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Naughty Dog: Uncharted For PS4 Is A Big Jump In Terms Of Graphics

Naughty Dog’s co-president, Christophe Balestra states that the development team will be “pushing storytelling and performance capture” parameters for their upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter. (PS4)

DeletedAcc  +   621d ago
19 days till VGX
CaEsAr-  +   621d ago
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but they said that we're not going to hear about Uncharted for a while. I hope I'm wrong though.
Lord_Frieza  +   621d ago
They might unveil crash bandicoot
A cosmic emperor can dream can't he?
THE-COMMANDER  +   621d ago
Yea but saying for a while doesn't necessarily mean a long time, i believe we will see something at VGX.

Also at the time of VGX it will be 3 weeks since the announcement, that's a long 'while' in my book xD
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ABizzel1  +   621d ago
Graphics are nice, and I know Naughty Dog is going to do an amazing job, but I want to know what kind of gameplay changes to expect.

Coming off The Last of Us, and the influx of open world games doing tons of stuff there needs to be a bit more going on for Drake in the gameplay department. The gameplay is solid as is, and even if it's ported directly from Uncharted 3 it's still an 8+ / 10 in gameplay years later.

But new things need to be added as well as some improvements:

1. Weapons: Weapons are solid, but a better feel to them for realism would help.

2. Movement: Add running to the single player (been a while so forgive me if you can, I know you can in multiplayer).

3. Climbing: Climbing works, but give a bit more freedom like an Assassin's Creed.

4. A.I.: Make them smarter, flanking, climbing, jumping Drake killers. Not all enemies need to be like this. You can keep the simple people early on, but there needs to be more enemy types aka Hunters who use the same skills as Drake.

5. Less sub boss fights: Running into that big guy from Uncharted 3 who takes bullets like a sponge, was one of the two problems I had with Uncharted 3 (pacing was the other). Knock them down to 2 or 3 during the game, and bring back the armored guys. Gunplay > Fighting in Uncharted IMO.

6. Open Area: Don't make an open world, but focus on open areas. Uncharted is an amazing ride, because it's a linear masterpiece, but a little more openness will allow us to explore areas more, as well as hunt for treasures in second play-throughs. The Last of Us is a good example of openness, but for Uncharted you need more than that because we're exploring islands, jungles, and temples. Make these areas exploratory.

7. Traps: I said this a while back that setting traps could be a good idea; such as, leading a tiger into the camp of the enemy and allowing it to maul them. People on n4g said that was a dumb idea, and behold Far Cry 3 did just that and it HELPS especially on harder difficulties and adds a new layer of gameplay by making stealth a viable option. Look at The Last of Us it's all about sneaking and stealth, and setting traps when you need them. Uncharted could benefit as well.

I'm hoping this is the best Uncharted yet, just keep the pacing perfect like Uncharted 2, introduce some new characters, bring the cast back in some kind of way, have the set pieces, bring the AAA voice acting, AAA writing, AAA story telling, surprises, Adventure, and journey and we could have a game of the generation contender on our hands at the beginning of the console generation. Uncharted 2 set the mold for many games to follow and try to imitate, but there are a couple things it can learn from those games. Uncharted 2 with a hint of Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.


So excited
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abzdine  +   621d ago
The Order 1886 will be the game of the VGAs.
Uncharted will wait until e3
PLASTICA-MAN  +   621d ago
I really don't see how it will be a big jump in graphics while they promised, or even say "threatened" to use the same old engine and there is no need to build a specific engine from scratch. If they gonna follow the same path of the Call Of Duty Ghosts by having the same result is just pure failure, unless they do what Quantic Dreams did: use an existing PS3 engine (Beyond Two Souls) and up it to the max on PS4 like with Dark Sorcerer (btw Dark Sorcerer and the promised next game of Naughty Dog are the only and first games to reach one million polys per character), then it is fine, but they need to keep in mind that Quantic Dream will use a specific PS4 engine for their next game with all next-gen effects PS4 can do. Using PS3 UNcharted engine and upping it to the max is not the real showcase of the power of the PS4. PS3 and last gen is stuck at DirectX 9 or equivalent for the effects and features and now we are more than 2 gens beyond that. Come on Naughty Dog, don't be lazy this gen and throw the big cards and please get rid of the cartoony looks of the Uncharted games of the PS3, we want more realism now. I have faith in you and you can do it.
solidt12  +   621d ago
Wow that soon! Time flies!
Blackdeath_663  +   621d ago
you won't be getting anything at VGX maybe just an official confirmation of the games setting since that was already quickly deduced from the teaser but its very unlikely since they haven't even given it a name yet we only know it as the next uncharted.

