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"Knack is little more than a dully tedious slog."

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GiantEnemyCrab1826d ago

This game could sure use a demo on PSN.

GiggMan1826d ago

I'm holding out for PS+ freebie

Blackdeath_6631826d ago

same, won't be long. reviewers are shitting on this game while people who actually tried it said its not as bad as people are making it out to be

sincitysir11826d ago

Yeah I'm really at a loss between what these guys play and what I play. I love this game. The coop is awesome especially with vita second screen. It's a if these journalist lost some of their childhood. These guys need a guideline for reviewing games. Seriously.

Utalkin2me1826d ago

I am enjoying the game myself. Actually kind of surprised of how fun it is.

guitarded771826d ago

I would say if it sucked... but it doesn't. It's not epic, but it's fun... especially in co-op. I'd say it's a solid 7. Technically runs well, fun to play, controls well, but has shortcomings like invisible walls and forgettable characters (which are different than annoying characters like Vanille from FFXIII).

Check Twitch and U Stream for people playing... you can see the game first hand. I will probably be streaming this Friday evening.

Rimeskeem1826d ago

same or atleast like 5$ mark

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Transporter471826d ago

I played it, its simple and fun. I need to play the full game to get more I don't see why this game gets that low of scores guess i'll see how it goes.

cleft51826d ago

The full game is pretty much the same. Simple, fun, and challenging. Don't understand what these reviewers are talking about because while Knack doesn't do anything special, it hardly does anything bad either.

Riderz13371826d ago

It'll be on PS Plus soon.

ElementX1826d ago

That excerpt is hysterical!

bicfitness1826d ago

"Dull, tedious slog." Is how it should read. Did that make it to print? I dont want to click. No wonder games journalism is such a mess when these people haven't mastered basic English.

More to the point, I find the game fun if a little drawn out. At least it seems to entertain the kids. Personally, I'd give it a six to seven out of ten. I don't understand these low ball reviews that try and paint the game as if its unplayable. it may not have the best pacing, or be of interest to the shooter crowd, but part of being a reviewer is a certain degree impartiality, of making guesses and suggestions based on what others might like. It's not all about personal preference when you're a professional making recommendations.

Einhert1826d ago

grats, you managed to spot a typo and blow it out of proportion.

LOL at referring to Giant Bomb as low ball, sorry it hurts you but in the world outside your little head other people will dislike the game.

Opinions are an amazing concept aren't they.

sincitysir11826d ago

I'm sure Ud cry blasphemy if someone have a game u enjoyed really low score. It's more than a review because it influences people.

TRGMatt1826d ago

I assume this first batch of of reviews is, as a rule, extremely flawed. Knack looks fun. Killzone as well. Loco Cycle is getting ripped and yet looks like a wacky yet enjoyable game. I think this first batch of games is going to be enjoyed by real people. No hardcore gamer in their right mind uses reviews to influence their purchases any more and rightfully so. Reviews forget to consider what the average joe would enjoy nowadays. Famitsu's review structure needs to be the standard...and hopefully will be.

sincitysir11826d ago

Thank u for the respectful response. What's there guideline btw?!

HammadTheBeast1826d ago

Well, he didn't over blow it, it is a pretty big error.

Einhert1825d ago

id hardly call blasphemy, I don't let review scores affect my opinion of a game or influence it.

If you really are so weak minded that you can't be comfortable with your own opinion you need some positive reinforcement.

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Bigpappy1826d ago

I think it is time to stop submitting reviews of this game. Everyone go the message. Just beating a dead horse at this point.

TedCruzsTaint1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I tend to trust the people over at Giant Bomb.
They are actually some of the best at what they do and are of a small group of people I actually trust when it comes to game journalism.

That slip at the top isn't going to change that.

"It's not all about personal preference when you're a professional making recommendations".

Professional review sites, by and large, have different writers with different tastes that are used for specific games and genres because it is believed that they can provide a strong opinion on whatever they are reviewing.

jerethdagryphon1826d ago

knack is a action platformer so its not going to blow peoples minds its also , for a game low budget its meant to be a counter to shooters and stuff a 2nd or 3rd purchase for ps4 buyers not all gamers want killzone and not all wantknack but its there as an option or leverage against the wife, hey we get jonny a ps4 and this nice fun game , dad also picks up some forhimself

MidnytRain1826d ago

Platformers don't have to be mediocre.

RexFury1826d ago

Yup. Just look at Super Mario 3D World.

titletownrelo1826d ago

or the beginnings of LittleBigPlanet. Which has changed from a platformer into something greater.

jah-Fu1826d ago

don't try to justify it. it is was it is.

MRMagoo1231826d ago

Opinions are opinions, and i will say the same thing when Ryse gets some bad reviews too, if you like the game play it, if you dont then dont it is that simple, if you arent sure buy it try it out if its bad in your eyes exchange it and you arent out of anything at all.

aviator1891826d ago

I agree.
If the game looks fun to you and has something you think you'd truly enjoy over time, then you should buy it, because the reviewers will almost never have the same opinions and preferences as you.

Convas1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Ironically, since you've been trolling Ryse threads with a special fervor, no one will care about your opinion on reviews. ESPECIALLY not your opinion on Ryse reviews.

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