Xbox One is about more than gaming: 5 other things it's great for

MSN NZ writes: Xbox One is more than just a gaming console. Microsoft envisioned from the beginning a device that not only offers the best in video games, but also in entertainment and services. When it was first unveiled, gamers appeared to resent the "all-in-one" entertainment focus, but with a solid launch lineup of games, all was quickly forgiven.

The philosophy remains, however, and Xbox One promises to be a fine new addition to the living room. Entertainment services, movie streaming and video calls make it a must-have device, even for those not all that interested in gaming. There's much more to Xbox One than racing games and the zombie apocalypse.

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don't forget to tell people that they also need a cable box.the ps4 can do every one of those top 5 and is $100.00 dollars cheaper

XboxFun1824d ago

Does the PS4 have Skype? I know vita does but I don't know if it has been confirmed for PS4.

Isn't there an update coming later for the Ps4 to be able to stream movies?

PS4 has a fitness app? Now I know that can't be right.

christocolus1824d ago

Ignore these guys..they seem unhappy

Blackdeath_6631824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

why are people making skype to be the be all and end all of video gaming? its hardly a stand out feature skype is available on EVERY OTHER device my phone,my other phone(and every other phone in the household for that matter), both my parent's ipads, my PC, my laptop, my brother's laptop, my ipod, my TV,the other TV, my notebook all have skype and are NOT behind a paywall.

_LarZen_1824d ago


Exactly! And that is why it's so nice to have Skype integrated as a part of the OS.

nukeitall1824d ago


the fact that skype is everywhere is the reasonh it is great to have it on your console!

Talk to almost any of your friends, not just those gaming friends, even when friends aren't on the console!

jessupj1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Well let's pretend for a moment that the PS4 is never going to receive those features in the future.

I couldn't care less. (note the grammatically correct "couldn't" instead of "could" for anyone that incorrectly says this phrase. Sorry but it's a pet peeve of mine. For those that disagree, please watch this educational video explaining why you are wrong. Thank you.)

I have a laptop to skype on my comfy couch. I have to PS3 to stream movies that I can watch on my comfy couch and I go outside to my local beautiful park when I exercise.

I buy a gaming console to, you know, play games. I know that's a crazy, out of this world way of thinking that some people won't be able to wrap their brains around, but it is what it is.

XboxFun1824d ago


I'm glad you couldn't care less, but as the article states (and is about) these are features that make the system a good choice for anyone who is interested.

My little smartphone plays Netflix, does this mean I shouldn't want it for my gaming console? My laptop also has Skype, does this mean I shouldn't want it for my Xbox One since the majority of my free time will be gaming? And it also won't stop me from gaming because of the snap feature. And I'll be on my comfy couch too.

You buy a console to game, well guess what, the Xbox One games too. Plus all those other little conveniences that also comes along with the many features you find on other devices.

Now I know you'll be gaming on your PS4 and just couldn't care less about anything else, but there are many others that will be taking advantage of the many features found on both systems. I know that is even harder to believe but try and wrap your head around that.

CPTN MITCHELL1824d ago,vudu,hulu,redb ox,crackel,,fitness in other words ms is calling u FAT!! don't need it don't wanted... @ christocolus wait until friday to see who is unhappy :-) 1080p gaming right now kz and 2k14 amazing 55" 3d samsumg led superslim smart 240hz + ps4 = gaming heaven

Pogmathoin1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Its funny, its called trolling if you comment on a Sony article... But here its just statin facts man, dont hate me, I was once an xbox fan... Blah blah.... Typical N4G crap....

Capn... Been playing KZ on my own PS4, on my plain 1080p TV... Looks beautiful, plays as expected I guess... But still nothing on Halo I'm afraid....

ThanatosDMC1824d ago

PS4 has skype. They had the logo for it during their PS4 announcement. It was that picture with all the companies that will be supporting PS4. It had Netflix, Vudu, Red Box, Amazon, etc.

UltimateMaster1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Geez, fitness games on PS?
This goes back since the PS2.

Prime1571824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Look, after e3 we all agreed that MS wasn't putting games first. It wasn't just the DRM, it was the fact that YOU, as the GAMER, was put second. I felt that as someone who thought the DRM stuff WAS AWESOME!!! (Not to be conspiratorial, but, "tv, tv, tv, Sports, Sports, Sports, dog" says otherwise). I actually loved the digital future...

