EGM Review: Knack

Knack is a by-the-numbers mediocre platformer that amounts to little more than a PlayStation 4 tech demo that, somehow, for some reason, someone at Sony thought should be elevated to “full game” status.

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Anon19741850d ago

At least this reviewer figured out he was reviewing a game for children. Can't say the same for most reviewers out there.

B-radical1850d ago

Who ever said this was a kids game? Anyone can play it it's a family game......

cleft51850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

This game is fun, simple, and challenging. I really enjoyed playing it the whole time. The boss fights are actually tough, yet rewarding. You actually have to learn enemy patterns. The controls are incredibly responsive and tight.

All of these low score reviews are just surprising. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was playing this charming little game. A lot of the lower review scores is probably because the game is actually hard even on normal. Most of these reviewers should have just played on easy, but they let their egos get in their way. Than they severely lower the score of the game claiming it is frustrating.

There is nothing technically wrong with the game, the story is solid for this type of game, it's a lighthearted story, the controls work perfectly, and the voice acting is solid. For goodness sake, Jennifer Hale (female Shepard) voices two of the characters. So I am left wondering why this game is getting such low scores? The sad reality is that a big part of those lower scores is that the game is actually tough.

Anon19741850d ago

Cerny said this was a "an entry-level experience for new, young PS4 gamers". It's never been billed as anything but. Some reviewers clearly figures this out, some didn't somehow.

The point is, the things often used to criticize Knack (the easy combat, the straight forward level design, the obvious hidden items, the "win" button special moves) are all things that you want in a game for younger kids. Not surprisingly, the reviews that actually picked up on this and played through the game on easy with co-op, with younger kids have all approved of the title as a kids game.

I'm not defending the game as I haven't played it, but how can you not feel reviewers are missing the point? This and Skylanders are both rated E10+, and reviews of Skylanders clearly feature what works for kids versus what doesn't, and yet most reviews for Knack sound like adults walking into Spy Kids expecting Citizen Kane.

As a parent, I need to know if my kids will like this and what I'm getting is a bunch of 30 something reviewers griping about simple combat and level design like they're even remotely the target audience.

dedicatedtogamers1850d ago

EGM doing a review? I'll just leave this here as to an example of their caliber and quality and fairness...

XboxFun1850d ago

Does it matter if the reviewer knew it was a kid game or not? Since most of the reviews are getting the same type of score?

Anon19741850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

That's the thing. They're not. From the reviews I've seen, reviewers who comment on the appeal to younger audiences on the easy setting, the reviewers trying it out on children, they're all recommending the title.

Of course it matters if reviewers know it's a kids game and let's face it, you'd have to be pretty damn thick to not figure that out. Did anyone have to spell out that Skylanders or Pokemon are games targeted at kids? Games for younger audiences have a whole different play style that isn't going to appeal to older gamers, just like adults aren't going to find Team Umizoomi as entertaining as Breaking Bad.

You don't have to be a genius to figure that out. Irishguy95 mentioned how Kingdom Hearts, Crash, Jak, Spryo, etc are all awesome to play and I couldn't disagree more. They're kids games. I've gone back and replayed many of those games and they're terrible by the standards I come to expect from adult games. I tried Kingdom Hearts for the first time a few years back and couldn't take more than a few hours of that simplistic nonsense. It's because I'm an adult and my standards are different.

Now, a game like Little Big Planet has enough variety and challenge that I can still get into it, while my older nieces love the game. But my younger nephews and my own son are frustrated by it quickly. They'll play a game like Crash and love it, but I can't even stomach watching that simple gameplay for more than a few minutes without being bored to tears.

Forgive me if I choose to believe the reviews that actually address what the game is like for kids, or have actually play tested it on children rather than 30 something reviews who didn't even seem to have attempted the online or co-op features before dismissing the entire thing out of hand.

Irishguy951850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Rediculous excuse. This game is in league with Crash, Jak, Rachet and clank, Spyro etc etc. All those games are still awesome to play. I bet most of the people on this site Love Kingdom Hearts. 'kids game' does not affect the quality of a game. Just face it. Knack is a poor game. It was supposed to be the next - Crash/Jak etc. And it failed miserably.

1 and 2 out of 10 are broken and unplayable btw. 4.5 means "very bad game"

ger23961850d ago

How far have you gotten on the game? How's the difficulty level?

XboxFun1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I disagree, I don't think Knack is a game solely aimed at kids the same way Skylanders is.

Knack is a type of game for all ages young and old. I really feel Cerny was tying to capture the Crash days and bring back a mascot with challenging gameplay but could also be marketed towards kids but have enough appeal and gameplay for adults too. Just like Pokémon has such a vast appeal, deep amount strategy and easy design that all ages can enjoy that game. The same could also be said for Mario, which is a game colorful enough for kids but strategic and challenging enough for adults.

From what I heard Knack is a very challenging game unlike Skylanders, Ben 10, Toy Story or any other game that is truly marketed to kids. You can tell these games are for kids by the ridiculous stripped down controls and very easy to play design. Knack does not have this.

In the end, kids game or not, the reviews seem to be pretty much the same across the board for this game.

DigitalRaptor1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

"You can tell these games are for kids by the ridiculous stripped down controls and very easy to play design. Knack does not have this."

I agree that Knack is capable of being a game for all ages, but that doesn't get around the fact that Cerny has said it's for "entry-level users and children, with a focus on making easy difficulty an experience that is both fun and easy".

Knack does have stripped down controls. You clearly haven't seen the very simple control scheme. It is very easy to play if you put it on easy. On harder difficulties it has been honed to be a tough game to play.

You've not played the game. You focus only on things you want to see.

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CalebZachary84111850d ago

I disagree. The difficulty levels of this game even on Normal is might be too much for most children. It requires actually thinking and strategy.

B-radical1850d ago

Agree i remember shuhei saying at the time he hadnt heard of anyone beating knack on its most difficult settings

evercast1850d ago

I played though the game on Hard difficulty and over half of the monsters in the game can kill you in one hit. Knack has been my favorite launch game out of the ones I have played. (Killzone, NBA 2k14)

cleft51850d ago

Yeah this is a tough game. I just beat it on hard and wow was it hard. Then turns out there is a Very Hard mode, just insane.

DigitalRaptor1850d ago

I don't remember, but was Crash Bandicoot a game aimed a children?

I was a kid when I played it, and that game was challenging and required thinking and strategy. This excuse can't really float very well, when we have past examples proving against it.

DoctorJones1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

What kind of strategy did Crash Bandicoot require?

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Visiblemarc1850d ago

4.5 out of 10 is a ridiculously low score. Knack is a solid 7. I really like it.

scott1821850d ago

Honestly, is this game really that bad?

Pandamobile1850d ago

Well, it's got an average of like 57 on Metacritic, so that's rather telling.

WeAreLegion1850d ago

No. Very fun game. And very challenging on Hard mode.

MRMagoo1231850d ago

If other ppls opinions on a game is what you go by when thinking about what game to buy, then i say this game gets a 14 out of 10 does that make you want it ?

DigitalRaptor1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )


A game that has game-breaking flaws and fundamental problems is worthy of 4.5/10

A game that doesn't break ground, but is fun and challenging deserves no less than a 6-7/10, and that is what Knack is.

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cityboy1001850d ago

This game is pretty good i say 7.5/ 8.0. It's not that easy.

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