PlayStation 4 Launch Sales Are In - Call of Duty: Ghosts Leads the Pack

"The PlayStation 4 launched on Friday in North America and set a record for the biggest opening for a console in history. The console sold 984,212 units in the US week one, according to VGChartz. The PlayStation 4 also sold 1.06 million units across North America. Week one sales is also for only two days, Friday and Saturday.

Software figures for the US first two days are also in. Call of Duty: Ghosts leads the pack with sales 703,638. That would add up to a 71 percent attach rate. Battlefield 4 sold 396,187 units. That would put the attach rate at 40 percent for the game.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the top selling exclusive with 355,148 units sold. The attach for the game is at 36 percent in the first two days on sale. The other launch exclusive, Knack, ended up selling 102,749 units."

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TomShoe1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Sony world domination is imminent.

"Live in Our World, Play in Yours"

(See what I did there?)

JhawkFootball061769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


I'm sorry but your comment is just completely off topic. This article is posting sales numbers of PS4 Launch Games from highest selling to lowest. Commenting "Sony world domination is imminent" really has nothing to add about your thoughts on the various game sales numbers.

TomShoe1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


I guess no one got the joke. I figure it was a little too high-brow.

What I meant by "world domination" was that I was excited that Sony's launch was the current greatest in NA history. 1 million consoles in 24 hours is nothing to scoff at. Many consoles can't even make that much in whole months (looking at you, Wii U). I have the feeling that they'll control sales in NA, and the rest of the world is currently no contest. Besides the United Kingdom, Brazil(?) and the wild-card of China, the rest of the world is currently Playstation Nation.

The "Live in Our World" bit was a reference to one of Sony's earlier commercials in which they said "Live in YOUR world, play in OURS." I switched up the two worlds to say that Sony would be controlling the world, at least in terms of console gaming.

I wasn't as off-topic as you might think, but my crappy joke-telling probably ruined it :P

EDIT: It's not about the the PS4 games sales, it's about the CONSOLE SALES. They're they greatest of ALL TIME.

JhawkFootball061769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Don't worry we all understood what you meant. But what does all the "babble" you just typed have to do with Call of Duty Ghosts leading the PS4 games launch day sales 703,638 to Battlefield 4 at 396,187?

Clarence1769d ago

The articles also says how many ps4 consoles sold. It also states that the PS4 had the biggest opening for a console in history. His comment was referring to how well the ps4 did.

Army_of_Darkness1769d ago

EA dice just killed their chances of ever reaching the sales level of COD due to their crappy, rushed,short, glitched infested battlefield 4 game.
They had a very good chance to shine on a next gen console from the get go and they F*#ked it up.

mikeslemonade1769d ago

What's with all the disagrees for pro-Sony comments?? Probably because we're are all busy trying to level up in COD, BF and KZ.

starchild1769d ago

Call of Duty Ghosts the
best seller...just goes to show how completely irrelevant the opinions of fanboys on the internet are in the real world.

Utalkin2me1769d ago

Im sure the digital upgrade is also playing a major part in these Ghost sales too.

itBourne1769d ago

Noooooo, not another CoD infested generation = (

Retroman1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

and MS will lie to say they sold more than sony on one day launch sales or have no heat issues mark my words.

it's a comin.
@ itbourne

yep another fking 7 years of COD,BATTLEFIELD,KILLZONE,Grand Theft Auto type games. wake me after 7 yrs pass and someTHING new is made outside of open world and FPS games good lord how long must we wait for something different than killing military games.

Volkama1769d ago

@Utalkin2me I don't think VGChartz can track those digital upgrades. Those probably need to be added on to this ridiculous number.

Starchild it absolutely right. Those of us commenting on sites like this are a drop in the ocean.

dantesparda1769d ago

"just goes to show how completely irrelevant the opinions of fanboys on the internet are in the real world"

You're a fanboy, and thats your "opinion", therefore not "relevant"

warczar1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


No, It just means there are over 700,000 people who love to play the same shit over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

That's 1 "over" for every COD game made since 2007, pretty monotonous huh?

Vojkan1768d ago

VGchartz buahahahah numbers are way higher people
VGbullshit hahahaa

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FamilyGuy1769d ago

So how is Ghost doing online?
I've read BF4 had some problems but is Ghost playing smoothly on PS4 so far?

I'm not too into CoD but I like playing it for it's constantly packed community so it's fun and good to have compared to some games that might have a dead online community a couple months after launch.

For example I was considering getting injustice but looking at those ps4 sales numbers makes it seem like it'd be hard to find a match soon.