The fact is that they put things like Skype, hdmi in, and tv services first. The fact still remains that they were targeting the non-gamers...

Please, keep on preaching fitness, Skype and tv... I hope people see the two different messages so that both companies can grow to benefit gamers.

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ma1asiah1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This is an article from MSN in my country New Zealand the $100.00 cheaper is not really a valid argument here and this is why

When comparing a standard or day one launch edition of the X1 with an equivalent PS4. Not bundle deals

PS4 = $649.00 does not come with the PSeye and no free retail game (can't really count FTP titles that one can play right now on PC and as from what I can see are not available at launch), especially now DriveClub has been delayed. Granted if you get PSN+ then you get indie gam Contrast free.

X1 = $749.00 it comes bundled with Kinect 2.0 and a free copy of FIFA14 that retails at $108.00 NZ

Now the PS4 Eye in NZ goes for $108.00 NZ
A copy of FIFA14 goes for $180.00 NZ

So there are two ways you could look at it take off $216.00 from the X1 price tag that would make it $533.00 NZ. Or you add $216.00 to the PS4 and you get $865.00 NZ

So as you can see the X1 appears to be the cheaper option and not the PS4 at least this is how it is in New Zealand.

You also have great deals like a local department store in New Zealand called The Warehouse. It has the standard edition of the X1 going for $697.00 which also includes FIFA14 BUT also gives you the option of either NBA2K14 or The Fighter Within free, that is $857.00 NZ value for $697.00 compared to the PS4 for $649.00 NZ, no PSeye and no free game included.

Funantic11824d ago

We Americans tend to think it's all about us. Never mind us. It's ironic that some of those here won't even support their own country's products. Yeah I bought a PS4 but bought 2 Xbox Ones.

ma1asiah1824d ago

Opps my bad

"A copy of FIFA14 goes for $180.00 NZ"

this is supposed to read $108.00 NZ

Prime1571824d ago

Wait, you just got your info from msn? Who owns msn?

I'm not saying you are wrong, but I'm actually saying that there is something not quite right about what you're saying.

I mean, you forget that ps4 has voice commands without the camera.

You forget that ps+ gives you games just for the subscription.

You forget that you don't have to have the camera to enjoy fifa, which makes that the same price in most countries....

You forget that Eu has bundles that have an extra controller and game for the same price, and that it's lower in most countries except Brazil with its stupid Japan tariffs.

Free game? Lol.. just lol.. maybe nz got the shaft, but I doubt your info as it comes from MSM (the MICROSOFT NETWORK).

ma1asiah1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ Prime157

You missed the point,

MSN is a global site owned by Microsoft Networks = YES, though MSN NZ is their local domain here in New Zealand.

Though the article is not aimed strictly at New Zealanders, my reply to CPTN MITCHELL's original post stating that the PS4 is $100.00 cheaper, well as my post clearly shows or points out that is not entirely true in respect of us here in New Zealand.

Given that the MSN domain that the article is from is a local one, then my response was from a local perspective.

As for the free game check the links you can clearly see the free copy of FIF14 and I will show you another link

The Warehouse department store in NZ

Xbox One standard edition with (though not shown does comes with a free copy of FIFA14 for us in NZ) plus you also get the choice of one of two games also FREE.


This is further verification that FIFA is free

My post by the way is proof that you didn't read the article which highlighted non gaming features etc that the X1 is capable off. Still if you had bothered to read the article you would already know that my post was a direct response to the original poster and a little off topic.

The information I provided I backed up with links.... (links from sites you will notice Microsoft do not own or run. This was not MS trying to pull a fast one on us gullible Kiwi's here in New Zealand, the information locally is common knowledge and is FACT!!!

Here is a post from a fellow N4G member who actually brought and paid for this deal


Yep :) I did. I cancelled my Mighty Ape preorder and scored the two free games deal and $52 off the Xbox One console price everywhere else, from The Warehouse. The Xbox One deal with the two free games makes it cheaper than the PS4 I have bought by quite a lot now. If I was to take the price that the 2 free games actually cost separately off the full price I purchased for the Xbox One, I would be saving over $200 NZ dollars on the console. I wanted those two games anyway & would have paid for them separately on top of console price so it's an amazing deal both being free, saving me plenty, so I couldn't pass the deal up so I had to buy it. I am looking forward to both consoles. Best of both worlds. I will enjoy them both, a lot...

