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Don’t read too much into the PS4’s million day-one sales

Friday was a banner day for Sony's video game division, with the company announcing over the weekend that it sold 1 million units of the newly launched PlayStation 4 in North America during its first 24 hours on store shelves. (PS4)

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PSVita  +   468d ago
Damage control. They've only launched in NA and they still 30 more countries to release in including their home country of Japan. Also once people understand Remote Play/VitaTV more I expect to see those flying off shelves aswell.
xHeavYx  +   468d ago | Well said
Feelings were hurt by the early success of the PS4. Sales will keep going up and up, there is no doubt about it. I mean, who wouldn't want the most powerful gaming console for only $400?
neildee250  +   468d ago
I just bought 2 Xbox One's now I need to learn how to go busking lol £900. Would love to get a PS4 too early next year though. Both consoles will probably be awesome in different areas.
ABizzel1  +   468d ago
The more I see from arstechnica, cnet, polygon, and others the more I'm starting to get annoyed.

Can you not give freaking congratulations when it's due. Is it so hard to say good job.

n4g please make a block website option.
SL1M DADDY  +   468d ago
I am convinced that the butt-hurt fanbots of yester-year are now working for CNet and Arstechnica and they are simply putting to pen their disdain for the Sony brand. Sad...
BitbyDeath  +   468d ago
Don't read too much into this site trolling for hits
asmith2306  +   468d ago
I dont understand why people can even bash the PS4. Sony is all about the gamer, Xbox fans included.
dantesparda  +   468d ago
Question, how often is Sony going to release more though, to be able to supply everyone that one with one? So they dont lose out any sales
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thekhurg  +   468d ago
ArsTechnia is on serious damage control for Microsoft here lately.

When did they turn into such a terribly bias website?
morganfell  +   468d ago
Ars is in the thick of it now. Neogaf is ripping them to pieces over this article. And its become a pattern with Ars and the PS4. Look at what Ars said about their readers, calling them consoletards:


By page 15 Gaf are in a full blown rip of Ars. It's only going to get worse. Didn't they learn anything from watching Adam Orth burn? Game journalists think they are celebrities and can crap on their fans and get away with it. No.


EDIT: Now Ars are now directly attacking fans that didn't like their opinion piece. I guess they can dish it out but can't take it.
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DragonKnight  +   468d ago
Ok, what the hell has been up with arstechnica lately? They used to be a neutral tech site, but ever since the PS4 has been outputting 1080p games while the Xbox One can't, and now the 1 million consoles sold day one for the PS4, Ars has been trying to downplay everything related to PS4's success in PR and in numbers.

I know that the Xbox fanboys will call out the "tinfoil hat" B.S. on this but, are Arstechnica being paid by Microsoft or something? This is getting sad.
tiffac008  +   468d ago
I partially agree about having cautious optimism because it is a marathon and not a sprint. I mean the PS3 catching up on the 360 after being late a year is our best example but down playing the PS4 achievement, that's harsh.

I can't believe Ars did that.
XboxFun  +   468d ago
"but ever since the PS4 has been outputting 1080p games while the Xbox One can't,"

"I know that the Xbox fanboys will call out the "tinfoil hat" B.S. on this but,"

Maybe a lot of other people just don't care about those things and are more concerned about the actual games and how they play. Maybe sales of a certain product doesn't mean the product is destined for godlike ascension.

Remember the motto on this site not too long ago...Sales don't matter...

I love that every site with just one little criticism about PS4 and they are automatically thrown into a "MS paid by" conspiracy.
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dantesparda  +   468d ago
Yeah cuz DR is known to be such a great game (sarcasm). DR is almost pointless and its goofy and repetitive. Also a F2P fighting game from a franchise that really is not that big in the fighting world (it is nowhere near as big as SF or MK) and only runs at 720p on a next gen system. And what are you left with FZ5? I could care less, i find these wanna be racing simulators to be boring
DragonKnight  +   468d ago
@XboxFun: LMFAO! I don't think I've laughed so much at a comment in awhile.

