How Sony Fixed My Crashing Playstation 4

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a follow up article about what Sony did to resolve the issues he had with his Playstation 4 at launch. After many hours online and on the phone as well as a few miles driven, he has some progress to report.

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GiantEnemyCrab1826d ago

Good story and it sounds like this guy is right near me. I am having issues so maybe I will make the 20 mile trek to the Sony Store in Seattle. What a great experience to walk out with a brand new one when they are hard to get a hold of.

FarEastOrient1826d ago

Sony made the system, but they also aren't dropping the boxes or in charge of how retailers packaged the console for UPS and FEDEX.

ElementX1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I can't believe Sony is suggesting for people to update their TV's firmware. I read that on Eurogamer and everybody is making jokes about it because it won't do anything to fix a PS4

despair1826d ago

It's there because it's a real issue. I've been on multiple troubleshoot forums and at least a few persons had their issues resolved by updating their tv firmware.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1826d ago

Updateing a tv's firmware can resolve some of the issues

Octo11826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

"If Sony is calling this an isolated incident, and the issues are affecting 0.4% of consumers (a statement was issued to correct this figure from 0.04%), why have a decent size surplus of consoles for a product that is sold-out and in high demand."

Its called planning ahead. As much as you would like that none of the console sold would be problem free. Its would be naive to think other wise. How did this guy knew that they had a decent size surplus? Was he taken out back and shown what they had? Honestly do people really think that after the RRoD issue with MS, Sony would willingly release a product with such a high defect rate and go through what MS did? No. Sony does not have the same deep pockets as MS. Having to pay the bill for repairs or replacement like MS would kill Sony. I bet you that MS will have a "surplus" as well but not because they know something that they are not sharing. Its just the smart thing to do.

ZBlacktt1826d ago

and this is why we see rumor stories of the new MS boss getting rid of the gaming division. Because it's costing them to much money. Again a rumor, but sad that it's even put out there.


It's common sense really. Electronics in general are expected to fail on a steady rate of 5 to 10%. If the companny offers warrant (be it the time obligated by law or beyond that) obviously you'll need to hold some of your inventory to cover those broken units.

Sony did it, MS will do it and, frankly, every company putting anything out on the market does it. The only issue is when companies underestimate either how many units they'll sell or how many issues they'll have.

GDDR6_20141826d ago

Yikes why would update tv's firmware fix this

Belking1826d ago

Because they are trying to put the blame everywhere else. They knew they had faulty consoles, that's why they kept them out of the hands of the reviewers.

Garethvk1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

We were just told today by the pr firm that they finally got access to start shipping review units and games to those not selected for pre-launch units.

Dgander1826d ago

Bingo...let the tarded fanboys get sensitive because of the truth and keep damage controlling. All their Xbone, Wii U and PC trolling finally caught up with them.

x-plode1826d ago

Yeah l know I wish it was way worse oh the playstation,ohthe PlayStation,oh the playstation your poor little PlayStation isn't so great now huh.

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