Ju1769d ago

Can't tell...but I have no problems what so ever getting into games - and this includes all games I tried: KZ, BF, Warframe, Blacklight, NFS. All work just fine. Why wouldn't CoD?

Ares84HU1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

CoD runs smooth online though I must say that these sales numbers suprise me. At any given time on CoD online there are 20-30 thousand people on. On previous CoD games it was easily in 100-200thousand at any given time. If they sold close to a million shouldn't there be more people playing? Just find this strange. Anyways, no problem getting into games in CoD however I can only play Rush on BF4 because all the other modes just don't work for me. It keeps on giving me this time out error message and believe me, I tried a lot of times. Could be just me or a few more people, I don't know but it's really annoying. DICE promised a patch for next week, I hope that problem will be fixed by than.

Also had a lot of problems joining a game in Blacklight but when I did I was really dissapointed. It's a very bad game. Deleted it after 2 matches. CoD and BF does online shooting better there is no need for Blacklight. Maybe if they've done a story mode but it's only online. They just can't compete with BF and CoD. Don't waste your time on it.

FamilyGuy1768d ago

Tanks for the feedback guys. I asked cuz of the issues I was reading on here about BF while seeing none (none noticed) about Ghost.

kevnb1769d ago

71 percent attach rate for cod? Must be shipped numbers...

iiwii1768d ago

or PS4 fans sending a big middle finger to EA for screwing them out of Titanfall


I can't help but to read any and all world domination claims on Stewie's voice. VICTORY IS MINE!

Veneno1768d ago

stewie is the most obnoxious character and family guy is the most obnoxious, mediocre animation to ever acheive its level of success.

tonywood1768d ago

I Got It...

However, keep in mind that most people on here and either flaming fanboys, out of shape nerds with no life (or girlfriend), little kids, topic trolls, and/or under educated (in terms of metaphors).

Although I completly agree with your thoughts.....I'm quite intrested in seeing if M$ can pull an "Empire Strikes Back" this weekend.

NOTE...I won't even entertain Nintendo, as the Wii had its Mid Major BCS busting moment. However, their back to reality now. (But I will buy a wii u...when its hits $199, what it is REALLY worth!)

DomceM1768d ago

Some people are also worthless casuals who support cancer in the video game industry. Like yourself for example.

No need to get upset mate.

MarkusMcNugen1768d ago

Yet the guy who refers to Microsoft as M$ is not one of those things.

kenshiro1001768d ago

People love their Call of Duties, it seems. :/

I'm willing to bet another one is coming soon.

mikegeezy691768d ago

unfortunately that garbage is yearly...i wish this gen would be the gen to kill it off or at least force improvement

Consoldtobots1768d ago

who cares about ghosts when you have a proper next gen title like Shadowfall to play??

Im getting that game launch error in BF4 and right now don't even care to fix it because I am enjoying a game that is working as it should out of the box.

EA and all other multiplat hoors can burn in hell.

Ps4Console1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

It's not a joke it's more about you being a Fanboy .

LiQuiZoN1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

ugh.. COD and BF.. (Yawn)

So typical, so boring and COD isn't showing off anything regarding "next gen". Your better off playing it on the last gen systems.

BF (don't event get me started). Its a buggy, crashing mess for the PC. I'm sure it crashes all the time on the PS4 as well.

Killzone has been a blast though and it actually looks "next-gen" too!

malokevi1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Tom, you got ripped to pieces for making a light-hearted joke! First time I've seen a pro-PS4 remark get brutalized.

Don't worry about it. People around here are a generally humorless lot. Now, if you had made some sort of scathing, negative remark about how much better that is than prospective X1 sales, you would have got all sorts of high 5s. Positivity is frowned upon in these parts!

I'll agree with you =)

xtremeimport1768d ago

People are still buying Cod?!
good lord...

RedHawk021768d ago

I'm taking this. Took me a while to get but this is very clever.

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Godmars2901769d ago

Still waiting for the RPGs.

Or rather the JRPGs.

Majin-vegeta1769d ago

In due time GOD the console barely came out.

FamilyGuy1769d ago

The consoles UI makes the wait harder as that background music is highly reminiscent of something you'd hear while playing a jrpg.
FF14 ARR is out if people don't have a problem with playing online.

M-M1769d ago

Same, my most anticipated game for next gen is Kingdom Hearts 3.

NukaCola1768d ago

Not a JRPG?

Uh yes it is dude. It's a Square game.

