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Rumor: The PS4 Camera Automatically Broadcasts In-Game Chat

PS4 users are reporting that the PS Camera automatically broadcasts in-game chat. It's reported that a Sony rep has confirmed this, but there's no tangible proof at this point. (PS4)

Update Sony support confirmed there's no way to keep in-game players from hearing you talk without alltogether disabling voice commands or unplugging the camera.

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nevin1  +   438d ago
us_army  +   438d ago | Well said
seriously... He was playing an online match, where most games automatically will use voice chat if a mic is detected. You can either disable chat in said game, or just unplug the camera.... It isnt required to play
Mr_cheese  +   438d ago
Down vote the article and the site, that's all we need to do. N4G is getting a bit lapse lately.
Narutone66  +   438d ago
The website is igameresponsibly.com, should be changed to ireportfud.com.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   437d ago
@Mr_cheese Lately? You mean for the past few years right?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   437d ago
Why down vote the website? Because it said something bad about your precious PS4?
Kaneda  +   437d ago
Sony fanboys, are you sure your PSeye camera is not on? Shuhei Yoshida is watching you.. muuuhhahahahahahaaa.

unplug it! Welcome to next gen!
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Dee_91  +   437d ago
the cam for ps3 did the same thing... you could disable it though.These so called "journalist" should do their research.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   438d ago

Sounds like it, but we don't know if this is 100% true though.
dboyc310  +   438d ago
It's true since the camera is detected the mic automatically works when you enter an online match. You could go to the settings and disable it to avoid it from making it the default mic. Don't know how this is news worthy since the ps3 did the same thing when the ps eye was connected.
PoSTedUP  +   438d ago
yeah i was gonna say, my ps3 Eye was my mic and when it read my bluetooth it would automatically switch.

you think i should test it out for you guys? like make some threats over voice chat and see if the feds show up?? : D?
Drekken  +   438d ago
WOAH WAIT A MINUTE! Are you telling me that having an open mic plugged into your system will automatically broadcast your voice in chat?

Nothing to see here people, just over reactors. Move along.
Utalkin2me  +   438d ago
If the PS4 doesn't recognize a mic then it was default use the Eye as a mic unless you disable it in the settings. People and grasping at straws...lol
n4gusername  +   438d ago
I could not find a way to just disable in the settings. I was with support on another issue and they told me to unplug it to turn it off.
THamm  +   438d ago
Umm Kinect does the same as well
edonus  +   438d ago | Well said
Hellll no.

Dont put that crap on Kinect.

You control kinect, I regularly keep the kinect mic off until I want to use it.

Keep that auto spying for the BrickStation. Dont let it try and taint and get its filth on others.
Drekken  +   438d ago
Why aren't accounts like edonus just banned on spot? Why must we be subjected to gutter wit like "brickstation"? Lets clean up the trash.
Brix90  +   438d ago
I have a Kinect does the same shit nothing new...I just unplug PS camera when not using it simple solution.
Kryptix  +   438d ago

I don't think the mods ever look at the comments cause edonus would of been banned a long time ago for trolling.

THamm is actually correct, the Kinect does the same thing. If a headset isn't plugged in, the console automatically uses the camera for online chatting unless unplugged or turned off.
MarkusMcNugen  +   438d ago

Wouldnt the same rule then be applied to people who call the Xbox One the Xbone?
Biggest  +   438d ago
Xbox + One = Xbone. How did you come to the conclusion that the abbreviation is negative?
bigboi212  +   438d ago
Kinect has to be turned on in settings as chat mic. It is not the default.
Kryptix  +   438d ago

My bad for the mistake...thought it would always be on as a mic since it was set to always listen for commands and words originally. Talking about Kinect 2.0.
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Pro_TactX  +   437d ago

