Sony’s Jon Koller: Resolution “Will Matter”, PS4 Built to “Be the Most Technologically Proficient”

There has been quite a lot of discourse later on whether things like resolution and the raw power advantage the PS4 seems to have over the Xbox One really matter or not, and SCEA VP of Marketing Jon Koller chimed in explaining that it is relevant, especially to a certain kind of gamers.

He also mentioned that a week of headstart does not matter, but what will count in the end is the overall proposition, for which he thinks Sony also has the advantage.

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xHeavYx1828d ago

Of course it will. People keep coming up with excuses to downplay resolution capacity, but most of those people are not buying the most powerful next gen gaming console

JoelT1828d ago

This × 1000. After playing KZSF, 1080p is the true differentiator, for now at least.

Mr_cheese1828d ago

Resolution is a big factor of course, but developers need to play ball and cater to both systems and ensure that they both live up to their potential. There is a chance for a really good generation, especially now both run blu ray which was a big factor last gen.

C-H-E-F1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I honestly don't get how it's that low on metacritic (74) Honestly, this and merceneries are the 2 best killzone's ever. Yet they give it bad scores, all SF is missing is the swipe (touchpad) like on the vita (mercenaries[touchscreen]) when you melee and counter. I loved the counter on vita. I enjoy playing SF more than BF4 and that is ridiculous because I love BF I platinum bc2 and bf3 smh. ANYWHOM if you all want to play Killzone with me PM me your PSN i'll add you :D HAPPY GAMING, GREATNESS AWAITS NO MORE :d

ambientFLIER1828d ago


"This × 1000. After playing KZSF, 1080p is the true differentiator, for now at least."

Ryse is praised by everyone that plays or watches it, and is called a true next gen title visually, and yet it's not 1080P. So why are you people making 1080 to be some kind of a magical standard, when other games look just as good without even having it? Art style deserves WAY more recognition than the frikkin resolution...

DragonKnight1828d ago

@ambientFLIER: Ryse' graphics are praised for the character models only. The game is on-rails and highly limited so of course the game has to look good somewhere to be considered next-gen. Killzone has beautiful graphics in more than just character models and does it at 1080p because it can. Ryse can't. It already sacrifices visuals just to be at 900p with great character models. It isn't next gen, especially because it was originally a 360 Kinect game.

static52451828d ago

How is this still a debate?

Now if there was a X1 exclusive like DR3 for example then no resolution and framerate wouldn't matter because it should be about gameplay.

But if you have 1 title on 2 different consoles, why wouldn't people go for the better one visually? I mean I wouldn't compare TLoU to the last Gears of War. But if we are talking about Watch Dogs on both consoles then yes I'm going for the better looking one.

And for people say there's no difference between 720p upscaled 1080p and native 1080p... Really? really? So blu-ray or netflix at native 1080p doesn't look better than regular cable?

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NateCole1828d ago

It will?.It already does matter.

Persistantthug1828d ago

Power is not the most important factor, but it is an important factor, nonetheless.

If it weren't, then we'd have no need for new consoles.

Death1828d ago

I'm not sure I agree resolution is a difference maker. For one thing, we aren't comparing 1080p to 720p. We are comparing upscaled 1080p to native 1080p for games that aren't native on either platform. What is filling the pixel space on the PS4 native games that upscaling doesn't provide? I am by no means saying upscaling is as good, but I am saying if the developer is simply filling in the pixels that the upscaler does, what really is the difference? If you are making a higher quality image with the available pixels that is great, but I haven't seen it yet with the console comparisons.

asyouburn1828d ago

It doesn't "fill" the pixels, it stretches them. 720p upscaled to 1080p is blurrier than native 720 on a native 720 screen.

pwnsause_returns1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Take a piece of plastic and stretch it, then gloss it with olive oil. That's what 720p upscaled to 1080 p is.

Argue away. It's fine.

Computersaysno1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Yeaaaa.....don't think you quite understand how upscaling works.

I've got 1080 pixelz
You've got 720 pixelz

I've got $100 in my pocket
You've got nothing

Exactly how this resolution thing works.

More is betterz

DigitalRaptor1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Unless Microsoft has some miraculous upscaling algorithms, an upscaled 1080p picture is not going to look significantly better than native 720p on a screen designed for it.

If you play a game designed for 1080p output on a screen designed for 1080p output, it's going to look noticeably better than any lesser alternatives.

Just let facts be facts, and play the games you want.

Death1828d ago

You guys are aware that you can't literally "stretch" a pixel, right? You can replicate the pixels next to it though. The PS4 didn't have an upscaler that worked. Most upscaling was done in software. The 360 on the other hand had a hardware upscaler. Hardware upscalers in a game console are not the same as the upscaler in your DVD player or tv. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have a hardware upscaler built into the APU with the Xbox One having an additional plane primarily for snap.

Here's some basic info on some of the upscaling that is available that might clear up some of the confusion.

DragonKnight1828d ago

"I'm not sure I agree resolution is a difference maker."

You wouldn't, being an Xbox One fan, though funnily enough I agree with you. Thing is, you have to say that about the Xbox One, you don't about the PS4.

