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"Efficient" isn't a word typically used to describe a Need for Speed game, but it's the most fitting for Need for Speed: Rivals. Whereas 2010’s Hot Pursuit revived the spirit of cops against racers and 2012’s Most Wanted took us back to the open-world bliss of Burnout Paradise, Rivals feels like a careful arrangement of the best ideas from those two games (and delicately leaves 2011’s The Run as a curious outlier).

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punkandlizard1772d ago

I'm even more excited for this one now.

windblowsagain1772d ago

I'm not quite sure how this game gets these scores.

I'm playing it atm on PC.

Locked to 30fps.

Just feels the same as all the others.

Think i'll give it away and get The Crew.

Evolution better making a NEW Motor storm.

ovnipc1772d ago

I'm thinking on getting it. But idk if to get this for the ps4 or wait for forza.