to Xbox!