Killer Instinct Gets Its First Tournament

Killer Instinct isn’t even on store shelves yet, but its competitive life begins this Thursday night. A story running this morning on reports that Microsoft will be running the Killer Instinct Ultra Fighter Tournament at MS retail stores around the country on the evening of the 21st, with the top player in each store heading to the grand finals in Jacksonville, FL on the 23rd where they’ll play for an Xbox One, every launch, and a one year subscription to Xbox Live. Oh and this:

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kratoz12091770d ago

This is a terrible fighting game :/
only 6 characters and you have to pay to unlock them.

mhunterjr1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

$20 for 6 characters, with 2 added later for free. Thats on par with the value you'd get from a typical fighter...

Fireseed1770d ago

Wait you have to PAY for characters?!?! D: I thought it was gonna be free like everything else in life!

IRNMUNKEY1770d ago

Hmmm reviews say different. And its free. I doubt many people will pay for individual characters when 20 bucks get you the set.

Its actually a great fighting game according to most reviews and will get better as they release more characters and game modes