Here's How The PlayStation 4 Replacement Box From Sony Looks Like

Sony support, after determining that the PlayStation 4 is needed to be sent back to Sony, promised customers that they will sending customers a ship box or a 'return box' so that the customers can ship their console free of charge to Sony for the replacement.

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Eonjay1288d ago

Cool. Hopefully you get it back soon!

MajorAly1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Unfortunately the replacement will take around 10-14 business days :(

Still salutations to Sony for acting supremely fast in shipping those boxes given how there was a weekend gap.

Hope that all the faulty ones be replaced with the working ones so everyone can happily enjoy true-next gen :D

ziggurcat1288d ago

that's not bad considering people have been told 3 - 5 weeks...

ZBlacktt1288d ago

That's the normal time as always. Sorry to hear about your issues.

Agent_00_Revan1288d ago

During the beginning of the 360's issues it was taking about 2, but closer to 3 weeks to get back. I had to send back 2 within the first 3 months.

So under 2 weeks isn't Awful, other then the fact that your brand new PS4 broke. That part is awful and I feel for you.

ziggurcat1288d ago

wait... 10 - 14 business days actually is about 3 weeks... i m dum.

abzdine1287d ago

cool, this is a good strong safe package.
we'll celebrate the PS4 together with the EU launch

Drewbie9151287d ago

Sony Support told me, when I called, that Saturday was the last day for expedited shipping which is overnight shipping all around. She said that as soon as they get it and confirm the damage/issue they will immediately overnight ship me a new console. She told me that I could get one as early as Thursday.

Ps4Console1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Well so they should work fast it's people's hard earned money & that goes for any company that doesn't refund you with a new product ASP agree .

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Derekvinyard131288d ago

Hope I will never have to see one of these at my house

AlexanderNevermind1288d ago

Was just thinking the same thing...

MasterCornholio1288d ago

Make sure you spray the console before shipping it.

Nexus 7 2013

Dlacy13g1288d ago

Yes, didn't you realize all early adopters need to mark their territory? Even if its not your console you should spray it. Over at a friends? No problem! Just wait for that moment your buddy goes to the restroom and then drop your fly and spray away!

I honestly cannot for the life of me figure out what he actually meant either.

MasterCornholio1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Lol look at the pictures at the section where they tell you what not to send.

Insect Infested consoles


Nexus 7 2013


I know it may sound crazy worry over "bugs" (I'm not talking just insects, any non-aquatic arthropod, as well as many other small animals as snails and worms should be checked out of the box), but remember those consoles will travel. In fact, they may even leave the country (don't worry too much, I'm sure that if they are decided to send your unit to R&D they'll offe/give you another one before).

Alien species are a serious environmental problem and bugs are the number one group to look for when you are sending anything, because they are easy to miss, yet can cause much harm carying/causing desease, competing with local species and even destroying crops/native flora. And most of the time it's not just introducing a species out of the country or continent, many populations are geographically isolated to small regions like a lake surrounds or a particular forest, and may have no natural predators two or three cities away.

Even worse, many bugs have ways to procriate or replicate without a mate (parthenogesis, pseudogamy, polyembriony, autofecunding hermaphrodits and the list goes on).

Neonridr1288d ago

I should hope that your PS4 which is less than a week old is not infested with bugs already. If it is, you may want to consider moving from the woods into an actual house.

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BattleTorn1288d ago

Ahh, spray for bugs. LOL

ratchet4261288d ago

What about cocaine infested consoles? Is that ok?

timlot1288d ago

Dat Sony Quality engineering even goes into the replacement box. Oh the irony. Funny that the it has styrofoam while the retail box PS4 is held in cardboard.

GiantEnemyCrab1288d ago

I was wondering about the packaging myself. It seems very flimsy and protected by a plastic bag and 2 pieces of cardboard.

I'm taking my back to BB I don't want to deal with the box.

Scatpants1288d ago

My PS3 was packed the same way. It was the phat MGS4 edition

hollabox1288d ago

Mines had the plastic air bubbles around all 4 sides from Amazon with fragile written on top.

