“Hardcore” Gamers Are Wrong About Mobile Gaming.

What is the obsession with hating on mobile gaming? Is it because it’s popular? Yeah, Mobile gaming kind of sucks. The controls don’t work 90% of the time especially with games with emulated joy pad. You can’t play 30 minutes on it without the battery being half dead. You have to buy expensive controller peripherals that either doesn’t work with the games you have or don’t work at all. But to me, Mobile gaming is not the enemy.

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kalkano1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

We're wrong because we don't want to stare at a tiny screen in our hands for hours, instead of using our perfectly good big-screen TVs? We're wrong because we like effort to be put into the games we play?

Look, I love turn-based, and turn-based strategy games. But, I will never (NEVER!) buy one for my freaking phone. It is not a gaming device; it is a PHONE! If they never return to consoles, I'll just keep playing old games, and the rare new game made for ACTUAL DEDICATED HANDHELD GAMING DEVICES.

No matter how much the industry tries to pull the wool over our eyes, we're not going to fall for it. We'll continue to ignore them.

Edit: I should add that part of the reason I ignore iOS/droid games is the same reason I ignore indie games. They're shovelware.

hellvaguy1555d ago

That big screen tv that you sit a typical 4-8ft away from really becomes more like a 12-19" inch screen. If you dont believe me, hold your hands out in front of you and make a box the size of your tv screen, then measure that. Your gunna be surprised i bet.

kalkano1555d ago

Dude! You just totally blew my mind! If I hold my phone right up to my face, it's the biggest screen in existence! If only I much wasted time...


hellvaguy1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

If you hold up your cell to your face it cant get bigger that what it already is. Only gets smaller the further away you place it. You kinda slow at stuff like thinking bro?

SolidDuck1555d ago

No matter how many articles are written, mobile gaming is nothing more than a sometimes fun distraction.

hellvaguy1555d ago

"Nothing more than a sometimes distraction"

Wait a minute thats basically all gaming in general. All gaming is a temporary distraction from reality.