Why do Nintendo continue to shoot themselves in the foot with the Wii U?

Nintendo had a huge opportunity to draw in more potential buyers for the Wii U. Instead, they make yet another marketing mistake for the struggling console.

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Yep1792d ago

I don't think the editor knows what the expression "shoot yourself in the foot" means.

But I agree, that 3DS commercial practically blueprinted how Wii U commercials should be.

RexFury1792d ago

It means to 'inadvertently make things worse.' Which Nintendo do when they make silly adverts. I REALLY want the Wii U to be successful, but I lose a bit of faith with marketing like this.

Yep1792d ago

I thought the Wii U commercial was good, just not better than the 3DS commercial.

A commercial not being as good as another does not mean Nintendo shot themselves in the foot. Lol that doesn't even make any sense.

JohnnyTower1792d ago

Nintendo really didn't get out of the gate with the Wii U launch. A solid PR campaign would have really helped them. Im like you and I really want Wii U to succeed, but they need to take a page out of Xbox and PS and advertise more!

rdgneoz31792d ago

"I thought the Wii U commercial was good, just not better than the 3DS commercial."

The 3DS commercial is good. But the WiiU commercial to someone who is not familiar with it makes it seem like a modern version of Sega CD (an addon).

UltimateMaster1792d ago

They've removed chat function from the 3DS.
That's shooting yourself in the leg.

ChickeyCantor1791d ago

"The 3DS commercial is good. But the WiiU commercial to someone who is not familiar with it makes it seem like a modern version of Sega CD (an addon)."

It doesn't. It really does not. If they wanted to sell it like an add on they would say "Wii U, an addon for the Wii".

Upgrade can be interpreted differently and I've said this before the gaming community seems to project how consumers will and should act/feel.

People really need to drop this fallacy.

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RexFury1792d ago

This is a reply to your other comment. The article is not about comparing the two adverts. I just believe the Wii U advert was a terrible piece of marketing. The Wii U is in dire need of sales and Xmas is fast approaching and is one of, if not the most important time of the year to do something good and these adverts are extremely important to sales.

Cernunnos1792d ago

I work next to studies at an electronics store, and a lot of our customers have no idea what a Wii U is. A lot of people buy Wii U games, and end up returning them because they meant to buy a Wii game, and had no idea that such a thing as Wii U existed.

Dunban671792d ago

It should be "Why does Nintendo continue to shoot themselves in the face?"

When I was playing MH3U yesterday I could forge a new weapon or I could "upgrade" an existing weapon-

considering the amount of reports, data etc that say too many people don t understand the Wii U is a separate console, I don t understand why they can t just come out and say it- upgrade is too ambiguous as it relates to the Wii U

As good a job as they do marketing some of their games, the 3DS and past consoles they have done a horrible job marketing the Wii U

I think this article is on target- most people that are critical of Nintendo are doing so as supporters, consoles owners and people who sincerely care about Nintendo- The Wii U is performing at historically poor levels but they do not appear to be willing to deviate from the plan that got the Wii u to this point- so naturally people are going to comment and write about it as they should - I own a Wii U and I want to see it do well over the next 5-10 years but so far Nintendo does not appear be doing what is needed to see that will happen

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1792d ago

both horrible commercials i dont see how 3ds commercial was even good. all they could explain in their product was uuhh ummmmm cauuuse its nintendo.

RAFFwaff1792d ago

And by inference, that means that you can trust that the 3ds will be a great experience because nintendo consistently make great portable games machines.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1792d ago

can you explain how its a good commercial and how it explains anything that stands out to even get a 3ds not saying its a bad product not saying its not selling well that alot of trigger happy fanboys are disagreeing about. im talking about the commercial it self doesnt say anything but its nintendo and people are saying its a good commercial should of done it for wii u as if sayings ummm its nintendo would even help that out.

Yep1792d ago

It's an arrogant slogan that works. People say "Because it's Nintendo" because its a good way to gauge quality. Nintendo knows how popular their brand is so something as simple and too the point as that will help to sell 3DS's.

shuuwai1792d ago

Nay Nintendo is focusing where the money is, and that's the 3DS.

RexFury1792d ago

So.....they are trying to make the Wii U look worse so that the sales of the 3DS get better?

JohnnyTower1792d ago

Im with you Rex, it seems counterproductive to slander one product to boost sales of another. My friends still think Wii U is just a tablet. That right there tells me Nintendo needs to get some PR on this, fast!

Theyellowflash301792d ago

These armchair analysis don't even know what they are taking about.

RexFury1792d ago

Do you honestly think that advert was good for the Wii U?

Theyellowflash301792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

The advert was fine, its marketing to families and kids.

Yeah, I thought it was good.

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