5 reasons Nintendo should buy the Xbox division

OmniGamer asks, "What if Nintendo bought Xbox?" and gives 5 reasons why they should.

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Rearden1825d ago

It'll never happen. Not only would Microsoft never allow it, Nintendo isn't known for acquiring anything. Hell, they even let Microsoft buy Rare.

Anon19741825d ago

I don't think Nintendo would, but as for Microsoft never allowing's no secret that with Ballmer on his way out there's mounting pressure from within Microsoft to sell the Xbox off. There has always been grumbling from investors and members of the board about the rate of return on the Xbox compared to other divisions even before Valueact became involved and joined the MS board, but Ballmer always kept the dissenters on his own board in check.

There once was a time when Sega leaving the hardware business was considered unthinkable as well. Never say never.

heliumhead20301825d ago

Using things terns like 'no secret' and 'grumbling from investors' makes it seem like your in the know, but your not. N4G rumor articles aren't reality. Xbox is going nowhere,there is no division to sale. Its all just part of Microsoft

kwandar1825d ago


No, darkride66 is right. Not N4G articles - it is all over the news. Here is one sample of MANY:

Anon19741825d ago

@heliumhead2030. Actually, during my time in the brokerage industry I had the opportunity to listen in on a couple of conference a few years back with Microsoft discussing their earnings. Both times analysts on the call had openly questioned why MS wasn't doing anything about the poor returns on the Entertainment division relative to the company as a whole. I remember an early call where there was some back and forth about MS focusing their efforts away from hardware and instead into game software as software is obviously where their greatest returns lie. This has been going on for some time, well before Valueact became involved.

Financial analysts have been calling for MS to sell the Xbox and focus their capital on better returning divisions for years. This isn't a "rumor", it's a matter of public record. Analysts at Caris and Co once stated that the entire EDD division was a "vampire" on the greater company that needed to be "staked". The only reason this hasn't happened already was because of Ballmer.

bessy671825d ago

It would never happen because Nintendo could never afford it.

Rearden1825d ago

Nintendo has about $5 billion in cash...

Concertoine1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

^ last i heard they had 11 billion
still the xbox division, newly marred by the bad rep of the xbox one wouldn't be worth the money. theyd be better off auctioning off a few studios and going back to making PC or 3rd party games (as MS did back in the day).

Ol_G1824d ago

they could afford it but the xbox division is bleeding money so i think the debts would kill them off

R00bot1824d ago

Nintendo has about 11 billion as Concertoine said, and apparently the Xbox division is losing around 2 billion a year, so Microsoft should be quite willing to get rid of it. But does Nintendo want to buy something that could potentially lose them 2 billion a year (if they didn't turn it around)?

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Thugbot1871825d ago

Strongly doubt this. Microsoft needs presences. With the PC market slowly eroding Microsoft is losing presences. The Xbox adds to this and just gives one more selling point for the Microsoft ecosystem.

aviator1891825d ago

Does nintendo even have the kind of money to buy the xbox division??
Don't get me wrong, I love the big N, but this will never happen.

christocolus1825d ago

Almost asked the same question..but didnt want to offend nintendo fans

LOL_WUT1825d ago

Nope, the xbox brand is worth more than Nintendo fans think. Nintendo should just focus on acquiring their own talent like hiring more people so their studios aren't under staffed and their games get released sooner. No one should get offended by the truth ;)

kwandar1825d ago

Nintendo has about $11Billion in cash and no debt. They could certainly buy if it made sense, but I doubt it does.

I'm not offended.

aviator1891825d ago

That's an insane amount of money they have as just a gaming company.
It's good to know nintendo is financially stable.
The day when the new zelda releases for the wii-u is the day I'll buy the wii-u. Zelda or a new metroid. Those games alone are worth buying a wii-u for.

kwandar1825d ago

For what it is worth, Zelda Wind Waker HD was pretty awesome, and worth picking up for that.

That was my first Zelda, and between that, Deus Ex, Monster Hunter 3 and Pikmin 3, the console is really quite good.

jeffgoldwin1824d ago


"the console is really quite good."

Sorry but I gotta call you out here. The console is pretty underpowered and has a 32gb hd which cannot be upgraded.

However the software is really the engine driving sales. It's super fun playing those 1st party games with the kids. Also since free online gaming is going away in the ps4 and xbox one, that's also another nice feature.

R00bot1824d ago

It doesn't matter that the HD can't be upgraded/replaced, because unlike the PS4, you can plug a 2TB hard drive into the back and add another 2TB to your 32gig (as opposed to only getting an extra 1.5TB if you replaced the PS4 hard drive with a 2TB drive).

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heliumhead20301825d ago

This article sucks. What kind of topic is this? If anything M$ would buy Nintendo or Sony.

kwandar1825d ago

MS is losing a rumoured $2 Billion a year on Xbox. With Balmer stepping down, a change in management might jettison the project to increase profits.

Sony has financial problems too.

Nintendo is in best position to buy at the moment, but I don't see the value in it for them.

R00bot1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Sony has financial problems?
They're worse off than people think, currently Nintendo has more money in the bank than Sony (which is bad because Sony does more than just consoles).

Metallox1825d ago

It doesn't sound that crazy, but I don't think it will happen.

krubele141825d ago

Nintendo has $10.5 billion thats impressive for a company that only does gaming.

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