An Underwhelming Start to the Next Generation?‏

Is this the most underwhelming start to a new generation of consoles ever? You know, that might sound like hyperbole, but it might be true. While the launch line-ups, despite the lack of a genuine triple-A title, are certainly solid enough, the difference from what has come before (and what is already available), almost across the board, is, dare I say, negligible.

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Pandamobile1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Since when do hardware sales matter to the average gamer?

Anon19741800d ago

Where did I say hardware sales matter to the average gamer? The article stated the start of this gen is "underwhelming". The record breaking sales figures we're seeing would seem to indicate the average gamer is more engaged and excited about this generation, making it anything but underwhelming. The article is trying to downplay the impact and excitement associated with this generation even while in the middle of the largest crowds and strongest demand we've ever seen for a console launch.

Clearly there's a disconnect between the article's opinion and reality. It's like they're standing in the middle of a crowd of a million asking "Why didn't anyone show up?"

HammadTheBeast1800d ago

This is one of the better console launches. The last one was mediocre.

Both systems bring a lot to the table, I personally think PS4 has a better LAUNCH WINDOW, while XB has a slightly better launch itself.

avengers19781799d ago

What this article meant to say... We journalist have been saying console gaming is in a decline and will eventually die off, but the huge pre order numbers, great sales numbers, amount of games sold and overall hype and excitement for both XB1 and PS4 have proven us wrong... So now we are underwhelmed... Because every gamer knows that the best games ever going to be available for these consoles are there launch games, no were to go but down from here right, RIGHT? /s

Liam23821800d ago

Oh, they will sell well, and I'm one of those who picked up a console for launch, I'm just saying that the jump isn't exactly, well, spectacular.

fluffydelusions1800d ago

I'm underwhelmed by launch titles but I know the games will come eventually. Still didn't stop me from buying a PS4 day 1.

MegaMohsi1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I was more underwhelmed with last gens launch lineup. This gen has some great 3rd party games and solid but not spectacular exclusives.

Liam23821800d ago

The games at launch weren't great last gen, but you could see the jump. At a glance, PGR3 was clearly a ste up from what could be achieved on ps
2 and Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.