The Battle of the Mega-Consoles, Xbox One = Xbox FUN

FRONTBURNR: J White follows up on our PlayStation 4 piece with his retort about the Xbox One.
So, you’ve read our PlayStation 4 hype and you’ve decided you don’t care about Sony’s slanty gamebox (but still fighting all of your strongest impulse urges to buy one by any means necessary because it’s next-gen and you need it right now) in hopes the Xbox One is going to be the sweetest piece of gaming heaven you’ve ever placed in your living room (or bedroom, or any subsequent room in which you might house an electronic device attached to a high definition output device)?

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Kingthrash3601792d ago

skip it, fanboy bias.
any respected writer who wants his writing to be respected knows not to troll.
ending with "Greatness awaits? Sure, but it’s coming a week a later, on November 22nd." show your not to be taken seriously.

Xbox One is going to be the sweetest piece of gaming heaven you’ve ever placed in your living room (or bedroom, or any subsequent room in which you might house an electronic device attached to a high definition output device)
"attached to a high definition outut device" is just funny.

MorePowerOfGreen1792d ago

With you crying over it, now I know it's a must read.

True_Samurai1792d ago

Lol now imma check the story out

HammadTheBeast1792d ago

With you wasting your only bubble like that, I'll pass.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1792d ago

Have fun doing what? flicking through menus? Have fun with ryse guys its gonna be goty I hear.

trywizardo1792d ago

still better than knack and im sure its better than KZ so yeah RYSE > PS4 lol

HammadTheBeast1792d ago


Is that why MS delayed the reviews?

Also, let's bring up Loco cycle and Crimson Dragon reviews alongside Knack.

Fair's fair.

Death1792d ago

Loco Cycle and Crimson Dragon are Arcade releases and priced at $19.99. Are you saying Knack should be available for $19.99 instead of the $59.99 Sony is asking? I mean, fair is fair after all. I couldn't imagine anyone taking Lead Architect Mark Cerny's "second purchase" masterpiece and comparing it to a couple bargain priced arcade downloads.

As for delayed reviews, is it just me or have the reviews been coming in on the Xbox One a lot sooner than the PS4's which released the day before the system came out? It seems to me there is a bit more time to read reviews and cancel pre-orders on the Xbox One after making a more informed decision.

Pixel_Enemy1792d ago

Bu Bu But Loco Cycle and Crimson Dragon aren't full retail games... Well then let's compare them to Resogun, fair is fair.

Death1792d ago

Resogun looks like a great arcade game according to the reviews. Oddly than doesn't make Knack a better game though and probably not a good sign when an arcade game is considered the best game on a new console.

HammadTheBeast1792d ago


By that logic games should be reviewed by standards based on price? Wut.

So how about we cap the score limit to 5/10 for games priced at $20. Only seems logical.


Jaces1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I plan on picking up a PS4 and even I have to agree Knack looks to be a dud unfortunately. Doesn't mean PS4 has no games, there's plenty of multiplats out there to play while I wait for more exclusives later next year.

PS3's library of exclusives is staggering, why would PS4's be any different? As of now, DR3 looks to be the only game worth picking up, Ryse is yet to be reviewed and I'm no fan of racing games. KI I can get behind but again, with DR3, it's no system seller, especially with a $500 price tag...I'll wait till a good price drop or two.

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NarcolepZZZZZZ1792d ago

They already wrote a piece on ps4 with equal enthusiasm. Heaven forbid somebody have a different opinion. Should I have skipped the ps4 article as well due to "fanboy bias"?

xJumpManx1792d ago

Greatness awaits? Sure, but it’s coming a week a later, on November 22nd.

That is funny.,. Kudos J White..

But it was lame when all the Sony fanboys talked crap about the Xbox and its just as lame when Microsoft fans do the same.

XboxFun1792d ago

Hey hey hey!

Xbox Fun INDEED!

TedCruzsTaint1792d ago

I came, literally, just to see what sort of response you would have to the article.

christocolus1792d ago

Lmao.....i almost buzzed you up..wanted you to see that

lifeisgamesok1792d ago

Dead Rising 3 looks to be the most fun of the launch games

Ryse looks brutal and has the best graphics out of the launch games

Killer Instinct the most technical fighter and has great particles/effects

Day 1

Kingthrash3601792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

dead rising 3 looks like dead rising 2
ryse looks brutal to play with the 2nd best graphics in x1's line up
ki is a free to play game and a missed opportunity as it should have more than 6 fighters at launch be 59.99 with arcade mode, survival mode, story mode like other fighters do.
forza best looking x1 game but a total downgrade in content from previous forza games
fighter is that?
lococycle...looks to be the worst funnest game in x1 lineup
crimson dragon looks to be the best worst game in x1 lineup
all in all best pick ups are forza and that hotshots golf knockoff. they look the funnest to me
day 6083 prolly

Drewminati1792d ago

Why aren't you playing your ps4?...

Oh wait.

NarcolepZZZZZZ1792d ago

Every time I inch closer to accepting "fun" as an adjective instead of simply an attributive noun, somebody like you comes along and just wipes his ass with the English language. The worst part is that you actually edited your comment an hour ago and decided that yes, this indeed is correct and sufficient. "Worst funnest"? "Best worst"? Come on man, you're killing me. You seem to have a love affair with commas but NEWS FLASH, you can't just swap them out for periods or ellipses whenever you feel like it, so when you get your PS4 back from being repaired why don't you just leave it unplugged and go back for your GED instead of trolling n4g to try and bash people over their different opinions? Can you do that for me? I promise we can be bester most,worst funnest...pals.

Kingthrash3601792d ago

see opinion blinding you all... my words are nothing more than opinion. if they dont match your opinions thats fine.
"fun" is just that. a matter of opinion.
i get sleepy bored with tower defense game..just so not "fun" imo. but that dosnt mean its an unplayable mess or the greatest form of gaming of all time...its simply my opinion. thats part of the beauty of gaming, different games that appeal to different gamers.
so please take my or anyone elses opinion how u like but dont take it personal. that where the fun of reading articles and comments begin to take a turn. your fun is yours mine is mine ...the real story here is we all love gaming so much we read others comments, opinion pieces, news, rumors and reviews INSTEAD of gaming..or when we are away from our games...thats awsome. so hate my opinions reply to them but dont site on whos trollin and whos just staing drew there thats trolling. "why arent u playing my ps4 works just fine but hat off to the gamers who has probs...and i hope it doent happen to even a troll like your self. thats the worst and shouldnt be something gamers see as funny or feel the need to rub in.

lifeisgamesok1791d ago

Somebody's mad and already bored of their PS4 it seems

Go watch the Ryse The King trailer and try to tell me if any other game is even touching it in the graphics department

Killer Instinct will make it hard to go back to other fighting games that have one hit moves or simple combos

K.I is also only $20 for a great looking fast paced fighter and more characters will be coming

Forza is the only option right now if you want a simulation racer on either console and it's beautiful

Halo 5 is most likely going to have better visuals than Shadow Fall and have better gameplay elements using more innovation on weapons and will have many vehicles

Fighter Within may not be your cup of tea but it has the best graphics of any fighting game I've seen so far and they tuned up the the response of the moves which was the only real problem with the game so it may actually be good

You got me with Lococycle but guess what it's only $20 compared to a $60 Knack and no matter how much you guys try to save Knack it doesn't have that same old school platformer charm like a Crash Bandicoot or Mario

Don't be mad the PS4 should have games someday just not right now :)

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AngelicIceDiamond1792d ago

Here's hoping its a great platform.

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