Your Favorite Xbox 360 Memories - CASUAL FRIDAY

Rev 3:

We are less than one week away from the release of the Xbox One, so what better time to look back and reflect on the last generation? Scott Bromley, Tara Long, and Adam Sessler share some of their favorite memories from the Xbox 360 era.

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GiantEnemyCrab1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Mine was actually tracking one down on a snowy morning because they were impossible to find in my area. I called stores every morning for weeks. When I finally got it home the first thing I did was play Call of Duty 2. I was blown away with the set pieces and fun. It was my first CoD experience.

TedCruzsTaint1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Same here.
I remember being very, very impressed with what was taking place on screen.

3-4-51822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Playing R.U.S.E. & Birds of prey/steel/, NBA 2k13, college hoops 2k8, CoD WaW, Age of Booty, Avatar Golf, GTA4, wwe12, many others I'm forgetting...halo 3 ..reach...ect...

ac2,borderlands 1, Awesomnauts, MLB 2k8-13,Fable 1,COD 2&3, Battlefield 3, Forza 2&3, Minecraft, Miner Dig Deep,

360 was a good system with a great controller & a few hidden gems but lacked the creativity of the Original xbox & games.

Bigpappy1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

People were calling it the 'Wave' just before release and the PS3 was suppose to be 3 times more powerful.

Both ended up being false.

Revolt131822d ago

Experiencing one of the truly first next generation games, at that time, Gears of War.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1822d ago

Why didn't they bring Gears of war up in this episode?
For me, the gears trilogy and Halo 3 define what the 360 was about as I say (for me)
I spent soooo much time in the gears 2 multi, so addictive, same for Halo 3.

I wonder how EPIC will bring the franchise to next gen, if it will be multi-plat and how they plan to continue telling stories from the gears universe.

It's not like they won't resurrect that franchise at some point, it's worth mega£££ to them.

The Meerkat1822d ago

Gears made me buy my first HDTV.

For me Gears is the 360 generation.

etownone1822d ago

Gears of War ...

Definitely.... Playing that game for the first time left me in awe. A true next gen experience at that time.

And of course ....playing all night 4 player co-op with my friends and Finishing the fight in Halo 3 !!!

TheFallenAngel1822d ago

I may be getting disagrees but I wasn't too fond to gears. They were OK. I think what really hooked me on 360 and next gen were games like need for speed, cod 2 and dead rising. Then games like BioShock and mass effect. I liked halo too. I had the chance to enjoy 360 and ps3 at my house. never missed out on a great game. Sucks my brother moved out because I won't be able to play his xbone.

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