if you don't already know the story is going to be based on pirates
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Pintheshadows  +   621d ago
I think we are more likely to see The Order at the VGA's this year.
ZombieKiller  +   621d ago
I cant wait to see the graphics for Uncharted. I'm excited for VGA's because I hope Batman is announced too.

Uncharted FTW!
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Pintheshadows  +   621d ago
I kind of hope Rocksteady's new game isn't just Batman, but involves the whole Justice League.
Maldread  +   621d ago
ABizzel1. Great suggestions man. Bubble up :) More exploration and more use for the treasures you can find underway, is on the top of my list, along with better AI and more varried enemies.

I would like to see an improvement to the melee system too. I mean The Last of Us has a great one, so surely they can bring in more stuff from there and some more contextsensitive/interative stuff.

Hope the show it off soon, but it could be a while yet. I`m sure it will look mindblowing though. Can`t wait :)
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ABizzel1  +   620d ago
Thank you, but obviously 50% of the people want Uncharted 3 with better graphics, than another GOTY or GOTGeneration contender from Naughty Dogs.

Uncharted 2 was my second highest rated game this generation (The Last of Us took #1), and I just want to see the series evolve.

Gameplay mechanics improvements (weapons, shooting, running, climbing, swimming, animations etc...), A.I. variety (normals, armored, brutes, hunters, ghost pirates, etc...), open-linear-exploration (not open world, just open space, if we're in a temple let us explore it, if we're in the jungle let us wander around a bit), traps (this could be the equivalent of the crafting system from the last of us, instead of crafting you set traps, and instead of listening mode Drake has trap vision and spots potential ways to use the environment to his advantage).


You're outside the temple you need to enter and there are guards surrounding it. You use "trap vision" (better name???) and spot a caged animal, and a look out. Drake might say something like, "Maybe I could get a better shot from that lookout", or "If I could get that tiger out it could cause a distraction, and help me sneak in."

There's nothing wrong with more variety in gameplay as long as the ideas are done right, and Naughty Dog is one of the few developers who I trust to get everything right, or almost everything. Uncharted is an amazing franchise that will always be great even if they stick to the same formula from the PS3, but if it doesn't evolve it's not going to get the critical praise that it gained over the PS3 generation.

There's more criticism going into an Uncharted review than there is a COD review, because Uncharted is a huge blockbuster single-player story driven game, compared to an online shooter. It's unfair yes, but that's just the reality and mindset of many of these journalist, and I just want the best for the franchise, and an evolution to what I've played.
Maldread  +   620d ago
I think you should be on the dev team ABizzel1 ;)

Agree with you on Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us too. Hope they get the magic back with U4, because even though U3 as great, it did feel a bit lacking compared to the first two.
seanpitt23  +   621d ago
The Order 1886 springs to mind at VGX
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Ausbo  +   621d ago
they won't show any at VGX.

Expect Sony Santa Monica's game. Uncharted is way too far off to show gameplay and another teaser would be stupid.
GamersRulz  +   621d ago
Naughty Dogs will show us the TRUE next gen capabilities.
IHassounah  +   621d ago
Actually Rockstar Games will
Eldyraen  +   621d ago
I hope they are making a new Red Dead as we speak. An upgraded GTA5 would be awesome too but would still pale in comparison to a true next gen experience.

I thinks its safe to assume next Rockstar game should show us what open world is capable of but ND will likely blow us away regarding a more focused experience.
KYU2130  +   621d ago
actually i think we will see both those houses(ND and R*) bringing true next gen gaming to the forefront. Especially since both tend to focus on different types of genres.