You frickin' know that you and the rest of your Xbox fanboy brethren would be shouting it from the rooftops if the Xbox One had even a single mode of one game at 1080p and the PS4 had it at anything less than that. Oh, but when the Xbox One can't do something, it suddenly doesn't matter right?

Have you looked at the Playstation brand of consoles? Failure isn't something that occurs for Playstation home consoles (though it does with their handhelds). The fact that the PS4 is cheaper and has broke sellthrough records on its first day means that, yeah, it is destined for godlike ascension. Downplay it all you want though, it still won't help the Xbox One in any way.

ArsTechnica didn't have "just one little criticism" of the PS4. They've been consistent in their downplay of anything PS4 related that's superior to the Xbox One, but I bet they'll laud Smartglass or Kinect without even using it one time.
Ps4Console  +   467d ago
Good Luck Sony .
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   468d ago
Are we really gonna downplay facts and sales now?? Really?


Its sold 1 mill in 24 hours just deal with it. Its apparent everyone wanted a PS4 since E3. All the chanting at Sony's conference wasn't just for show afterall.

Grats Sony on a historical launch.
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President  +   468d ago
Arsetechnica just shitting on positive PS4 news:
-720p vs 1080p: resolution doesn't matter
-record breaking launch doesn't matter

Im not sure what they're trying to tell us here? That PS4 will not sell 1 million consoles each day?
XB1_PS4  +   468d ago
Damage control? They were just stating that all consoles sell well first day; and by selling 1 million consoles Sony has met the demand better than ever before.

This ^ is a good thing. Sony did a good job...

@disagrees You're a stubborn bunch, I'm not even bad talking the PS4. I love mine... You just have to have an open mind, instead of have your brand allegiance.
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Saigon  +   468d ago
Only problem with your statement and their article is that the PS4 was only one Area of the content while the others were sold in multiple areas. They didn't cover the other 33 areas yet. If NA and parts of SA was able to sell 1million in 24hrs, what can we expect for the other areas. Also Sony only stated 1 day. what about the entire weekend. So sorry your comment is getting disagrees, I understand what you are saying, but you can't compare numbers of world releases to a single area and say that its not a big deal.
XB1_PS4  +   468d ago
Saigon. While I do agree with you, I never said it wasn't a big deal.

Mostly every console that comes out, sells out. Sony has provided more stock than any console release in history. That is a huge deal.
n4rc  +   467d ago
I've already said this to a wave of disagrees...

Its a misleading number.. Nobody preordered consoles a year early before this gen etc.. They banked consoles and saved customers from having to hunt for a unit for 6 months..

They are selling great.. No question whatsoever... But if people waited 7 years for a ps2 and could preorder and get it day one.. Their first day sales would equal their first 6 months...

No system has ever launched in this manner... Its pointless to compare it to previous launches because its not the same thing .. If anything the ps4 just became the new standard.. But you can't compare numbers and think well if this sold this much, then the ps4 will sell 800 million units
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joab777  +   468d ago
Don't read too much into the fastest selling console ever. Dont get me wrong...the xbone will do great too and when its all said and done, even if sony sells more consoles, MS gets just what they want...an entertainment hub in the homes of millions. I love my ps4 but I do believe the xbone could become like the new iphone or ipad for the TV.
OrangePowerz  +   468d ago
If it doesn't MS has problems because they bet the farm on it.
JamieL  +   468d ago
@ Orange
Not as big as Sony home boy. MS as a business is doing great, Sony as a business, not so much, so I'm just saying Sony has more riding on this gen than MS does. MS made money this gen, Sony never made back the PS3 investment. They just started making a profit 1 or 2 years ago. I think the One could fail completely and MS would be ok, not good by any means but I think they could keep it going better than Sony if the PS4 failed, so I think it's Sony betting the farm if anyone.
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sincitysir1  +   468d ago
And yet which company makes great games? Sony isn't money money just like Microsoft. Microsoft would never publish games like puppeteer and so on and so forth
scott182  +   468d ago
I choose to read very much into it and say it will continue to do amazingly well through it's life cycle...
allformats  +   468d ago
Wow. This article. This website, all the salt. I'd filter this trash.

