Wii U system update version 4.0.2 out now

Nintendo has put out a new Wii U firmware update.

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MNGamer-N1771d ago

What does it do. I need the revision_notes.txt plz

ScubaSteve11771d ago

NOTHING just fix a small stuff on the system

TripC501771d ago

Don't updates like these download in the background on their own?

ZeekQuattro1771d ago

If you set the Wii U to do so in the console settings than yes.

bobsmith1771d ago

Mario 3d world is coming

vikingland11771d ago

I will be playing friday night. It's going to be so fun!

bobsmith1770d ago

ill be playing thurday night if I can download it 9pm thursday like pokemon x and y :)

LOL_WUT1770d ago

Still no messaging or notification fix? Nintendo I am dissapoint ;)

Theyellowflash301770d ago

Maybe that will come with the big Wii U update in December.

Dgander1770d ago

You might be a retard trool but youre right in this case. A lot of features need to be implemented into the Wii U. Nintendo needs to address these issues immediately. Especially not being able to access the eshop outside of NA and Canada.

kambeix1770d ago

I'm not sure but loading times feel faster when closing a game or app. Was going from Miiverse or browser back to main menu instant?

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The story is too old to be commented.