5 Reasons Parents Should Pick Wii U Instead Of PS4 Or XBox One

Forbes: "Parents: Wii U is the best gaming choice for family gaming!"

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malokevi1644d ago

Because they hate their kids and want them to suffer!!


Nah, just kidding, I'll probably grab one when the price drops.

Kingthrash3601644d ago

price dropped 2 months ago...will prolly drop again next year tho...
parents will just buy them a 3ds and move on..

malokevi1644d ago

ah, lol. Well... it will definitely get cheaper. With 2 new consoles under my belt, I can't justify spending another 350 bucks.

However, the wii is 99 dollars right now... and I love me sum classics.

Reeze1643d ago


In my opinion, I think this Christmas is a great time to get the Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi U + Deluxe Bundle + free online + backwards compatibility= $299.99.

That's great value.

"However, the wii is 99 dollars right now... and I love me sum classics."

You could buy the Wii now for $99 dollars and buy a Wii U in the future for $250-300... The total cost would be $350-400. Or, you could buy a Wii U right now with the benefits above for just $300.

That's just what I think. Do whatever you want!

Yep1644d ago

See you in a couple years.

xeno041644d ago

and a nifty eye camera thingy that seems so cool ,

MasterCornholio1643d ago

You forgot about the Lego SuperHero game which I believe that children will enjoy more than Knack. Knack may seem like a kids game but I believe that its to difficult for children to play.

Nexus 7 2013

MazzingerZ1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

KNACK is actually designed to suit children as much as old school gamers from control schema to adjustable difficult settings.

Anyway, NINTENDO is the best choice for kids, so many cute moments in their games what parents don't want to expose their kids to such a fun?

I can only get a console and since I am gamer my family console is PS4, games for everybody, BR, some movies and social services like SONYs and others seal the deal

I know about games and can find suitable for my kids on PS4, if I wasn't a gamer I would definitely get the Wii U, less worries about kids playing unappropriate games due to my ignorance regarding games.

kwandar1643d ago


I'm a gamer.

Wii U has Deux Ex DC, Pikmin3, Zelda Wind Waker, Zombi U, Rayman Legends, and Monster Hunter 3. All were very well rated. Bayonetta, Smash Brothers, X and Zelda coming shortly.

What does PS4 have? What were those games rated at?

The PS4 has been well hyped, but there won't be much to play for the next year, for a "gamer". Just saying.

R00bot1643d ago

Uh, the wonderful 101 looks similar to knack (and got better reviews).

MNGamer-N1643d ago

These two games are not at all similar. Wonderful 101 is a much better game. Knack is a jump attack grind

Ac7iVe1643d ago

U did not just say that Lmao 101 is a complete opposite game and a 100000xs better then knack

Moncole1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Wii U has Super Mario 3D world, Mario and Sonic and the olympic game, Sonic Lost Worlds, Wonderfull 101, Lego City Undercover, New Super Mario Bros U, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts DC Heroes Unmasked, Lego Batman 2, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Pikmin 3 and a bunch of Wii games because its backwards compatible.

baraka0071643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

you were joking right?

j-blaze1642d ago

I was lol
I would choose Wii U over PS4 " as for now" anytime

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Anon19741644d ago

I just can't do it. Part of being a parent is to anticipate problems before they happen. I can't believe this guy things that one, uber controller is going to help reduce sibling rivalry. He's living in a fantasy world of magical rainbows and unicorns where all children are peaceful little angels who would never fight over something like this.

As much as I like Nintendo and thought the Wii-U was a step in the right direction from a gamer standpoint, I simply won't buy one for my family due to that Wii-Tablet or whatever that thing is called. As a parent with multiple kids and who grew up with multiple siblings, having one uber controller while everyone else settles is a parent's never ending nightmare.

Yep1644d ago

See, the difference between that opinion is that you have to experience it to know what he's talking about. The GamePad isn't superior to the Wii remote depending on the game. In NSMBU the person with the GamePad doesn't even get a character to play. The person's job is to protect the players and create platforms to aid them. It can be pretty boring for a child, yet extremely strategic for a hardcore gamer.

Anon19741644d ago

I think you may have missed my point. Just having one controller so different compared to the others is inviting chaos. We're talking children here in this article.

I simply can't imagine a positive outcome to placing a bunch of children into a room and saying "Ok, you get the giant, flashy controller and everyone else gets a Wii-Mote" unless your goal is to film the ensuing orgy of childhood trauma to place up on YouTube.

Yep1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

A kid isn't going to want to use the the GamePad if they aren't having fun with it. That's the point.

Kids also aren't that naive (I'm an 18 year old living in a neighborhood where the majority of kids are still in elementary/middle).

I could totally see a toddler acting that way though. Guess it all depends on the kid.

Anon19741644d ago

So why as a parent would you even set yourself up for that? Maybe some kids will be fine, maybe it'll be a never ending fight. I don't know, but I do know I have a choice that could avoid that whole mess in the first place. I'm certainly not the only parent I've spoken with that feels this exact same way.

kneon1643d ago

I said the same thing as soon as they revealed it would only support one tablet controller.

Only one "special" control + multiple kids = fighting. It's inevitable.

Luckily my kids are teens now and have no interest in the Wii U so it's someone else's problem ;)

N4g_null1643d ago

You have a bad parenting trait. You have to fix sibling rivalry. You have to play with them, you have to wieght in on their fighting. Running from it or not addressing it is just asking for it to get worst. Not trying to attack you but I know managing a large household is like running a huge corp some times yet you set the culture. You set the rules. Also play time can be managed via user accounts on the wiiu. Let your kids actions settle the time disputes, then you wont look like a dictator lol. Yet they will still argue even when you are fair you just can not give in to them.

With that being said the controller is used as a split screen alternative. There is also such a thing as taking turns. How do you manage computer time? Or other consoles? Many games are only single player online multiplayer,?

Anon19741643d ago

That's ridiculous. Anticipating problems before they become problems is just common sense. I'm surprised you'd argue otherwise.

I don't care what you say, if I have the choice between gaming with my kids or breaking up fights, I'm going to pick gaming with my kids every damn time.

You'd be dead stupid not to.

N4g_null1643d ago

Its your problem darkrider... good luck on that first car, and helping out on college. Your kids obviously run your house so that isnt my problem.... I understand stand where you are coming from, yet if you seek help they would want you to promote sharing rather than avoiding the concept.

I guess the xboxone will be prefect since their motion control doesnt even use controllers.

truechainz1643d ago

Well it is interesting you feel that way. My mom deliberately put us in situations like that where we had to share so we could learn from those situations. My mom was definitely the type to make us learn how to share and the Wii U gamepad would be great for that. Not saying you are wrong, but simply a different style of parenting.

N4g_null1643d ago

This is exactly what im talking about... that is just good parenting.
people wonder why their kids are bad yet they avoid every thing even when it comes down to the cause.

kwandar1643d ago

He is talking about sibling rivalry as in:

Sibling1: "I want to watch my favourite tv show"
Sibling2: I want to play Wii U"

The gamepad allows them to do BOTH. Works well in my household. I get to play Deus Ex Directors Cut on gamepad.

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IRNMUNKEY1643d ago

Hmmm because WiiU is more appropriate for younger kids apart from Knack on PS4 neither of the new consoles have much aimed at younger children

R00bot1643d ago

The Wonderful 101 is similar to knack (got better reviews too hehe).

Masterchief_KOK1643d ago

mommy told me buy wii u, x1, and ps4

MasterCornholio1643d ago

You should have told mommy to buy it for you.

Nexus 7 2013

Masterchief_KOK1643d ago

mommy know i get money like that lol

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