Wouldn't mind seeing a slightly more open world in Uncharted that allows for some more variation in tactics and exploration.
frostypants  +   621d ago
Rockstar hasn't made a truly new game since GTA3. Seriously. GTA5 even has the same rendering issues and the same annoying "keep seeing the same car" glitch.
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yezz  +   621d ago

Same cars appearing is not a glitch it's just that there wasn't enough memory.. I think GTA V looks very good for hardware that is 7 years old..

Rockstar games and Naughty Dog will both show the true next gen but with different approaches. Naughty Dog will show us incredible graphics and Rockstar even larger and detailed open world than V.
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Themba76  +   621d ago
don't get me wrong Rockstar is good competition for Naughty ( I would say the only ones at this point ) but Naughty dog is just simply the best in the industry no questions about that. they are the reason I switched to Sony this time.
Kennytaur  +   621d ago
Sucker Punch says hi.
ZombieKiller  +   621d ago
So does Kojima...and Sony Santa Monica.

j-blaze  +   620d ago
Quantic Dream, Remedy, Capcom, KP, blueside and others already did
Neonridr  +   621d ago
Exciting for sure, but I'm guessing we won't be seeing anything until 2015 sometime (release date - not trailers or previews).
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FPSRUSSIA  +   621d ago
i agree we might not see much Intil 2015 but i am sure naughty dog have something up your shelves.
Ezz2013  +   621d ago
who know ?
it might come out next year
but yeah i doubt it too
uncharted56  +   621d ago
If you remember they released a trailer for uncharted 3 at vgas and the game was demo'ed the following e3 and gamescom and then released in fall. And if I remember correctly Sony said ND new game was coming in 2014 but might be wrong on that and the game has been speculated to be in development for two years now. So it is very possible it will release in fall 2014 or at most spring 2015.
Neonridr  +   621d ago
yeah I just figured with them wrapping up development on TLOU in the summer of this year, I would imagine we would be looking at a 2 year development cycle for their next game.
Monolith  +   621d ago
There's two naughty developing teams. The last of us(uc2) and the team that developed uncharted 3. I don't know if well see anything at vgx but Im expecting a release in fall of 2014. Thats 3 years. Plus the ease of use for the ps4. I guess well find out wont we. Here's to hoping.
Neonridr  +   620d ago
@Monolith - didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
ABizzel1  +   620d ago
I seriously doubt that. I'm thinking holiday 2014. No way on earth are they going to let Microsoft release Halo 5, and not have their own huge franchise skip the PS4 for 2015.

The 3 biggest brand franchises on PlayStation are Gran Turismo, God of War, and Uncharted (TLoU).

Gran Turismo 6 is on PS3, God of War Ascension launched on PS3 earlier this year, that leaves Uncharted as the game to bring home the holidays.

Uncharted 4: Holiday 2014
God of War: March 2015 / March 2016
Gran Turismo 7: Holiday 2015 / Holiday 2016
Neonridr  +   620d ago
I hope you're right. I am finally jumping ship to the dark side and joining team Sony (from MS, will always be a Nintendo fan) so whatever Naughty Dog gives us will be my first experience from them.
LOGICWINS  +   621d ago
Give me the option to play every multiplayer mode with no boosters, perks, or gun attachments and I'll happily buy. No more COD crap please. Make it solely about skill.
Convas  +   621d ago
YES please. Take us back to Uncharted 2 MP, but tone it down even more. Straight traversal, gunplay, and melee.
ABizzel1  +   620d ago
Uncharted 2 multiplayer with Uncharted 2 + 3 maps = Yes please.
KwietStorm  +   621d ago
I'm buying primarily for the single player anyway, but how do gun attachments equate or factor in to not being about skill?
frostypants  +   621d ago
Because they make it easier to kill with less skill...
Hicken  +   621d ago
Such a mode exists in UC3, you know: Classic.
CaEsAr-  +   621d ago
but with the spring feature and run and gun auto aim it's unbearable. Uncharted 2 MP was pure fun.
LOGICWINS  +   621d ago
Classic mode still has boosters. Your referring to Hardcore mode..which was excellent.
NarooN  +   621d ago
This. It was one thing that turned me off about UC3's mp. UC2 started out great in the beta and early release, but later got patched to hell. It became less about skill and more about random gimmicks.