Couldn't they just congratulate Sony?

Boy, I'm telling you, the new console launches are really showing true colors of these websites. Wow. I see green all over the place. For shame.
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Sarcasm  +   468d ago
Yup, I bet if the Xbone was the one to hit this milestone, we'll never ever stop hearing how much praise it will get from websites like these guys. Arthur Gies, Ben Kuchera, and the entire crew of Polygon.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   468d ago
Funny you say that, cause PlayStation sells the best in Europe :p
Just wait when it releases here
6YardsOut  +   468d ago
As soon as I have got the PS4 and then a gaming PC, my next purchase will be a Vita.
HighResHero  +   468d ago
Good choice. I picked up a Vita recently and haven't regretted it.
PS4, Vita, and a nice multi-purpose gaming laptop are a great combo for me. See you on PSN
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Belking  +   467d ago
"Also once people understand Remote Play/VitaTV more I expect to see those flying off shelves aswell".

Yea, that's the same thing they said when uncharted was released for it. It didn't happen.No one is gonna buy a vita for remote play.
neildee250  +   468d ago
Dr Evil said 1 billion dollars lol not a million but it's nice to see him still doing the rounds ;)
Snookies12  +   468d ago
To be fair, he did say one million dollars at first lol.
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neildee250  +   468d ago
yeah lol I forgot about that haha
jackanderson1985  +   468d ago
in Austin Powers 2? maybe 3 (pretty sure it's 2 though) doesn't he revert back to the 1 million after he goes back in time and steal's Austin's mojo after the world leaders laugh at him for requesting one billion?
Neonridr  +   468d ago
It's only natural that more consoles sell. The same reason why movies today do more opening weekend sales than 10 years ago. More people are playing games, so there is more demand for these consoles.

Still, it's a great number for Sony to pull right out of the starting gates. The real question is once all the initial demand is satisfied, how will the console sell?

With some solid titles still yet to be released for the 360 and PS3, will everyone be as quick to jump into the next gen as the early adopters? Or will it be more of a snowball effect over the next year or so??
Qrphe  +   468d ago
Ars Technica
>dont read too much into launch sales
>dont read too much into 720p vs 1080p

AllroundGamer  +   468d ago
dont read too much into we're getting some $$$ love from MS.
Blackdeath_663  +   468d ago
i hate how some people make it seem like there are more to things than there really is.
Xsilver  +   468d ago
this site is showing its true color which might be green.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   468d ago
Yeah but those came after

>dont read too much into Blue Light Of Death
>dont read too much into XB1 games looking better despite res
>dont read too much into XB1 exclusive being graphically unmatched
>dont read too much into the PS4 having the weaker lineup
>dont read too much into XB1 being a much better multi media device
>dont read too much into PS4 gaming being hyped as 1080p when they were not before patch
>dont read too much into huge multi platform games not running on par with the XB1 versions(frame rate)
>dont read too much into PS fans claiming victory when the other console has not even launched.
>dont read too much into XB1 having 300,000 cloud compute servers for dedicated server gaming.


You say something about 1080p? I can't remember...
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Angels3785  +   468d ago
Your decision grows greater by the day........
OsirisBlack  +   468d ago
I'm not sure if you are serious but even as I sit here waiting to pick up my XB1 I am not blind to the fact that all multiplats look better on PS4. Its the same thing PS3 players had to deal with during the XB360 era.

Also the only reason for the patch is Microsofts rules. You know the one... All games have to have parity when released or we don't want them on our console. The only good thing is that Devs found a way around Microsofts controlling ways.

I hate their policies and most of their regulations and still fear they may force all of their DRM and everything else upon us in a future patch. I am giving them a SHOT to prove me wrong and only because I want KI and Titanfall.
Sarcasm  +   468d ago
Don't read into this 12 year old who is living in his own delusional world
solidjun5  +   468d ago
"Your desperation grows greater by the day......"