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Belking1828d ago

Matters for what? getting last gen review scores? Resolution hasn't done a thing for ps4 games. Give me 60FPS and dedicated servers over that any day.

Rhythmattic1828d ago

So how about 60fps, dedicated servers and Native 1080P.

KZ MP says hi.

jessupj1828d ago

The security and denial is strong with this one.

DigitalRaptor1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Well, okay... now I've heard it all. "Last gen review scores".

I wish I could decipher that logic.

"Give me 60FPS and dedicated servers"

Two things that haven't even proven themselves as marking points in any regard, with the Xbone.

Killer Instinct - 60fps is expected of the genre, 6 characters is not.

Forza 5 - 1080p/60fps is expected when you consider what the game is missing, feature and content-wise. 1080/60 doesn't save Forza 5's complete lack of content and features by its own series' standards.

Ryse - 30fps, 900p. Dead Rising 3 - 20/30fps, 720p.

Dedicated servers... Drivatar, aaaaand?

Apply your logic more consistently, dude.

xHeavYx1828d ago

Xbox fans are so sad that they started using the "Sony haz no gamez" excuse again. Games are not a problem for Sony, just look at the past, if you can of course, all those Kinect titles may be blocking your view

ambientFLIER1828d ago

"So how about 60fps, dedicated servers and Native 1080P.

KZ MP says hi."

All that didn't help KZ with the Metacritic score too much...

dantesparda1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

So then doesnt that mean that the few 60fps games the X1 has and the dedicated servers wont save the X1 either? Oh the MS fanboys logic. Keep trying losers!

And p.s. KZSF is a really good game, dont know what these biased @$$ed reviewers are talking about, most of them are fanboys anyways. Screw their opinion, the only one that matters in this matter is mine.

kenshiro1001827d ago

ambientFLIER: Why do you guys harp on metaceitic when its a weak argument?

Rhythmattic1827d ago

Ambient FLIER...

How about we get one thing straight.

What I posted is based on fact, however your post is solely based on opinions.

Be a boxboy and believe higher resolution doesn't help a great game..

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rela82me1828d ago

It doesn't matter at all if you have no decent games to play until March of 2014. I plan on getting a PS4, but there is absolutely no reason for me to get one until InFamous comes out. Its a shame, because I expected the game console that focused HEAVILY on games to have

Eh at least there is InFamous one year, uncharted the next...Hopefully after this year more than one or two good titles will show up. I'm all for better hardware, but what is superior hardware without any decent software to utilize it?

dantesparda1828d ago

KZ and BF4 are great for me and AC4, Rivals, Resogun and COD good to. I lke Infamous to (beat all 3) but lets not act like infamous is this fantastic game while the other games i just listed are crap.

Jury1828d ago

Or they're biased journalists

come_bom1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

The X1 could most likely do 1080p on COD Ghosts and BF4, but those two games are so badly optimized, that they didn't even bother with 1080p in the X1... mainly due to time restrictions and the lack of enough work force for so many platform launches.

Even the PC versions of those games are two big piles of crap.

BTW, isn't the PS4 version of BF4 at 900p ?

solar1828d ago

if resolution and capability of raw power actually mattered to console gamers, they would invest in a PC or wait to buy a SteamBox. they dont, they care about games. so shut up already.

xHeavYx1828d ago

Hey, look, the dumb pc excuse again. All you need to do is keep pouring money to keep your $1,000 pc updated

solar1828d ago

let see, ResolutionGate. Graphics comparison videos between PS4 and XB1. the hottest topics that are on N4G when they were posted. so shut up.

Hicken1826d ago

"If speed and styling is all you care about, why get [insert sedan here]? Why not get a Ferrari?"

Cuz not everybody wants one. Cuz I prefer gaming on consoles, not PC. Does that mean I can't talk about graphics or power? If I choose to follow college baseball, but not the pros, can I no longer talk about home runs and OPS?

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stuna11828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Here's a thought; Do most people have eyes? If the the answer is yes, don't they use them to read, drive, coordinate actions that require good hand/eye coordination? Then why wouldn't resolution be a useful and needed option?

When people wear glasses it mainly due to the resolution their eyes are able to perceive things in not being optimum. Most people would want to see things as clearly as possible, why would gaming be any different!?

Sarcasm1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Because those other people are just trying to downplay any and every real advantage the ps4 has. You know we saw that coming.

But what's more disturbing is the hordes of gaming press trying to downplay it as well clearly showing their bias for the weaker console this time, when in last generation they made a big deal about 600p vs 576p.

iiwii1828d ago

MS is padding the wallet of those gaming rags to post such fud. Either that or they are run by Xbox fans. Take your pick.

rela82me1828d ago


Perhaps MS isn't secretly throwing money at everyone and there brother to like their console... Have you considered that perhaps resolution isn't what makes a great game?

