Entertainment Buddha’s Top Ten Developers of the Generation

Entertainment Buddha writes: "Throughout the last years, developers have become more and more adept at creating unforgettable experiences. Of all of the developers working hard to create tremendous games, a handful stands above the rest. Their dedication to creating the best video games possible has forever changed the landscape of the gaming world forever."

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tacotruck1792d ago

Even if you aren't a supporter of many triple A titles, there is no denying that these devs can make a pretty great game all things considered.

TenBensons1792d ago

Nice list, but would have liked to have seen DICE in there somewhere. The Battlefield series has been seminal - Bad Company 2 being particularly spectacular and Mirrors Edge was one of the most refreshing and unique titles of the generation imho.

From software also deserves a mention and possibly a spot for Dark Souls, which is superb on so many levels.