The Daily Five: Biggest PlayStation 4 Surprises

"November 15th, 2013 is when the PlayStation 4 launched and most of us had our first experiences with the console. As expected some consoles had problems, server loads made things difficult to connect online, and gamers were quick to jump to conclusions about how bad things really are. This isn’t surprising, but there are plenty of things to be surprised about when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and I think we’ve nailed down a perfect list." - David Wales

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Neonridr1823d ago

The resume play feature looks pretty cool. Sometimes you don't have time to finish your game, and it's awesome that you can come back to it just like you would any other game.

brew1823d ago

1+ million manufactured and shipped for launch is quite surprising , especially when they are only planning on making and shipping about 5 million through the end of their fiscal.

I figured about 2.5 million for NA (to make a solid showing vs. Xbone) , and another 2.5 million for Europe+Japan+rest COMBINED ..... so to get 1+ million out the door already in NA is surprising and most stores will apparently be allocated a little more for Black Friday too. December through March is going to be tough sledding for a lot of people trying to land one - maybe 300k per month on average ? Oh my.