Not everything is a conspiracy, more than likely is that the community has a bad case of bandwagon syndrome. I have seen quite a few people on Reddit that purchased a PS4 realize they were to harsh on the console. Sure resolution makes a difference, but does it matter when it comes down to a great looking game? I think Ryse goes to show you that you can have a phenomenal looking game running sub 1080p.

iiwii1828d ago


Well, I know that you can have sub 1080p games that are fun, but don't you find it just a bit odd that the whole industry took digs at the PS3 for slightly less resolution and slightly less detail in textures, but now it's suddenly not an issue? We listened to it for 7 years.

And when it comes to Microsoft, they have earned their own dirty conspiracy filled image.

BTW, Ryse looks okay, but not my type of game. I would pass even if I owned an XB One.

PoSTedUP1828d ago


do you want a 5MP camera or a 10MP camera?
a crystal clear windshield or a slightly cloudy one?

resolution didnt matter in the ps2 gen. it sorta mattered last gen. but this gen is different, we went a whole gen with gradual improvements in games, graphics and resolution. we expect all three to continue in the same if not similar pattern; Not just one aspect deciding to stay behind.

Software_Lover1828d ago

I'm sorry but mega pixels was the worst thing you could have used. A higher megapixel does not mean a better looking or even crispier picture.

PoSTedUP1828d ago

the MP has everything to do with the quality/clarity of the picture. youre telling me if you took a 5MP picture and put it onto a larger monitor (or poster) and did the same to a 10MP picture, there wouldnt be any difference? um, yeah, there would be a Huge difference. i hope you werent just trolling me.. >:P

ambientFLIER1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

PostedUP -

Take it from someone that is a photographer. Your Megapixel argument is a very poor one. A DSLR cam at 10 megapixels blows away a point and shoot cam at 30 megapixels. Extra resolution is useless when the pixels themselves aren't of high quality. Quality and size of the sensor is WAY higher on the list than the amount of pixels. And blowing up a 6 megapixel dslr image to poster size and then blowing up a 20 megapixel phone pic to same size...the phone will look MUCH worse, trust me on that.

Same applies to games. You can spend all your resources to push 1080P and have a mediocre result OR you can push 720P or 900P, post-process the hell out of it, and have a gorgeous result.

I can't believe SoftwareLover got all those disagrees. You people must have no frikkin clue about pixels or what it takes to make an image, and are only playing "numbers". Bigger is ALWAYS better, right???


PoSTedUP1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

if you had the same camera, and lets say both digital, and one at 5MP and one at 10MP shot by the same expert photographer. that photographer would be able to make the 10MP picture look better and sharper at a larger scale. yeah it all depends on the technique used and the camera etc. and bigger doesnt always mean better, but not going into the technical aspects and comparing all these cameras on the market with different quality traits for professional photographers etc. ;but with an upgraded MP of a camera with the same quality of traits, bigger would be better when enlarging the image. and this is on a lower scale, you can only enlarge that 10MP image so much b4 you start seeing the actual pixels where the 30MP camera (say is of decent quality) would keep the image intact at an even larger scale, thus keeping a clearer image, simply because it has more pixels to work with. but even past 10MP you probably wont see a differenct unless you are making billboards, lol. would you want the best 3MP camera on the market or the best 10MP camra on the market? it depends on what your photos are for but the truth is you will be able to make the 10MP cameras pictures look better at a larger scale.

dantesparda1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I actually agree with Software lover, he's right. But the resolution does matter in video games, PERIOD! But we all know that the MS fanboys are trying to downplay all of PS4's advantages. Resoltuion does matter to them until the X1 version does higher res, then suddenly it matters again.

ambientFLIER1828d ago

Um, yes, if the cameras are identical, then megapixels do matter. However, the XB1 is VERY different from the PS4, so that argument still does not apply. Quality > Quantity still applies. Less gorgeous pixels > more average pixels.

PoSTedUP1828d ago

the arguement is very much still valid.

1) if youre just talking resolution, post processing a still image is very different than post processing in games. 1080p clarity is always going to look clearer than 720p, not necessarily "better" due to that post processing effects can make a big difference in how the game looks, but it will still output twice the pixels (unless the post processing in the X1 is upscaling it, in this case). and even post processing images; you are not getting anymore Detail out of the picture, you have to sacrifice in accordance, you cannot add to the picture more than what was already captured (from the MP)

2) multiplat devs that choose 720 for X1 and 1080 for PS4 arent going to add anymore post processing to the X1 game, due to everything that is being done in the game is already worked on. that basically increasing the grahics quality and adding more effects on the 720p version, which impretty sure is rare in multiplat developement (unless the hardware is limited)

3) itll all boil down to exclusive games and what the developers decide to do. but giving the power of the ps4 (clique, i know) its not that theyre very different, but the compasity of what each is capable of is the difference. and that would go to the ps4 obvioulsly, tho the X1 does have its slight unique points, but over all its gonna be: 10MP > 5MP .

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Spikey_Mikey1828d ago

It's true. We need to push forward in tech not stay stagnant. 1080 and 4k is the future. Innovate rather than renovate!

someoneagain1828d ago

Choosing a resolution isn't "stagnant." Hardware limited to 1080p is stagnant.

Agent20091828d ago

Just gimme a next-gen Syphon Filter game!