Sony's Three-Pronged Plan To Save The Vita

Can Sony keep the Vita relevant? This is how they plan to try.

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TomShoe1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Make no mistake, it's going to be reeeeeeeeeeeeally difficult, due to the 3DS's dominance and the lack of system sellers on the Vita so far. It's going to take A LOT.

However, if anyone can save the Vita, it's the brains over at Sony.

Let's see if we can get a top-notch shooter on the Vita first. A Call of Duty maybe? I know, you may hate the idea, but we need to sell systems. How about Battlefield Vita? Gran Turismo Portable? NBA 2kVita? Ha, now I'm just going off on a tangent :P

DonMingos1770d ago

I believe what could give Vita a sales boost would be some kind of monster hunter (Deep Down Vita Version?), and some RPG's like Final Fantasy, Demon's Souls, Nino Kuni...

PoSTedUP1770d ago

imo. a few more big games isnt going to sell it, unless GR2 is this amazing killer app with so much to do in its open world, and it gets a GTAvita etc.

1. it needs more games peroid, whether it be shovelware, small games, kids games etc. the wall at gamestop is lackluster, lacks variety, and has a very small # of popular games and small games unlike the PSP and 3ds had/have.

2. bundle/price drop/vitaTV in the west. i think one more price drop or a ps4 bundle would be the sweetest spot. as well as vitaTV in the west.

3. one thing i loved about my psp was the movies. UMD movies, where i didnt have to have an expensive SD card to play them, or wait for them to DL, or buy older ones at a high digital price.

i love my vita to death. but the psp was the shiz.

0ut1awed1770d ago


Wow I think you're the only person that actually liked UMD proprietary drives.

I mean who else loves purchasing movies twice?

PoSTedUP1770d ago

they were cheap and why carry around a dvd player and a stack of dvds when you can have a handfull of UMDs and a psp in your pocket? i bought very few movies twice, i mainly rented movies and only bought my favorites.

indysurfn1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@Donmingos Your right on it. People disperate for JRPGs will buy the psvita for those games. Arc the lad is Sony only so.....They need to get busy!

I Also like the plan tossed around earlier this year. A PS4/PSvita bundle for $500. I know several people that will get that instead of a PS4 only, if it is only $100 more. At the retail store Xboxone will be compared by parents to this combo side by side.

Two systems one highest end Console, one highest end portable, or xbonxone with the Kinect camera. Which would a parent with two or more kids get? Obvious choice there.

fatalis951770d ago

A monster hunter vita in japan=saved. Also a demon's souls vita would be awesome even if it was the original souls ported with more armour and weapons.

gear1770d ago

I will tell u the truth vita needs more OPEN WORLD games like
1.dark soul or demon souls
3.gta(enhanced version)
4.way of the samuria.

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dcj05241770d ago

I don't think VITA needs to comlete with the 3DS. Why can't it be the "Console experience on the go" but with it's own uniqe spin on it ( think Gravity Rush, TearAway, Killzone:Mercanary) When I got my VITA only one of friends wanted. My friend that sees play it 5 days a week didn't find it appealing. Fastforward a year later and all of sudden their asking permission to play Killzone or Mortal Kombat every chance they get. All good things come with time and each year interest in the VITA grows more and more.

soljah1770d ago

needs more apps to make the vita more competitive with smartphones and tablets.
there is a 3g model so why no txt messaging app thru att. the vita is assigned a phone number when you sign up.
plus aaa games games games

BullyMangler1770d ago

not trolling

but the Vita brings hand cramps and so does a 3DS which leads to fybromyalgia = you become handicapped unable to even catch a ball .
2DS is siiick though . anyway the Vita has comfort grips yes makes it even more bad ass but still the wrong placed and prickly joysticks of a vita compared to >>> a wiiU gamingpad or invidia shield comfort ?

so we come to the conclusion that the only REAL way to save the Vita is to give it a whole new re-design.

I don't want Arthritis.

Rimeskeem1770d ago

Uncharted needs to be on it and something like GoW and maybe infamous

gear1770d ago

OH PLEASE no fucking uncharted the guy is an actor who reads from the script, i really hate the vita andd ps3 version i don't know what u find init,know this he is not solid snake a true soldier.

sinncross1769d ago

I still feel like Sony, after having done such a good job with attracting indies, should rally look towards mobile games.

Many big IPs have mobile games that could be great on the PSV. From Mass Effect and Dead Space, to Final Fantasy and TWEWY (iOS) to Rayman Legends etc...

also I dont know why they dont bring their own mobile games to the PSV too.

Sony have mentioned how digital distribution is strong on the PSV. To me, it just seems strange they dont continue exploring that more.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1770d ago

No this reliance on Remote play is not going to work.

bothebo1770d ago

I'd like to think everyone has realized that by now, but there are a lot of idiots on this site. It needs big games PERIOD.

dcj05241770d ago

I think step 2 is to show third party developers that people are interested in the VITA because of Remote Play thus they will make games attracting more people which will then attract even more games. The cycle of life.

phantomexe1770d ago

I would agree remote may help a bit but it needs frist party games from sony. What strange here to me is sony has the ips to do this. IPs like Legend of the dragoon,Siphon filter,jak, Dark cloud or Crash. These are all games that could make a come back and they would be experiences you couldn't get any where else. Socom is another one just to name a few. Only games you can't get anywhere else will save it.

Dinoegg_961770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Why don't they put their superstars (Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica...)to develop Vita games, I'm pretty sure that a ND game exclusive for Vita would move some units.

SCEA should learn from SCEJA.

P.S. I know that Quantic Dream isn't a first party, but they're on good terms.

gear1770d ago

naughty dog,sucker punch do u really care for the vita games like these r bond to fail the system

memots1770d ago

Had no idea it needed saving lol

knifefight1770d ago

I'll update you:

Its sales have been below projections/expectations for a long time. Even with the price cut.

The new model has helped it significantly in Japan, but its numbers are still trailing where it ought to be.

memots1769d ago

Well I have one and I can tell you it's alive and well. It's doesn't "need saving"

knifefight1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I have one too. I've have one since Japanese launch day. I have 17 games for it. I love it.

But that's not what we're talking about.

Sales. It needs sales. It's far behind where it's supposed to be.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1770d ago

Sacrifice 2 of your own monsters to destroy 1 of your opponent's monsters.... I didn't see that one coming

gear1770d ago

soul sacrifice 2 is just an extended version of the original game it won't boost the vita, if the soul sacrifice was an open world the vita would have triumph.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1770d ago

I was actually referring to yugioh, a card called Three pronged attack haha

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