Moncole1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

You should look up the Sony timer. Sony is not know to have the best quality products in Japan.

huntsman12301288d ago

If this was the Xbox One this site would've exploded.

falviousuk1288d ago

Spot on, but as it's Sony everyone is making excuses, saying it's ok, its just a launch hiccup etc etc.

The same mob that shouted from the heavens about the faulty xbox at the start and still shout about it today, but yet here is the same crowd saying they are ok with it.

Double standards took on a whole new level on here

Puppy_Farts1288d ago

Both groups make excuses and both groups troll. Both groups have those with double standards. Don't generalize and say "everyone" is making excuses. By saying "everyone" you're promoting that weird trashy trolling philosophy that people partake in.

falviousuk1288d ago

I didnt say everyone, no where in my post did i mention everyone, i appreciate that there are actual real PS4 gamers that just love to play games and good for them, as thats what the hobby is about.

What i did say was that the lot that shouted about the xbox RROD debacle and continue to bring it up almost daily are the ones singles out. those special sorts that frequent here and troll constantly

Fiestabrian1288d ago

"Spot on, but as it's Sony everyone is making excuses, saying it's ok, its just a launch hiccup etc etc. "

Your words bro

Belking1288d ago

Yep, at least the 360 actually worked on day one and xbox live wasn't broken. It's sad that sony and their followers talked up how great nov15 was gonna be, but they counted their chickens too soon.

Eddie201011288d ago

But instead we get Xbot Whiners in every Playstation thread. Waa, f@@#ing WAAA!

Puppy_Farts1288d ago

Your 7th word is "everyone". I'm not trying to call you out, but you did say "everyone". Regardless, I get what you're saying. You're right, some gamers did go crazy with RROD, but that's like me saying floods of 360 boys went ape over PS3's shitty launch. Both sides have their factions of trolls, though, not everyone sucks. :)

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Puppy_Farts1288d ago

I don't disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure the site has already exploded. I see a LOT of negative Sony articles, troll articles/comments.

JasonKCK1288d ago

True but not nearly as bad.

Eddie201011288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

The issues with the PS4 are not nearly as bad as the Xbox 360's and The Xbox 360 didn't sell anywhere near a million units in 24 hours or even in it's first week.

There were tons of Xbox 360's that did not work on launch day. Mine worked for for about six month's before failing but I could roast hot dogs and marsh mellows off the back of the console, although I did save money on my heating bill. The local GameStops and Best Buys where I live were getting returned Xbox 360's left and wright the very first week.

I bought my Xbox 360 on launch day and Xbox Live had its fair share of problems with only third of the people trying to sign in.

The amount of bitching and complaining on the Xbox forums was insane.

There were so many returns for the Xbox 360 to GameStops that they stopped selling warranties for the console.

Neonridr1288d ago

@Eddie - a lot more gamers now than back in 2005 too.

SITH1288d ago

With secondary explosions.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1288d ago

I shall soon be the next one to use this :( Sony said it should be getting to me either today or tomorrow. I'm hoping today so the faster the better that way I can receive the new one by next Monday or so.

Best of luck to you and me bud. I'm anxious to get Next-Gen started!

BattleTorn1288d ago

If it makes you feel any better, know that there are software issues being ironned out as you wait.

I can't play BF4, or KZ atm.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1288d ago

Is that so? even then, I could totally see myself playing single player during this time period lol but it does ease some sorrow off my back a little :)

It just russels my jimmies so much to see these ps4 games sit right next to me and my ps4 right behind and know I could easily be playing if the damn video would show on my tv lol :(

BattleTorn1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Oh, I can't play the single-players either. The games crash too often.

I am going to be trying a full system intialization tonight, where I reset the console, and update OS from USB again.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1288d ago

Oh well that sucks. Hope that works out for ya. I've been skyping with a friend and he's been able to play KZ sp on his ps4. along with other games he got.

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