Oh well, I mainly got the games for the campaigns, which have been consistently stellar since the first game, so yeah lol.
Pintheshadows  +   621d ago
I don't think you'll be seeing many guns in this Uncharted. I genuinely believe it will be set in the past.

I think swashbuckling. I welcome it if I am right. I love it when a developer trys something different within a franchise.
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LOGICWINS  +   621d ago
OMG, I hope so! Bow and arrow!
KwietStorm  +   621d ago
You do? I've had this suspicion that the voice in the teaser was someone Drake used to run with. Everyone looks at Drake like the happy go lucky good guy, but they've always hinted at his dark past, and we know he's a thief and probably a con man. I have the feeling that Drake played an old partner of his, and now this guy has found him, and he's looking for revenge. It would be interesting if we don't even play as Drake.
Pintheshadows  +   621d ago
I still think we may play as Sir Francis because some of the pictures from the making of TLOU video where it showed period costume art. It could be we will flashback and get to play as Sir Francis maybe. That is the kind of thing ND would do.

Obviously, I am guessing, but that trailer had a very different tone and the title simply being Uncharted makes me think the series may go in a slightly new direction.

I'm playing Uncharted 3 right now.
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Eldyraen  +   621d ago
@Kwietstorm: Someone elsewhere suggested the same and even thought it could tie in with Golden Abyss storyline from Vita. I haven't played it but read a quick overview of GA and makes sense actually.

I always assumed it was probably someone else from Nathan's past though. We have met a few already but be an interesting dynamic to see more along ones we are familiar with. I'm expecting whatever is owed is going to be paid by his pals along the way too. Uncharted could go just a bit darker IMO while retaining its core appeal.
phantomexe  +   621d ago
It won't be in the past but your free to your opinion. Uncharted without drake is no uncharted. The video was a guy talking about events in the past and they hunt it in the present day. logicwins wants a game without drake which he posted about before but like i said uncharted without dake isn't uncharted. Uncharted 3 didn't end with drake changing dipers in a two story house.
ABizzel1  +   620d ago
I seriously doubt that. Nathan Drake is a PlayStation icon, and Sony won't let that ship sail.

I believe the entire prologue to the game (an hour or so) is set in the past as a pirate, and then it opens up to Drake and the crew trying to find these lost ships and pirate island.

Just like playing as kid Drake in Uncharted 3, I can't see the entire game being set in the past.
Omran  +   621d ago
can't wait for the gameplay of uncharted
i hope they will show something about the
game as soon as possible !

maybe VGX
solidt12  +   621d ago
I think that their other team that worked on TLOU is working on a new IP or TLOU 2.
XANDEO  +   621d ago
One of the sony's big guns for xmas 2014, I hope
LarVanian  +   621d ago
There is a chance we could see it by fall 2014. Remember, Naughty Dog are using the same engine in which they used for PS3 so they didn't have to spend any development time creating a new engine. The fact that developing for PS4 is both faster and easier than PS3 will have also played a factor.
Another thing is that both Uncharted 2 & 3 were announced a year before they were released, so who knows? Maybe the same will apply for Uncharted 4 and we'll see it this time next year!
Plasticgearsolid  +   621d ago
Plus Naughty Dog is now a split interactive team now. Since this team is on Uncharted 4 then TLOF team is probably in early development on a another game which means most of the team 2 is not even being used so they are working with team 1 which for now will help development speed up on Uncharted,
LarVanian  +   621d ago
I wonder what set-pieces they'll have thought up. Throughout the Uncharted series we've seen jeep chases, boat chases, crashing trains, collapsing buildings, sinking ships, crashing airplanes and ancient cities being destroyed as you escape them. It makes me wonder what else they could do.
stuna1  +   621d ago
Drake on the Moon, lol.
frostypants  +   621d ago
Plane crashing into train that runs off cliff and knocks down building which falls onto a ship.

