10 Upcoming Video Games That Could Change Things Forever

"A new generation of consoles is upon us and while we can expect many titles to take advantage of the increase in raw power to batter our senses with ever shinier graphics, they aren’t necessarily the games that we will look back upon in ten years time and exclaim ‘That game changed everything’."

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Dragonborn3121828d ago

I think Project Spark has the potential to be huge if they make it accessible and deep, which I believe is exactly what they are doing after watching the streams of it on the facebook page for it. I also believe that Titanfall has the potential to really sway gamers away from COD, because the people making it are the ones that really revolutionized COD with Modern Warfare. There are a lot of games to be excited for that is for sure!

_QQ_1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

MGS4 set a currently unsurpassed standard for stories in games combining a story that was as deep and complex as it was emotional and epic with great cinematography rivaling the best directors and gameplay that was almost seamless with the story without feeling like a movie game rather it became an experience.

I expect MGS5 to set a new standard.