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If you're looking for a singular moment with which to introduce yourself to Xbox One's slice of next-gen, you don't have to wait long in 'Dead Rising 3'. About 10 minutes into the opening sequence, you'll exit an underground bunker and come face to face with a seething mass of zombies crowded onto a highway. And there are hundreds of the things.

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GiantEnemyCrab1771d ago

Day one. Please let the console gods smile on me this Friday and let me have a working XB1 with no problems!

LOGICWINS1771d ago

Enjoy the game! If I was buying an XB1 at launch, this would be a no-brainer.

ma1asiah1771d ago

@ GiantEnemyCrab

I'm with you on that one, only 3 more days to go man the 22nd is going to be friggen wicked and this game is going to go off big time.

Kingthrash3601771d ago

is it just me, or does this look like a 360 game?
i dont only mean graphically i mean as a whole. this game by no means says "next gen" to me.. im not trolling here and fanboys will rage on me for this but i honestly feel this should have stayed on the 360. ki while free looks like a next gen game same with forza. but this strictly imo seems underwhelming for a x1 game...the score would be the same if it was on the 360 i say with 3x or 10x more power they say the x1 has i should be able to say "this could not be done on the 360" but i cant.

Dragonborn3121771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Double post sorry!

Dragonborn3121771d ago

The sheer amount of zombies on screen is why it is a next gen game. Current gen systems would not be able to support that number of enemies. There are also no loading times, the map is completely open world.

Gamer6661771d ago

Next gen is much more then "Looks". It is about doing things you could not do last gen...

In this case, it is number of zombies on screen, uniqueness of each zombie, variety of the weapons, etc. This games' next gen qualities have nothing to do with what it "looks" like and more to do with changing the way the genre plays.

I wish more games would've focused on gameplay and game characteristics and less on having a pretty screen. Maybe they would score better on Metacritic if they did.

MrDead1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

So are you saying that Resogun and Flower are the very best next-gen exclusives money can buy?

DR3 looks like a lot of fun.

Doghead1771d ago

So Bugs is also part of next gen...Am paying 400pounds for a NExt gen experience,
Long loading times
Bugs everywhere, Is that your vision of Next gen?
I deserve what am paying for

XboxFun1771d ago

Mostly the other side are the one's more worried about how a game looks. Then they downplay or make excuses about everything else that doesn't live up to the hype, especially when design, gameplay and overall fun is missing.

christocolus1771d ago

Ignore those guys..the xbx one launch titles prove you dont need 1080p to enjoy good games.

ElementX1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

If you want to complain about the graphics then I'll state that Resogun looks like a PS3 game yet it's getting tons of great reviews. Games are more than graphics.

MRMagoo1231771d ago

you can "state" it looks like what ever you want but you are full of sh!t if you think that lol.

Belking1771d ago

All those zombies on screen and no loading time is definitely something older console can't pull off. That's the problem with most gamers. They think next gen is all about graphics and resolution. It's not.

Kingthrash3601771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

i clearly said graphics aside...and ive seen mag (though a bad game) and dynasty warriors do tons of people on the same screen...clearly this games has not trolling the game but man really more zombies are it? no kinect use? no mass multiplayer? something new? if i ignore graphical weakness what do i have..alot of zombies with no ai? just another x button mash up? if this is all yall expected out of a next gen system then gosh why upgrade?
im sure the game is would have been fun on the 360 too. man forget it yall right i guess more zombies=next gen.

you know what really funny about the comments.........on the 360 the games looked better played better on it and ps3 got hell for it being more expensive lol and (at first worse looking games) smh gamer logic

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CalebZachary84111771d ago

I got the PS4, and this is the main reason I'd like to get a XB1. When money permits, I might take the leap. :x

SuicideKing1771d ago

Yeah had this preordered for months, very excited I'm glad it's getting good reviews. I don't base my purchase on reviews or anything but it helps to make me confident in my purchase.

Doghead1771d ago

Its said to see a game littered with bugs and glitches and Worst still Next Gen, yet guys rate it 10/10,
Why can't these guys be honest