Come on now, you know that "Xbone" is intended to be derogatory. If people simply wanted to use an abbreviation it would be less keystrokes to use "XB1", or "XBO".
falviousuk  +   437d ago
No it doesnt, you can mute kinect so that it doesnt broadcast voice. Try doing some research before you throw out rubbish comments like that
condemmedman  +   437d ago
Yes but soooo much better.
PurpHerbison  +   437d ago
It only took 13 comments for someone to bring up the Xbox. Stay classy N4G, you always do.
SL1M DADDY  +   438d ago
And in other news, water, it's wet...
Robdeagle  +   437d ago
You better hope news outlets don't see this comment or it's gonna be on the 5:00 news
frostypants  +   438d ago
So...it does what Kinect has done for ages? As with Kinect, you turn the stupid thing off. Problem solved.
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FanboyKilla  +   438d ago
Actually, kimect doesnt work like that. I have it. Thats just bad design. What do expect from a tac on devive. Kinect is way more advanced than playstation spy umm i mean eye, umm camera.
frostypants  +   437d ago
BS. I have a Kinect (well, technically it's sitting in a box right now), and it DOES broadcast as a standard open mic by default if you do not turn it off. That's what this is about. You don't know what you're talking about.
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falviousuk  +   437d ago
You can still turn kinects ic off though, it appears from early reports that you cant do this for the pseye if its plugged in.
ZBlacktt  +   438d ago
It could be worse....

Treezy504  +   438d ago
Jesus really, the PlayStation 4 camera has a built in mic and so did the last one. The mic is going to broadcast because if it's plugged in that is it's purpose. Guess how you disabled the PS3 eye mic? You unplugged it or went into your settings manually and shut it off, just like with the PS4 camera. People are freakig out over nothing.
LordDhampire  +   438d ago
Y 2 K, NSA is watching us
BallsEye  +   437d ago
Now that is annoying... seems sony forgot about a lot of important stuff, like this and 4th "leg" to make console stable...wobble woblle.
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CapsLocke  +   437d ago
Definitely could be.
Crazay  +   438d ago
Hmmm....Not sure what to say/think about this.
hankmoody  +   438d ago
It's a rumor. Treat it as such until a proper confirmation arises.
XB1_PS4  +   438d ago
It's safe to say that it actually is true.. It's not a spy thing happening.. It's just being used as a mic to chat online with.. They put that in other words to make it sound bad, and everyone freaks.
KetchupBlood  +   438d ago
I really hope this isn't true
razrye  +   437d ago
Sitdown  +   438d ago
Spygate 2.0; Sony is listening in to my mediocre conversations about my day. Red Alert! Call 911! The all seeing eye also listens. Wait, where are all the conspiracy theorist?

Rebuttle: Its not mandatory to have the eye kinected. :-/
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   438d ago

"Spygate 2.0; Sony is listening in to my mediocre conversations about my day. Red Alert! Call 911! The all seeing eye also listens. Wait, where are all the conspiracy theorist?"

Right here.


Starbucks_Fan  +   438d ago
Isn't there way you can prevent it from hearing your voice?
ExPresident  +   438d ago
Yeah, turn it off in the settings. Just like the PS Eye on the PS3.
n4gusername  +   438d ago
I could not find this setting. A support rep told me to unplug it.
Treezy504  +   438d ago
Exactly man, I'm wondering why people are freaking out over this when the PS Eye did the exact same thing.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   438d ago | Helpful
PS eye acts as mic if you otherwise don't have a mic plugged in.

Go to settings and disable eye/chat function.I mean what the actual hell, this is news? How are people so stupid.

PS3 eye does the same thing
Riderz1337  +   438d ago
This...Can't believe people are actually stupid enough to believe everything they read on the internet. It's called going to the options people...Learn to do it.
XboxFun  +   438d ago
"Can't believe people are actually stupid enough to believe everything they read on the internet."



Yup, can you believe what some people on the internet will buy into because of what they're told.
EBTpickle  +   438d ago
Link? All I found on PS Camera was this:


Wait - Can someone try this out on their PS4?

