Fred Meyer Black Thursday Deals 2013 With Zelda Wind Waker Wii U Bundle at $250

Techtorial: Fred Meyer will be giving away separate deals on Thanksgiving morning (Black Thursday) like Zelda Wind Waker Wii U bundle at $250 and 50% off to selected 3DS titles.

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Snookies121850d ago

Man I wish I had some money, I'd love to pick up that Zelda Wii U.

for we are many1850d ago

Unbelievable value right there. People who are even remotely interested in fun games have No excuse now to grab one; it's affordable yet capable and durable machine with innovative controller, great game(Wind Waker HD)bundled in for free plus The Hyrule Historia digital book and digital promotion for downloadable games as well as FREE online and Miiverse, not to mention that it's Fully Backward Compatible with Wii games and accessories including wii-remote+ and classic pro controller. Really great offer, also that delicious limited edition GamePad.

for we are many1849d ago

To the person who disagreed, can you please explain why this is not a good value? thanks.

TedCruzsTaint1849d ago

Guys . . . I may just be buying a Wii U this year.

bigchad1849d ago

last month Fred Meyer had a saturday only sale that offered $30 off the WW HD Wii U Bundle with a free $20 gift card included. I couldn't pass that up. At the time I figured they would have a similar deals for black friday too. ITS A GREAT DEAL!