‘Final Fantasy X HD Remaster’ ESRB summary reveals cleavage and more

The ESRB has released a rating summary for the upcoming “Final Fantasy X HD Remaster,” providing some detail regarding some of the contents from the remastered port.

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OrangePowerz1824d ago

Anybody who played the original can`t be surprised by that information :)

FlameHawk1824d ago

I'm sure everyone that played FFX remembers Lulu's cleavage.

Embolado1823d ago

Anyone else love FF-X but never even tried X-2?

Hellsvacancy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I tried X2, I bought it thinking it would be like FFX........... it wasn't, the battle system was baffling, if I remember you dance and change your cloths, it was horrible imo, only played it for a couple of hours, I didn't really give it much of a chance *Where's Auron* I was thinking

That was quite a long time ago admittedly, i'm willing to play it again now that i'm older

REALLY looking forward to playing FFX again

andrewsqual1823d ago

Lulu :)
The battle system was actually pretty epic going back to the ATB rather than completely turn based. It was great how the characters wouldn't run back to their starting position in the battle if they are attacking with a close range weapon, they just stay where they are and the camera dynamically updates depending on where everybody is. That's what I always remember about that game.