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Let me know when you find the it in settings because I checked a friend's console and we couldn't find it. I guess I am one of the stupid ones.
DonMingos  +   438d ago
Why would an inFamous xbox fanboy like you "Check a friends PS4 settings", just crawl back to where you came from you troll.

Are you already tired of writing PS4 reviews on Amazon?
Half-Mafia  +   438d ago
Not got a PS4 yet, cause its out on the 29th here in the UK. But I got the bundle with the camera. Does the PS4 have any settings for the camera?
AenthonyDa1nOnli  +   438d ago
It's true i been trying to figure it out and finally just unpluged it. Also if you have the headset pluged in the controller you get echo feedback. I think they should just update the firmware to turn off the camera mic... Just an oversight on their part... Overall the system is pretty amazing... Yes i am a sony fanboy... Just in case you wanna know
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   438d ago
you can turn the camera mic off, go into settings and switch the eye/chat function off
sickamore  +   438d ago
I have the camera and I used it to chat in multiplayer and I can turn it off as well.
nominal266  +   438d ago
Turn off? exactly how? I have the camera too, and unless i unplug it, it assumes that I want to use the mic for online voice chat. They have not added a context menu to turn it off yet.
n4gusername  +   438d ago
Can someone give the full path under settings? I can not find it either under camera or audio settings. Thanks.
speed389  +   438d ago
troll post/article.... you are stupid to think to much into this. just trying to stir up drama
GryestOfBluSkies  +   438d ago
the ps3 eye had a microphone that was always on too (i know this because i had to unplug it for rocksmith otherwise id get some nasty feedback) . it doesn't mean sony is spying. it just means that the playstation has detected a microphone.
jaymart2k  +   438d ago
It's not called PS4 Eye, ahhhhhhh
ELCUCO  +   438d ago
Ju  +   438d ago
PS Camera
kzbeast36   438d ago | Spam
odinana07   438d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
devilwillcry  +   438d ago
Lol and sony boys always complaining about kinect
GryestOfBluSkies  +   438d ago
no one has ever complained about the fact that kinect has a built-in microphone
kzbeast36   438d ago | Spam
osamede1  +   438d ago
dont have a ps eye. meh
Yo Mama  +   438d ago
Jesus Christ, people! Of course the damn camera is always broadcasting what you say. It has a built in mic for people that would rather use it than their earphones. As soon as you plug in your earphones, it disables the mic on the camera. This is a non-issue. People need to stop being stupid and actually think a little. I feel like I'm living inside the movie "Idiocracy".

If people are complaining about this, can you imagine how much people would complain if they bought the camera and its mic was turned off by default? They'd be burning down buildings and complaining on amazon that the damn camera didn't work out of the box. Nevermind the fact that they didn't take the time to read the instructions and figure out that it's off by default and would need to be enabled. Sony can't win with some people.
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Kane22  +   438d ago
im just laughing at the stupidity and the trolls.
So the Kinect is an NSA spying device but this is a non-issue? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Biggest  +   438d ago
Kinect was required. The PS camera was, and never will be required.
XboxFun  +   437d ago
Just another great example of how this site works and thinks.

Could you even imagine if this were a MS/Kinect article? Oh my God, 400 comments, top of the site, easy!

Even though Kinect does not need to be hooked up, even though there has been not ONE incident of Kinect spying on you, these sony fanboys still won't believe it.

But now with a Sony camera device that can do the same, has polices in place where they can send your data to anyone and now a device that listens in automatically, it's all a "non issue", "no big deal", "everyone's blowing things out of proportions", "xbot trolls" and every other excuse to make people not think about the issue.