Freedomland  +   468d ago
Truly delusional Fanboy of the year award goes to MorePowerOfGreen.
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MRMagoo123  +   468d ago
kek ? are you a dirty horde ?
thomasmiller  +   468d ago
I totally agree with this, the next gen war has just started, the ps4 could win, but wii u and x box one could, nothing is for certain, while i hope it is nintendo, Number one is not important to me, it's the fun I have out of the system.
NewAgeisHere  +   468d ago
All I'm reading is:1 million ps4's sold in 24hrs.........nothing else to add.A spectacular next-gen start for Sony and console gaming.
CGI-Quality  +   468d ago
Shame some won't give it that credit and just write it off as a non event. I'll give this article that it was a decent read, but overall, it does feel like damage control at best.
Anon1974  +   468d ago
Yep. In North America alone despite the 360's dominance in that region for the past 7 years. Fastest selling console in history...but don't read into it.
CGI-Quality  +   468d ago
"Fastest selling console in history".

Just can't be understated!
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Pillsbury1  +   468d ago
We have only just begun "reading too much". Global playstation domination is imminent.
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captain_slow82  +   468d ago
the true next gen console is here ladies and gentlemen :D
so many happy gaming years ahead of us :D
Pintheshadows  +   468d ago
Of course Ars Technica. It is no big deal. Just managed to become the fastest selling console of all time whilst releasing in just one country.

Playing this down makes you look bitter and stupid.
Malice-Flare  +   468d ago
Kyle Orland, nothing to see here...

again with these half-full/half-empty analyses. people should be celebrating that console gaming isn't dead...

i'm beginning to think these "journalists" took the backlash during the MS DRM and 180 very personally and Sony's taking the brunt of it since they can't do anything about the gamers who proved them wrong...
Misaka_x_Touma  +   468d ago
it just 90% pre-order units
OrangePowerz  +   468d ago
If it's not a long term success than the industry is in trouble.

The WiiU performace won't impact the.industry too much because of the sales of 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles being low most of the time anyway.
#12 (Edited 468d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ELCUCO  +   468d ago
Coming from the same guys that said no noticeable difference between 1080p vs 720p. Much FUD
DanielGearSolid  +   468d ago
Its crazy because his examples are first week sales... But the PS4 more than doubles each one of them in the first day.

This site is really going out of its way to not give credit where its do when it comes to ps4
kzbeast36   468d ago | Spam
kzbeast36   468d ago | Spam
izumo_lee  +   468d ago
Why can't these so called gaming sites give credit when credit is deserved. After the disaster that was the PS3 release this is a big win for Sony. Take into account releasing in only 1 region & in Microsoft's own region where they dominated for much of last gen. To sell that many consoles in such a short timeframe is impressive.

Granted the XBONE will do well too. Two healthy consoles is great for the iindustry and gamers alike. Just hope we get better game journalism is more consistent this gen but that is asking too much.
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Stringerbell  +   468d ago
Because clickbait has ruined a lot of these sites. So where do we go to get unbiased reliable news? Fuck If I know, even the youtube personalities have fallen victim too.
Mikelarry  +   468d ago
I don't understand gaming journalism of late the ps4 selling 1 million consoles since when is that not a good thing for gamers not to read much into it, does not help gaming in general that people are still excited in consoles thus making developers still want to keep making games. I am slowly losing interest in game journalism as 90 percent seem to have some stupid agenda they are trying to push instead looking at the bigger picture.
vitullo31  +   468d ago
gaming journalism sucks and it's getting worse lately it's pretty sickening

Edit: on that note congratulations Sony.. My ps4 has ruined my social life.. I love it.
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Octo1  +   468d ago
"A strong launch is nice, but it doesn't necessarily imply long-term success."

You realize that this IS Sony right?! The one that takes chances. The one that supported games like Heavy Rain and Journey. The company that towards the end of its previous console's life cycle still produced games like The Last of Us.