FamilyGuy1768d ago

It's an action-based jrpg, FF15 is as well and if we're to include that sub-sub genre then I'd say even though I love Kingdom Hearts I'm far more interested in FF15. Will buy both though.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1769d ago

Totally agree on the rpg,s **** cod.

silvacrest1769d ago

a tales of and star ocean game would keep me happy for a while

FF15 has so much to live up to but still, i cant wait

Ol_G1769d ago

i'm waiting till those games and kh3 come out before purchasing nothing worthwhile on ps4 the coming year for jrpg lovers

cpayne931769d ago

Might get Kingdom Hearts 3. I've never played a kingdom hearts game, so I'm considering buying the 1.5 hd remix this black friday to see if I can get into it, if so I'll grab that 2.5 remix when it comes out.

I'm sort of apprehensive on it though, I'm not sure if I can get past the disney characters. Hercules, Mulan, Alladin, and a few others are alright, but Winnie the pooh and the little mermaid? Ugh.

colonel1791769d ago

Play it! Very enjoyable and challenging even in normal, and it also depends on the choices you make at the beginning of the game, so for example, if you want more challenge, you choose the sword, or if less, you choose the shield; and there is another choice about how you'll level up.

I think it's a great game with great story (although confusing). You'll enjoy it.

no_more_heroes1768d ago

"I've never played a kingdom hearts game"

Then you've done yourself a great disservice, my friend. One of the best (if a little convoluted with its storyline) series of games in the industry.

JhawkFootball061769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Very nice numbers. Glad to see a PS4 exclusive up there in the top 3.

yellowgerbil1769d ago

you won't be seeing many, sadly. japan game industry is dying and going to mobile phones. doubt I'll get a Tales game on the next gen :(

Qrphe1769d ago

Only afer the PS4 releases in Japan we can hope

youndamie1769d ago

Yes exactly what I am waiting for. Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Rouge Galaxy, .hack series, and Kingdom Hearts are the games that made the PS2 so awesome for me. Hopefully all those franchises will be back(Obviously FF AND KH are coming)

kingdom181769d ago

Named all of my favorite RPG series except Tales of....

youndamie1769d ago

@kingdom yea I would of mentioned the tales series too but I only played tales of symphonia(which I loved) on gamecube.

kingdom181769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Well we will have KH3, FF15, FF14 ARR, Deep Down, DC Universe Online (already available), but hopefully we get some thing else soon, Sony seems to want to return to its former self and improve on that, RPGs were a large part of the PS2 and PS1, we know how successful they were and the PS4 already has done better then all other pervious launches. We won't get some JRPGs for a while unless they have some in development for the Japan launch and choose to release them outside afterwards.

scott1821769d ago

I wonder what that jrpg that sony is cooking up is like... very excited to see.

blackpanther251769d ago

I was going to say warframe until u said I thought warframe was going to be pure trash well color me surprised


RedHawk021768d ago

Need more of those on Vita. Preferably on Plus also.

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GiggMan1769d ago

I'm one of the 70% (Crazy number) of people that picked it up. I was pissed that it didn't have four player split screen. That was my main reason for picking it up :-(

Well now I have extra controllers for nothing.

ginsunuva1769d ago

See CoD players are not very smart, as seen above.

GiggMan1768d ago

That's stupid. So what if I prefer old school local multiplayer. None of the reviews alluded to this fact. It's always the only game that me and my friends (real friends) can sit back and enjoy some couch co-op.

When you get reviews a day or two before release you miss out on something like this. Sorry for not being smart -_-

Tru_Ray1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I picked up a copy as well. I took advantage of the buy 2 get one free sales offered by Amazon and Target. There are only so many games worth playing at launch so I figured that COD was worth a shot.

This is why the game sells so well. The COD brand is extremely strong. Is it the best shooter out there? Probably not... But I know what to expect from the franchise and I will continue to buy it like all of the other closet COD fans on this website.


Consoldtobots1768d ago

picking up a title that has been rehashed so much I think it's gone back in time should be reason enough to question your intelligence.

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N2NOther1767d ago

Why not? Because you don't like it?

Ripsta7th1769d ago

My guess wouldve been KZ SF. That game is so fun

Ju1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

KZ:SF numbers are quite good. #3 against CoD and BF - not really far behind BF. I'd say impressive numbers, given this is 33% of console customers.

That is, if those numbers even mean according to VG 984k in USA and 1.06M in NA...yeah, like Canada sold 20k. Right...

Consoldtobots1768d ago

my prediction is that multiplats will lose major ground to Sony exclusives this gen if not fall behind all together. Shadowfall is a shot across the bow of all those taking MS checks.

JMaine5181769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Good sales right there.

Cod damn near doubled its pre order totals.