How important are Next-Gen First Party Game Reviews

onPause writes:

When a new generation of consoles launches, in this case the PS4 and Xbox One withing one week of each other, we get hyped. We get overly excited and wrapped up in the drama that is a Next-Gen Console War in the making.

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mhunterjr1851d ago

They are a very important source of ammunition for the Fanboy Wars.

TomShoe1851d ago

Don't let reviews from people like THIS influence what you buy.

GusBricker1851d ago

The hell with him. It's regular Mt. Dew or get the hell out!

Sarobi1851d ago

Not really important to me. Regardless of what reviewers have to say about first party games on both systems, I'm still going to buy them.

mcroddi1851d ago

Forming your own opinion is important and needed. It's just expensive. :-)

sprinterboy1850d ago

Reviews are not important PERIOD imo, "prison break" got 3/10s and I had a very enjoyable gaming experience. Lots of games out there that got poor reviews and sales but we're good games. If it's not AAA or a unique indie title like journey it's a epic fail and gets bad reviews, shame really cause there alot of good games that don't get the sales they deserve.