Move along, nothing to see here....unless of course it involves the Xbox.
Kane22  +   438d ago
are people really this dumb....turn the damn thing off if your so scared Sony is listening to you talk lol. so pretty much every little thing that the ps4 has will have some BS article against it lol.
locoz31  +   438d ago
This is 100% true. I was playing battlefield last night and realized the speaking indicator was flashing next to my name. I had been playing for 2 days without realizing the camera was picking up all the audio and brodcasting it to my squad. Big deal, I just pressed the options button in-game and disabled voice chat. I do think by default it should be off if it detects that the audio device is the camera.
Yo Mama  +   438d ago
No it shouldn't be off by default. You're just dumb if you forgot that you had a camera/mic plugged in.
feraldrgn  +   438d ago
It's basically the cam microphone is on by default & you can't turn it off yet, but you can unplug it with no problems to your system.
It'll come in a later firmware update, it sounds like an oversight.
Dlacy13g  +   438d ago
Lord.... the camera just acts like an open mic by default when plugged in. Its the same with kinect 1.0 ....just need to adjust settings for the camera (atleast that's how kinect worked)
#23 (Edited 438d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
aragon  +   438d ago
kinect 1.0 asks u at initial setup, it doesnt default it to on, even tho this is a rumor ps fanboys just assume anything bad that happens on a ps is the same with xbox, like how yoshida was saying that ps4 u can download games while ur not at home on your ps4, meanwhile i been doing that for a while now on 360
Dlacy13g  +   438d ago
Gotta say, seeing the Update
"Sony support confirmed there's no way to keep in-game players from hearing you talk without all together disabling voice commands or unplugging the camera."

That is kinda really poor planning.
mixelon  +   438d ago
Odd, the ps3 does the same thing with the PS Eye - if you have it set as the mic. (In games like LBP i frequently forgot it was doing it.)

Presumably the ps4s audio settings are similar to the ps3 ones?

Ive got the mic pre-ordered anyway so I'm looking forward to testing things like this out. :D
Dlacy13g  +   438d ago
lol... I had a similar situation with the Kinect. Had it on and the mic set for chat...forgot about it. Was in between rounds of a COD game and took a moment to say good night to my son. Told him "I love you" and heard someone in game say "I love you too...". I burst out laughing realizing what just happened.
mixelon  +   438d ago
Haha awesome. :D that must have been hilarious!

Could have been worse: http://youtu.be/yWypXM3tSUg (cringgggee)
NeoTribe  +   438d ago
You know it would be really nice if theh put a fucking disable mic option in the camera settings... gets pretty old reaching behind it and pulling camera plug. They need to work on there software.
mixelon  +   438d ago
Does the lapel mic/earpiece that comes with the ps4 have a mute button? Couldn't people just plug it in and mute that until the firmware is updated to add the option?
Mister_Dawg  +   438d ago
NSA says hi.

Come on, do you really care?

Paranoid or what?
aragon  +   438d ago
Would have been a bigger topic had it been a rumor on the xbone
ocelot07  +   438d ago
So what happens if I plug that mono headset included with the PS4 into the controller then click the mute button will the mic on the camera then kick in?
WeAreLegion  +   438d ago
It TELLS you that when you plug the camera in.
Gaddamit people! The camera broadcasts voice when its plugged in and you don't have you earphones plugged into the camera. Its a big deal. Must I play all the time with my earphones plugged in? Point is as long as the camera is plugged in, its always listening. Now we harped on MS for being an NSA spying device even after MS said you could turn Kinect off even if it was plugged in and we give Sony a pass for the same? I don't want anything listening to me without my explicit consent. This was an oversight on Sony's part and I expect a patch to fix this.
DonMingos  +   438d ago
not a very stealthy troll. You know we can see your comment history on N4G right?
Mister_Dawg  +   437d ago
You have a greater sense of your actual importance.
I'm an xbox player mostly. If Sony fans want to give MS a hard time then its their right too. As sad as that may be. Its not about giving Sony a free pass, its been pointed out and Im sure Sony will sort this eventually like you point out.

Oh yeah. Ease up on the red meat.
Have a good day :-)
razrye  +   437d ago
Hey moron just unplug it. It's not like it needs to be plugged in all the time.
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