You also forget the deal that the people in Europe got was to add value to the X1 and make it more attractive for a consumer base that is predominantly SONY.

New Zealand is not so clear cut in terms of one console domination in the marketplace.

Anything you get for free as opposed to paying for it especially when the actual price tag is like $108.00 NZ normally then I really wouldn't call that being shafted.

ma1asiah1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

somehow it posted my response twice

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Belking1824d ago

".the ps4 can do every one of those top 5 and is $100.00 dollars cheaper"

yes, when it's PS4 is no competition for xbox one when it comes to features. Just watch day 1 features for xbox-one compared to ps4. Sony's psn is a broken mess right now for ps4. Glitches and everything.
Great-Mess Awaits


no problems on this end. gaming since friday and enjoying every single minute, by the way espn sucks they play the same shit all day every day, like i said u need a cable box bro

MikeGdaGod1824d ago

i can do all of these things from my ipad, iphone and macbookpro

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Ashunderfire861824d ago

Well that what I am afraid of. That more than just gaming part to the title.

mattdillahunty1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

i've no problem with it being about more than just a piece of gaming hardware. my PC is more than just a high end gaming machine, which is awesome. the PS3 was far more than just a gaming console, which was great too.

the problem is where the main focus lies. the problem is that when the console was originally unveiled at their conference, it took forever for them to actually start talking about games. if their focus is TV, Kinect, sports, super casual/shallow games, etc, then that's a problem. but if their core focus is gaming, and those other things are just added bonuses, then that's perfectly fine.

unfortunately, over the past few years MS seems to be less and less focused on delivering new and unique core gaming experiences. the Xbox One does have a solid launch lineup and they seem dedicated right now, but we'll have to see how things turn out once we're past the launch window.

pompombrum1824d ago

I think Microsoft's approach was them thinking along the lines of the games were a given so they'd focus on the other stuff. The problem with that is as you've said, in recent years, it's easy to question Microsoft's commitment to the games and only time will tell just how committed to Xbox One games they really are. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Ashunderfire861824d ago

I based my opinion from that Xbox One reveal back in May.

ATiElite1824d ago

I heard XB1 can play Beta Max Tapes and 8-Track Cassettes

j/k making a little fun at it's design.

I'm so looking forward to playing Ryse Son of Rome Friday!

christocolus1824d ago

Great cant wait...dr3, ryse and ki for me

Computersaysno1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Can it do things I actually want to do that I can't already do.

I Skype on my phone, tablet, PC, yadda yadda
I already watch TV and stream with what I already got. Who doesn't?
I can listen to music anywhere. Who can't?
I use a gym/I'm not agoraphobic
I can surf the web on my toaster

What I want is a games machine. Give me a machine built for games and focus on that. Thanks!

SITH1824d ago

On Xbox one you can do all of those things. At the same time in one single place.

pompombrum1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I can do all of them apart from the gym on my phone but tbh, I don't want to be dripping with sweat in my living room anyway. I don't see myself ever really needing to do all of them at the same time but the combo of my tv and phone gets the job done just fine and in a lot of cases, would be optimal. I don't really want to be trying to surf the web off the same television I have a movie on at the same time tbh.

Not trying to downplay these features as they are cool but most of them in today's age should be a given and more importantly, free.

Computersaysno1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

It can do all of them but I don't need it to do any of them, and wouldn't use any of them on it. But the focus is so much on what else it does, rather than what it should be about.

I was given a Swiss army knife with a screwdriver, bottle opener, saw and cockscrew on it.

Number of times used any of these functions: zero.

Mainly because the other stuff you already own conveniently in your house or portable in your pockets do it already, have done for years, and do it far better still now.

Its just not important. Microsoft built a box to do something I don't want, to try to take over my living room.

If they had built a box to take over my gaming, then I would throw my money at them like I did with 360 early on.

They didn't.

Going back to the swiss army knife, these days its better to be really, really good at one thing than a jack of all trades and a master of none.

jah-Fu1824d ago

Then buy a ps4. Who gives a shit already. Move along son. Not for you, big deal.

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