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Submitted by JSzerlip780 814d ago | opinion piece

A Busted Box, A Crushed Console: My PlayStation 4 Launch Story

Darkstation: "By now, everyone who really wanted the new PlayStation 4 console are huddled in front of their television sets, exploring Sony’s foray into next gen gaming. I remember feeling pretty apprehensive about the new wave of consoles but Sony’s showing at E3 last June had me pumped up and and ready to be part of the zeitgeist that is Day One." (PS4)

Dragonborn312  +   814d ago
That really sucks. The writer seems to have not let it get to him which is good. Hopefully the next shipment arrives soon enough.
thekhurg  +   814d ago
I thought my PS4 was packed badly by Amazon, but it has nothing on how UPS handled this package...

I feel kind of petty in how irritated I was over something that didn't even cause any damage.
nukeitall  +   814d ago
I feel bad for the guy, but I feel even worse for amazon. it sounds like it wasn\t amazon\s fault, but somehow, amazon is paying the guy $75 for a bad handling of the pacakge by ups.

i preordered my ps4 from amazxon and hope it got there in one piece.
Bigpappy  +   814d ago
The factory packing for both X1 and PS4 should be good enough to withstand normal handling while shipping. You should be able to drop the box from a standing position from a certain number of feel with no worries. At least that is how it was in the late 80's early 90's when I worked for an electronics manufacturer in the U.S.

UPS only adds extra packing because they insure every package.
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qcjoe  +   814d ago
Thats what my shipping box looked like. Thank God my PS4 was not damaged. I hope that Xbox one fans fair better in how they get shipped out.
kneon  +   814d ago

Looking at how my PS4 was shipped it would require a pretty good whack to break it, especially if it's in another box.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   814d ago

Remember when electronics came wraped in either bubble-wrap (or similarly anti-shock wrap), the box was filled with peanuts and/or have rigid styrofoam pannels to secure everything in place?

I remember my last CRT TV being really well packaged (a 14" screen for a bedroom, but the box was big enough to fit a 21") and the TV itself was really resistant. Yet my ultra slim LED monitor I just bought, which is much more fragile, came loosely wraped in some crappy thin foamy paper (I don't know what it's called) with little styrofoam blocks just anchoring it to the corners inside the box. I could literally press the box into the screen with minimum force...

Every piece of electronic I see is the same, my PS3 Slim itself was boxed with the same crappy paper wrap and secured inside with some cardboard mounts. The controller and cords came half loose inside (specially worrying for the controller, which is not protected enough inside a simple clear plastc sack).

I guess electronics are simply no longer packaged for endurance like they used to be in the 90's/early 2000's.
us_army  +   814d ago
I'm sorry to anyone that had this issue, but people please understand how great going to a retailer and purchasing it truly is. I understand the convenience of shopping online, but there is so many more possible issues that can happen from purchasing online. Take the short time to drive to a store, and pre-order. Lines are a thing of the past if you pre-order.
Dragonborn312  +   814d ago
Yeah I feel much more comfortable going to a store to pick up a preordered console then ordering it online. Hopefully this friday I will have no issues at all with my Xbox One.
svoulis  +   814d ago
These are the horror stories that keep me from buying stuff online. They really are.
SlapHappyJesus  +   814d ago
I would like to think this is a very, very isolated thing.
Having bought everything from multiple monitors, PC parts, games and, once, a large television, I can honestly say I have never had a single issue with my online orders.
Not sure if purely luck though.
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joab777  +   814d ago
I will but certain things but at this point with my expectations through the roof for the ps4...I couldn't take the chance.
Skate-AK  +   814d ago
I ordered a 47" 3D TV from amazon that came in perfect condition from over a thousand miles away.
azshorty2003  +   814d ago
I've bought 2 big screen TVs from them. I buy computer parts, electronics, other sensitive stuff all the time. Never had any issues.