Seriously though, they'll never top the collapsing building in Uncharted 2. I still remember my first play through and just being completely awed by how well they did it and how organic it felt, despite being scripted. Last time I had that kind of "holy sh*t" feeling was the first time I played Contra on the NES.
#8.2 (Edited 621d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ABizzel1  +   620d ago
Do you mean Uncharted 3. I don't remember a crashing boat in Uncharted 2.
Lannister  +   621d ago
Good to know, non ND games are still trying to catch up to UC2/3 and TLoU graphically.
frostypants  +   621d ago
Their brilliance is in the texture design.
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captain_slow82  +   621d ago
after playing the uncharted series an the last of us im expecting a brain fart when i see the next uncharted game on ps4 :D
kzbeast36   621d ago | Spam
jokia005  +   621d ago
This game is the only one reason to get ps4 for me.
mshh4  +   621d ago
Every time I played the last of us I can't believe how this graphics be in ps3 and I hear some people tell cut sence have diff. Graphics from gameplay I am sure 100% those people's never played the last of us and finally after my experience and watch a most of nextgen titles I can tell the last of us on par with them in graphics so really I can't imagine the graphics of uncharted in ps4 .
#13 (Edited 621d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
izumo_lee  +   621d ago
Get ready to have our minds blown. I hope the hospitals are prepared cause they may get an excess of people checking in for increased heart rates, eye examinations, concussions for hitting their heads on the ceilings, & minor self inflicted injuries.
nevin1  +   621d ago
Can't wait to see how Uncharted and GOW will look on PS4.
RedDeadLB  +   621d ago
If I don't get a PS4 before this releases, I will be hugely disappointed in myself.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   621d ago
Im sorry, Naughty Dog but I can't take your word for it
Maybe if you showed some in game footage? *wink* *wink*
But seriously, cant wait to see what they have in store for us
mshh4  +   621d ago
Give your Vote in game of the year in vgx and other awards me I choose the last of us and naughty dog best studio ( http://www.spike.com/vgx/ga...
classic19  +   621d ago
im F***ing with uncharted, like drake maF***as never luved us. worst behavior by drake you know what i mean.
Wni0  +   621d ago
English please
classic19  +   621d ago
im sure you get it. intelligible you are right.
Crossbones  +   621d ago
World Premiere at the VGX's
Official Reveal Trailer GDC 2014
Demos at E3 & Gamescom
Subway Multiplayer Beta in July 2014
Regular Multiplayer Beta in October 2014
Release Date: 11/4/14
mshh4  +   621d ago
All of us know that uncharted ps4 is in development from 2011 nd has 2 teams one worked in tls and other worked in u3 so basically u3 team make uncharted in ps4 and they are more than ready to show us some gameplay in vgx
NeoTribe  +   621d ago
There gonna make pc elitists jelly ;)
Guelly0209  +   621d ago
I feel like Sony and rock star are finally gonna bring up Agent! And that would b awesome
Crossbones  +   621d ago
I'm think will get a reveal at the VGX's or GDC 2014 and then a release in Spring 2015.
#22.1 (Edited 621d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Plasticgearsolid  +   621d ago
if they don't show anything else related to this at VGAs, I will be crushed.
mochachino  +   621d ago
Lets hope it's a big jump in gameplay as well.
DealWithIt  +   621d ago
Uncharted 4 - Open world PLEASE!
PLASTICA-MAN  +   621d ago
I expect that since it is gonna follow Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag route with pirates and seas settings. Also expect the game to look the CGIs of Assassin's Creed IV. :)
#25.1 (Edited 621d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ABizzel1  +   620d ago
Open world, no

Open environment, yes
ninjahunter  +   621d ago
Uncharteds got a pretty good art style going for it, but you can definitelly tell that they were killing for more power in the previous games, It will be interesting to see what they do, I have a feeling that it could go "The same ol'" Route, or it could be spectacular, its just so hard to tell with naughtydog.
Games_R_Us  +   620d ago
I love Uncharted and will buy a PS4 just for this game it's all I need. Brilliant series
#27 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DealWithIt  +   620d ago
Same here! NaughtyDog are the top reason I will buy PS4
KontryBoy706  +   620d ago
Please make it 60fps PLEASE

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