Arkham Origins Review: The Black Sheep of Arkham

Josh of GeeksPodcast offers up a written and video review of Batman: Arkham Origins and how it stacks up against its predecessors.

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Hozi1827d ago

While all of your complaints are legit. I don't believe that it makes the game a 6.5/10. That's a bit low for the simple flaws you found in the game right?

Also, you didn't discuss these major topics when reviewing


geekspodcast1826d ago

Hey Hozi,

I tackled these points (except sound)in the written review. Thanks for the feedback though as I surely appreciate it :)

Hozi1826d ago

Oh really, I guess it's how you structured your presentation I must've overlooked it. Sorry bout that, I'll read it again.

tweet751827d ago

its an enjoyable game not quite as good as arkham city but still a great game and highly recomended by me