Punch Jump: FINAL Review: PS4 a beauty and a beast

Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 is an architectural beauty that hides a quiet beast of technology to create stunning, yet affordable graphics fidelity in a mass-market consumer product.

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Stringerbell1850d ago

Last article sums it up quite well:

"The Playstation 4 is the best designed hardware since the Playstation 2. It features top design, robust hardware, and entertainment and social functionality at a mainstream price point. Despite a few blemish marks at launch, the hardware is designed to dominate the next-generation in style."

devwan1850d ago

It was particularly well put.

1850d ago
chrissx1850d ago

Beauty: sexy design and features
Beast: undisputedely d most powerful console in existence

Angrymorgan1850d ago

Cant wait for 29/11/13 ;-)

Totally off topic but, can you display your face if you have the cam during private chat whilst in a game?

Thanks in advance

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