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LoveForGames1823d ago

what do you think? Will we see Knack 2 in the future? I see some potential to this franchise.

TheFutureIsBlue1823d ago

Idk...I feel weird about this game. I don't see why Sony was expecting lackluster reviews. That's not something I expect from them seeing how they treat their first party games. PLUS Mark Cerny actually made it. Either build off the reviews which is what I expect from Sony... or just trash this mascot and make another one.

LoveForGames1823d ago

would not call it a mascot. but i can see the group of gamers aimed for this game is totally different some may expect.

Anon19741823d ago

Who said Sony was expecting "lackluster" reviews? Sony stated they weren't that focused on what the review score would be but expected an average score of about 7.5 which is generally considered favorable. Nothing "lackluster" about a 7.5 score.

What I don't think they were anticipating is a large group of reviewers pretending the things they trashed the game over (straight forward level design, simple combat, easily found hidden items) aren't exactly what parents are looking for in an "family orientated, entry level" game for their kids.

Not defending the Knack because I've never played it, but as a parent looking for a game for my kids I've been surprised by the lack of comments on the game's appeal to a younger audience. I could care less what some 30 year old finds entertaining, will my kids like it? I've only seen a handful of reviews that approach it from that angle despite this being billed repeatedly before launch as a family friendly game for younger kids.

dcj05241823d ago

Eh, expecting a 7/10 isn't lackluster.

MRMagoo1231823d ago

Seems apart from some below average scores from some completely neutral sites *cough BS cough* , this game is scoring above average mostly every where else, i think i will pick it up for my son and I to try out near Christmas.

CalebZachary84111823d ago

A nice review. I agree with it mostly. A great game IMO.

Blade Runner1823d ago

Nice review. Almost to nice. This game is boring. Yes very top notch graphic. But game play is not even close to something that should be rated a 7.5 Are you telling me this game is only 2.5 pts less than the Last of Us. I think not. 6/10 tops.

Bell Boy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Knack is a game designed to be played by the whole family that is why my 6 year old enjoyed every second he played it with me over the weekend.

Trying to compare it to mature games like that Last of Us is totally ridiculous they are:

1. totally different genre
2. designed for totally different age group

cityboy1001823d ago

I give it 8.0 It's a great launch title game great for families. Some of u are so harsh on good games just because it's not killzone or infamous Second son or some AAA title. Oh yea please stop comparing games like last of us to knack ...... Really ?????