Right. Its likely JUST a fad. :/
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ruefrak  +   468d ago
ONE MILLION in 24 hours is nothing to sneeze at.
What I keep thinking about is that the Xbox One releases next week and only a handful of people are going to be getting both. When was the last time, if ever, two consoles so closely competitive released at the same time? The 360 and PS3 were a year apart. The Dreamcast and PS2 were a year apart. PS1 and N64 were a year apart. Genesis and SNES were a year apart.
This is the first time that I can find where they are launching so close to each other. I can only guess that high sales numbers for the PS4 is going to be bad news for the XB1. But we'll have to wait and see.
Whoever can keep up with demand and supply the most units will probably have the best numbers. I'm also guessing that Microsoft does not have one million units to allocate to North America alone.
MightyNoX  +   468d ago
These guys are at it, again? LOL.
KYU2130  +   468d ago
The facts in the article are relevant but as everyone else has said why not just be glad that sales were good for the console and leave it at that. This article stinks of favoritism(yeah i know they touched on all the other consoles as well). had this been a XB1 article it would have sung high praise for it saying it is the best thing since the invention of the wheel and sales show it.

no i an not a fanboy i have a ps3 and a 360 and i have a ps4 and plan on having an xb1 as well.
MasterCornholio  +   468d ago
According to these sites its extremely easy to sell 1 million consoles within 24 hours. Microsoft should be able to surpass the figure since they are releasing in 11 countrys instead of just North America. It would be embarrassing if Microsoft fails to sell 1 million in 24 hours because if someone like Sony could do it they should be able to do it as well.

I cant wait to see Xbox fans buy over a million of Xbox Ones at release.

YodaCracker  +   468d ago
If Microsoft was able to manufacture over 1 million Xbox One units in time for launch, then it very well could. Both consoles are sold out at launch. It's just about how quickly they can produce the consoles. No doubt the Wii would have easily sold 1 million units at launch if the supply had been there.
Crummybear  +   468d ago
Sure, maybe not every console released has had great lifetime sales. That's why you shouldn't compare Sony to all other consoles because they're pretty much in a league of their own. They haven't released a Playstation yet that wasn't successful. Even PS3, which had a weaker start, was able to catch up to Xbox360 after launching a year later too. Will Sony sell 80 million PS4s? I don't know, but you can't deny that they are off to the best launch numbers of all time. Given their track record, you'd pretty much have to be a fool or a hater to doubt Sony. Who are you to deny yourself of greatness?
Spontogical  +   468d ago

"Dont read into the PS4's Million Day Sales.. it may be the fastest selling console of all time, but that isn't a big deal at all..." :D

right? :)

It's kinda weird, how PS3 is essentially Sony's "worst" console commercially, but still manages to get 80 million in about ~ 7 years.

I just can't see this PS4 train stopping. Who said console gaming was dying again? :p
SpiralTear  +   468d ago
I really don't think there's much to worry about. Sony and the PS4 will do just fine.
Ohai  +   468d ago
Yep. This will give the developers a huge moral boost and incentive to make new games.
MRMagoo123  +   468d ago
How many frigging sites are MS fanboys ffs , this is ridiculous.
jimbobbeers  +   468d ago
Kinect sold 8 million units in 60 days, holding the record for "fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history".

I hate this sales arguement for that reason alone, the original Kinect was pants.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   468d ago
In every successful launch scenario that this article points to where sales and success taper off, the common denominator in that is SUPPORT. It'll make or break a consoles success. The PS4 is easy to develop for, indie friendly, and has a great amount of exclusive titles that people will play now, and in the future.
A simple congrats, much like Microsofts very own Major Nelson tweeted in a classy move would've sufficed. I got a PS4 and I'm getting my X1 on Friday. I hope all platforms, Wii U and PC included gain steam and become successful. This fanboyism and hate needs to stop.
ATiElite  +   468d ago
If Sony sold 1 million PS4's in 24hrs. that room enough to celebrate.

I Sure Sony will move a lot more for the Holiday and even MOAR when Uncharted 4 and GOW PS4 launch.
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