Microsoft Stores will have extra Xbox Ones on Friday

All stores in US, Canada will have extra systems available for purchase starting at midnight on Friday; will be sold on first-come, first-served basis.

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TomShoe1822d ago

Maybe I can scalp one for money to get a PS4...I kid, I kid.

Kingthrash3601822d ago

i had a similar joke, but you beat me to it lol.
all in fun tho, you sensitive fanboys enjoy gaming which ever console you get...

indysurfn1822d ago

Looks like Microsoft is trying to trump up some hype! Good for them. In other news Iphone9 has some extra iphones for sale. Film at 11!

MorePowerOfGreen1822d ago

Maybe even more than one PS4, just incase... I kid, I kid.

Bigpappy1822d ago

LOL. Nice counter troll there Green. I know your hit home a lot harder.

Ju1822d ago

The thing is, I guess you'll only get half the money on Ebay to actually get a PS4 for ;)

Ketzicorn1822d ago

With MS history you may want to grab 7 or 8. Just kidding!!

scott1821822d ago

Depends on how many games you want to play in 1080p...

1822d ago
XB1_PS41822d ago

I hate all of you! I kid, i kid.

PoSTedUP1822d ago

good thing MS got that warehouse for all the extra storage space.

i ki.. ok i killed it -_-

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Dread1822d ago

Actually get the playstation 4 now, before sony removes most features again.

I kid

pixelsword1822d ago

Or get the Xbone before Microsoft puts DRM back.

I'm not kidding.

Just kidding. :)

True_Samurai1822d ago

Just make sure it's not DOA
I kid

ChrisW1822d ago

Sheesh... Kids and their kidding...

I kid!!!

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aviator1891822d ago

I'm so glad thanksgiving break is literally right after the x1 launch.
Tons of free time to play.
Forza 5 and Battlefield 4 all night.

MxRBrobaFett1822d ago

We're up all night to get... playing forza and Battlefield!

Plasticgearsolid1822d ago

Sony published that song so that doesn't work sssssorry...

Anon19741822d ago

Canada has Microsoft stores?

Edit: I just googled it and holy crap, there's two in my city. I had no idea. So are they just MS phones, Xbox and software? I wouldn't have thought they have enough retail products to warrant their own stores. Serious question here..can anyone tell me what they're about?

jadephoenix1822d ago

Its like an apple store rip-off..except Xbox & Kinect demo areas....mine also does tournaments

Naga1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So... Microsoft is ripping off Apple by having a store and selling stuff in it.

You make me sad.

donnieboy1822d ago

*(apple store rip-off)?

SITH1822d ago

You can go there right now and play xbox one. They have displays in every store.

Anon19741822d ago

That makes sense but having never been to one of these stores I don't know what they're about. Is it primarily an Xbox store, or is it shelves of software with a section for phones? I'm just curious what the main focus is.

SITH1822d ago

No. It has everything from Microsoft sold there. Software, software assistance, Xbox accessories, Xbox games, and any windows associated hardware. And of course you can try before you buy.

Pogmathoin1822d ago

I think in most malls, MS store is opposite the apple store....they are about selling stuff.... You really think they have nothing to sell? The Toronto yorkdale mall probably has free crack too when the major shops there....


Microsoft is an electronics store...
maybe theyll have some ps4's in stock!?!?

love you xbox guys :) <3

True_Samurai1822d ago

>_< ahhhhhhh! I won't be able enjoy my x1 until I get done with class and work Friday. But you guys keep me posted on how it is :3 I'll be checking on my phone tehe

Agent_00_Revan1822d ago

No. You should be paying attention and studying. =P

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