But I knew after watching the video posted online of the systems being packed that those boxes housing the system box were Way too big. And the didn't look like they were getting stuffed properly.
Douchebag696  +   814d ago
Dude that would suck.
AsimLeonheart  +   814d ago
My sympathies are with the guy. It looks like most of the faulty consoles are DOA meaning that they were damaged during transit. The people responsible for delivery have been very... "irresposible". Oh well, at least he has a warranty to claim. In my country, where neither Sony nor MS nor Nintendo launch their consoles officially, a busted console means you are screwed and your money went down the drain. The masses here are just too poor to think of anything else other than meeting their household expenses so companies are not interested in trying to sell a videogame console over here. Makes it really tough for the rest of us guys.
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colonel179  +   814d ago
I can't get why amazon and ups workers can't be careful when dealing with other people's belongings. If they are tired or something, then it's not everyone's fault. Those people that treat packages should be fired in an instant.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   814d ago
They are told to treat every package as if it's priceless but the drivers in the field don't always stick to that. I completely agree, $400 is not something to be thrown around and people expect their packages to come the way it was shipped.
joab777  +   814d ago
I do know that UPS has a high least around here and especially at xmas time. If it becomes a habit...u won't hav a job.
NateCole  +   814d ago
You have more than a few thousands to deliver asap. There is bound to be the odd one damaged. It does suck though.
Steven3657  +   814d ago
He should sue the company which delivered his console.
Arcanine  +   814d ago
I would have called the company that delivered it to personally take that guy off next trasition
brianunfried  +   814d ago
You should have waited in the cold with the other nerds.
FITgamer  +   814d ago
This is why you use Fed ex if possible. UPS delivered some gym equipment to my work a few weeks ago, the truck was packed, when the guy opened up the back 5 computer monitors fell out. Then he just pick them up and threw them towards the front like it was no big deal lol.
CalebZachary8411  +   814d ago
Well, what did you want him to do? Fall to the ground and curse the gods? I can almost guarantee he didn't deliver them broken.
FITgamer  +   814d ago
Yeah i'm sure he didn't. It's just the fact that he had plenty of room to just set them back in the truck after he pulled out the two 130 lbs bags he was delivering to us, but instead decided to over-head pass them to the front.
Master-H  +   814d ago
CalebZachary8411  +   814d ago
Lol well if they were already broken I bet he was pissed off. I don't blame him. I'd throw the mother fuckers too.
ambientFLIER  +   814d ago
If you think that FedEx treats stuff better than UPS, you're in for a rude awakening. Lol. I worked for UPS as a driver, I know...
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Voozi  +   814d ago
Damn that sucks. I ordered from Amazon and my box arrived with zero flaws, had a fragile sticker too. The inside packaging had a lot of those air cushion things packed in nicely.

First 24 hours of PS4 gaming has been flawless, hoping the greatness continues :) and sorry for those who've experienced issues. If I was in your shoes I'd ask for a free game or something from Sony :P
Mr-Dude  +   814d ago
how are the games?
Majin-vegeta  +   814d ago
This is why when it comes to fragile stuff.If i can i will directly walk in and buy it.
Schizoid  +   814d ago
wow, I always use fedx if I can. Not sure if their really better with handling packages, but no problems yet. UPS on the other hand just don't give a shit. I'll walk and get it before ups gets my business...
theXtReMe1  +   814d ago
Yeah, I ordered from Amazon and both of my systems came without flaw, both encompassed in an overwhelming amount of bubble wrap. I think they may have had a few employees upset with the amount of work they had to do and did as little as possible, as fast as possible, in order to get it done. Unfortunately, I think that meant that some systems didn't get the treatment they needed to arrive safely and that is what we are seeing from the broken systems that have been mentioned.

It's unfortunate, but I'm sure it happens in more companies than not. Overworked employees who make underwhelming wages forced to work 10 times as hard as they normally do. I'm in no way defending them, but understand the situation.

The good thing is, Amazons return policy is very liberal and those who were affected will be treated probably to a free game or something for their troubles. So it's a win-win for everybody, except the employees that is. Whose name is probably attached to each console they shipped. So those who caused the most issues are probably going to be miserable at another job soon.

I hope everybody who received a broken console, gets to enjoy their new one very soon. I know I'd be upset if it happened to me, as I'm sure most here would.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   814d ago
always risky ordering online, got a TV hdmi port and fell out and screen smashed from delivery. computers that have been delivered with a account on them already rendering it utterly useless. game discs snapped. the only good delivery was they sent 2 of the same surround systems so got one free aha
WeaseL  +   814d ago
Never sign for damaged packages.
I've always refused delivery of packages that look damaged or tampered with.
Just tell them to return to sender then contact the supplier
TheProfessional  +   814d ago
@FitGamer and everyone else who thinks that Fed Ex is somehow any different:

Unfortunately it seems like all of shipping companies are guilty of having employees who do this kind of thing. Blaming every single defective console on the shipping companies seems a little extreme though, many of the bricked PS4s have no cosmetic damage whatsoever and in that case the blame lies with Sony.
shuuwai  +   814d ago
In Canada, FedEx and UPS, Pourolator, are good.
Amazon use UPS.

Gamestop, Ebgames use Pourolator.
I get my aunt to house sit, since they usually come in the morning and always before 1pm.

Bestbuy, Futureshop, use Canada Post.
I hate Canada Post period. Those F. rang the bell once and ran back to their truck. It's not even a full door bell press, its more of a soft touch.

I order a 10 spoons, and they pack in 5"x7"x3" box.. No joke.. The inside the box had mass of bubble wrap. -_-;;
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Soldierone  +   814d ago
One time we watched a UPS driver do this. I normally don't have an issue with them beyond coming late at night EVERY time, but this time was odd.

Our screen can let you see one way, so we can see out, you can't see in. We watched him walk up to the door, set the package down, write up a note " I was here, rang twice" then he half pressed the door bell and ran to the truck.
ninjagoat  +   814d ago
That's why i buy my stuff from the store.
That's extremely unfortunate. Glad the guy took the issue with ease and didn't overreact like many others would do. Much less, receiving a shipping box in that state and console as well ? Other people would unleash hell I'll tell ya that. lol

Great that you handled the situation with an adult-like manner ! Hope you can eventually get a nice working console and forget about this.
cyclindk  +   814d ago
Almost threw up, they should censor this, pixelate the image or at least warn people of the disturbing nature of the photos..
ambientFLIER  +   814d ago
Seriously, dude? It's a piece of electronic tech. You'll get over it...
Soldierone  +   814d ago
Amazon messed up mine too. Had it set to their rewards card, and they changed it on launch day to my backup card. They blamed it on me "not having enough funds" when in reality they shouldn't have changed my card. Updating it supposedly delayed my spot in line and they tried to delay it. I complained 5 or 6 times before it finally changed back to launch day and UPS brought me one.

You can imagine how frustrating it is for them to say something like "oh we can't do anything because of the line" then turn around and release a Kindle Fire bundle that ships the same day....
bigtrucknd  +   814d ago
I've bought from amazon many times. UPS has delivered everytime. I have never once had a problem. This is some bad luck.
iliimaster  +   814d ago
damn that sucks... amazon use to be the place to buy but since they changed to where u needa buy 25$ or more in order to buy alot of their stuff fragmenting their warehouse was it for me im not going to renew my prime membership
Ohai  +   814d ago
Looks like one of the consoles that "supposed" Foxconn worker dropped. If the sony box looks beat up then maybe not.
Big-Bruizzer  +   814d ago
I hate everyone is having problems with their machines, but this is why I still shop locally and make my expensive purchases from a physical store.
BG11579  +   814d ago
Not taking, I'm getting mine in a store.
I surely hope that my PS4 will be working fine. Statistically, there is a very meger chance there is a problem, buf statistically there thd chances of been robbed on thd way back are more higher. ^^
Ohai  +   813d ago
I got mine from gamestop and it works perfect. Not even a wobble.

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